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Airtronics MT-4 SSR 2.4 GHz Radio System w/RX-461 FH4T 4-Channel Receiver

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This is the Airtronics MT-4 SSR 2.4 GHz radio system. The feature set of the MT-4 is like no other radio available! The MT-4 is the first 2.4 GHz pistol grip radio to provide telemetry, 4 channels with advanced programming, and SSR compatibility! The real-time telemetry tells you what you need to know when used with the included FHSS-4T telemetry receiver. Plus, the MT-4 will work with any Airtronics FHSS-2 or FHSS-3 receiver (with no telemetry provided), offering both affordable sport level FHSS-2 performance with the option to use the ultra-fast FHSS-3 racing receiver!

All of this is packed into an ultra-lightweight case that is comfortable and adjustable, with adjustable grips, and steering and trigger movement, allowing you to alter the feel of the radio to suit you. Additionally, the antenna is an integral part of the handle, so there is no external antenna to get in the way or break! So whether you're racing, rock crawling, bashing or boating, the MT-4 will do everything you need a radio to do, when you need it done.

Receiver Compatibility List: Compatible with Airtronics Surface FHSS-2 and FHSS-3 receivers (92624, 92524, 92744, 92451), as well as the FHSS4T Telemetry Receiver (92010).


  • No external antenna
  • Lightweight design
  • Fast-Navigation computer menu system
  • 4 Channels
  • 18 model memory
  • Digital screen
  • Fast response
  • SSR-compatible
  • Telemetry that monitors receiver voltage, multiple temp sensors and engine/motor RPM
  • 1 RPM and 1 temp sensor are included
  • Assignable switches and functions
  • Programmable channel mixing
  • Step mix
  • Point mix
  • 4WS mix
  • MOA Mix (Motor on Axle)
  • Multiple curves and EPA
  • Multiple EPA types
  • Adjustable servo speed
  • Anti-Lock braking
  • Alarms with audible tone and volume adjustment
  • Model naming
  • User name
  • Throttle 50/50 & 70/30
  • Includes 2 grips for customization
  • TX Battery Range, 4 cell dry AA to 2S LiPo
  • Compatible with almost all servos available today

This product was added to our catalog on February 14, 2011.

Derek Rowe
Verified Owner
I can't get enough of this radio. I love it so much. Here is what I have to say about it: SIGNAL - The MT-4 utilizes the FHSS-4 signal transmission sequence. I am upgrading to this radio from a DX3R (which I paid $400 for when it first came out, and I have had several range problems with it) which uses DSM, or DSSS signal transmission. FHSS and DSSS signal transmission use the same amount of power, but FHSS sends signal across three different frequencies within the selected band (10 (give or take) different frequencies are in a selected band - varies with RC and WiFi) that are constantly changing based on a pseudo-sequence. DSSS signal transmission sends signal along each frequency in the band. Both of the protocols used by FHSS and DSSS signal transmission effectively reduce interference, but FHSS has been proven to be about ten times more effective at avoiding interference than DSSS. Also, because FHSS and DSSS use the same power, but FHSS divides this power usage among 3 signals while DSSS divides power among all ten (or so), FHSS radios typically have a much better range. BUTTONS AND MENUS - The radio has a good number of assignable switches and buttons. It has two buttons, four trim switches (which can be used for more than just trim, but they are labeled on the controller as trim), a lever, and a dial. It also has a scroll wheel and back button. The scroll wheel scrolls smoothly through the menus and instead of scrolling to a back button on the screen like you have to do on the DX3R, all you need to do to go back is press the back button. You can also hold the back button to go all of the way back to the main screen. Another feature I really like about scrolling through the menus is that when you press the scroll button from the main screen the menu pops up on the right hand side of the screen. When you highlight any part of the menu, on the left of the screen a sort of sneak peek of that sub menu shows up, kind of like the preview pane for reading e-mails. Airtronics/Sanwa has also made a very consolidated channel set up screen, where you have dual rate, end point, curve, speed, trim, sub-trim, reversing and fail safe adjustments for all four channel all in one convenient menu. AUX CHANNEL PROGRAMMING - The radio includes five different auxiliary modes: Step Auxiliary, Point Auxiliary (with 6 points - you choose the value of each one), Four Wheel Steering Mixing, Motor On Axle Dual Throttle Mixing, and Auxiliary Mixing (mix the aux channel to steering or throttle). TELEMETRY - The telemetry on this radio system reports signal strength, receiver voltage, two temperatures and a RPM reading back to the radio. I love the telemetry screen on this transmitter. The signal strength and transmitter battery voltage are view-able from the main screen and the telemetry screen. The telemetry screen is sort of like a second page of the main screen. All you need to do to get to it is scroll the wheel down one step. The telemetry screen includes a digital dial that mimics a speedometer gauge, the actual number in mph, kph, or rpm that the car is traveling at at any given time, and the max rpm/mph/kph of the current run (it resets after turning the receiver and transmitter off). There is also a receiver voltage battery bar, the current voltage, and the max voltage that it has reached. The same is true with the two temperature sensors, except that they have an additional feature - a line that marks the user-selected alert voltage. OTHER - This transmitter also includes fully adjustable anti-lock brake programming. This transmitters antenna is also integrated into the handle which is really nice. Also, I just notice that the volume of the beep that you hear while scrolling can be adjusted. SUMMARY - I love every feature that Airtronics/Sanwa has packed into this radio. The only complaint I have heard about it is that it doesn't have a backlight. I don't really mind this because I don't usually drive when it is too dark to see the screen but I'm sure that there are plenty of people who do. Still, the transmitter can be easily set up to alert the user with audible tones when a voltage goes too low or a temperature goes too high. This radio is also an incredible deal and it uses the best (in my opinion) signal transmission mode. It has a nice compact design and includes a loop that you can install so that you can attach a lanyard to it. I also love the ease of use and simple display and organization of the menus. There are so many options with this radio. It will suit every setup nicely.
Jesus Alexand Rodriguez Valdez
This is the best radio you can buy, I have had and tried a lot of other brands and here is my comparison: Futaba is hard to use the menues and is not so comfortable as this radio does. Ko propo the KIY is too expensive and the balance is not right, I use this in my miniz and I will love to have some option to use my MT-4. Spectrum DX4S is the most similar to this, light, comfortable, easy menues, but the telemetry on the spectrum is just bad. This is like I said the best one it is, Light, comfortable, easy to use in the menues, very good and accurate telemetry. All the functions you need for competition, and very good timer easy to program. I definitely recomed this radio over the other popular brands, and the price is unbeatable.
Edward Zykan
Verified Owner
This is the best radio I have ever owned. It is so easy to program I haven't read the manual yet. The telemetry works great. figuring out and crafting a mount for the speed sensor took a little time but it is well worth it. The range is phenomenal I drove it to the end of the street about 800 ft. And still not even a glitch, that is with the antenna still coiled up inside the reciever box! Great buy with the 2 reciever deal!
Jim Niemer
Great radio, high quality, the best radio I've owned yet!!! Great feel when adjusted, awesome response time as well. No complaints. A+
J. Mooney
Verified Owner
I have had this radio since that day it was released. I have NO complaints what so ever. The telemetry works flawlessly and battery consuption is very low. It has all the needed adjustments you could ask for to get the grip perfectly catered to you needs. This way, it truly fits perfectly. Love this radio. I was considering the M11X at one point before this radio, M11X not needed. Save the money, get the radio that you need without the price tag. MT-4!!!!!!!!!
Gerardo Chavarria
best transmitter for the money the temp sensor is super accurate only one thing missing a screen light
Alvin Smith III
Verified Owner
I have owned several high end radios including the M11, spektrum and Futaba radios. This is my favorite by far. Didn't think I would ever use the telemetry but now I think I can't go without. The temp sensor is super accurate and is great for checking brushless motor temps. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++
Paul Kaiser
Verified Owner
Awesome radio. Much better than the stock that came with the SC10 Race Spec. Very customizable.... lots of options. The telemetry (RPM / Heat Sensors) are a fantastic addition to an already low price radio. For its price this unit cannot be beat!
Verified Owner
Switched to this radio from Spectrum due to glitching issues on our huge nitro 8-scale track here in Phoenix, AZ.....BEST decision I ever made when it comes to transmitters. It's incredibly fast and zero glitches over the last several months of intense nitro racing. ***Note, the engine temp sensor is accurate within 1' of my high dollar infrared gun monitoring my nitro engine and the ability to monitor my pack voltage is another sweet option that is included in the package. Buy it!
Alan Davidson
Verified Owner
Love the unit, doesn't feel out and out quality but the features make up for that. So far I love what it does. Mine arrival faulty/damaged, the 'Dial' knob isn't working, closer inspection is the spline is broken for the knob to the dial on the circuit board. Luckily I can get round this for now! - Over to you Amain!! - I very much do recommend this product though.
Themistoklis Kardamis
Verified Owner
I have owned a flysky gt3b for 50$ ... i bought mt4 and I HAVEN'T SEEN ANY DIFFERENCE at driving . The feautures of the mt4 are AMAZING ! The telemetry works PERFECT ! MT4 is pretty and very light . Just to note that LAP TIMER doesn't work like you'd expect . you need to press a button everytime the car passes you .... and i can hardly press this button while i am playing
daniel howard
Love this transmitter. The only thing I wish it had is a backlight for the screen. During the day it doesn't matter but it would be nice for night races. Easily the best tx in it's price range. Remember, friends don't let friends drive spektrum.
Ryan Harris
Best radio I've owned yet. Love the telemetry even though I really dont run it in my race trucks. By far better than any spektrum, I had a spektrum before this and way too many glitch issues, I swapped in the MT4 and everything was smooth sailing from there. You will not be dissappointed!! Fast receiver too, i dont notice too much of a difference between the FH4T and the FHSS-3.
The Great
Verified Owner
I almost paid twice the price for the M12 just because I didn't think I could ever get used to a standard(non-drop down wheel). I've held every radio on the market and this one is by far the best. Its light without the cheap feeling. Its small and your hands are so close together that you can't even tell it doesn't have a drop down wheel. I've had mine a couple of weeks but I still go home after work and hold it while I watch pawn stars.
Darren Eisenhardt
This is hands down the best radio i've ever owned and the receiver is just a bonus.
Chris Riddington
Just getting back into hobby, great transmitter. Easy to use, don't use half the items yet but works sweet for my b4.1 and sc10b. Easy to use and set up.
Eric stump
Verified Owner
Yeah baby! Got the last one! For my son actually. Havent used it yet, but as all the other reviews state, i expect it to be awesome. The pic dont do it justice. This radio is absolutely beautiful! Cant wait to try it out
Kim Calvery
Huge let down. Doesn't look like picture. The thing is cheap and feels like it is a Chinese piece of dodo. How about that. Enough characters.
Kenny Spence
soo its been on backorder for 2 weeks, when are you going to get it? may 1st when the deal is over or what? taking forever to get back in stock.

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