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Blade Nano CP X Bind-N-Fly Electric Helicopter

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This is the Blade Nano CP X Bind-N-Fly Electric Helicopter. Flip, funnel or roll in any room of your house with the incredible Blade Nano CP X. At just 29 grams (barely over an ounce), the Blade Nano is the lightest flybarless CP heli in its class. At the center of its amazing abilities is the proven AS3X (Artificial Stabilization - 3-aXis) Flybarless System that gives the Nano CP X its perfect balance of agility and stability. It's unbelievably durable too, so you can fly aggressively without worrying about costly repairs.



  • AS3X Flybarless System
  • Symmetrical 85mm main rotor blades
  • 2.1-gram linear long-throw cyclic servos
  • Carbon Fiber main shaft
  • Sleek body with sharp Nano CP X graphics

Electric Collective Pitch Flybarless Helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter:
7.75 in (197mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 1.57 in (40mm)
Gross Weight: 1.05 oz (29 g)
Length: 7.75 in (197mm)
Control System: 140 CCPM
Rotor Blade Length: 3.35 in (85mm)
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Is Assembly Required: No


  • (2) E-flite 1S 3.7V 150mAh 25C LiPo batteries
  • DC Li-Po Charger w/ "AA" batteries
  • (2) Main blade sets; Fast Flight Main Rotor Blades (Installed) and Hi-performance Main Rotor Blades (In Box)

Needed to Complete:

  • You will need a Spektrum DX4e, or any programmable DSM2 or DSMX transmitter

This product was added to our catalog on October 2, 2012.

Nicholas Dunford
This was my first CP Heli. Flew the MQX for awhile to learn orientation and then put a good amount of time in on the simulator. First battery pack to practice hovering on normal, next two to practice hovering on stunt mode. From there started flying inverted and haven't looked back. Great little Heli that makes flipping stress free due very good durability. Can't handle much wind but that is a given at just over an ounce in weight. Fly over grass and keep a finger on the hold switch and you'll never break this thing. The tail is a little slow, but not bad for a motored setup. Decent tail hold and just a little wobble. Best part is that it uses all those 1s 150mah packs you have lying around. Although if you're going to push the copter, use a good lipo otherwise the motor can bog while inverted.
Verified Owner
WOW, crazy little heli here. Very cool but you better know how to fly before picking this up. Last micro i owned was the blade msr. This is a huge step up from that! Wish it was around $100 or so but what can you do. Awesome Heli
JR Servo
I have about 40 packs through this tough little bee. First ever copter I've ever flown... will i skidded it like a car on the hardwood floor at first. Bought a DX6i and did BNF instead of the ready to fly because i really want to do nitro. After a lot of research I made the normal Pitch Curve 50 50 50 65 80; throttle curve 0 40 50 65 80; D/R 50% for elev, rudd, and the other one; travel was reduced to 35 on those three, also. Guess i could have just made pitch 75 straight across, but hey, this got me in the air and landing on the skids fairly often, lol. And... nothing has broken yet, but I'm pretty cautious and haven't slammed it at full throttle. lol, I can only get 80% throttle. Perfect for the beginner who is patient and is willing to learn what makes the CP do what they do and has a computer transmitter.
James Williams
I purchased this from the lhs. Being my first heli it may not have been the best choice but I am glad I did very durable I have had my share of crashes trust me. The only issue I had was the motor went out but I was able to get a replacement mailed in free of charge awesome customer service. Also I highly recommend getting the power supply for included charger because it burns through aa batteries.
Lynn Hargrove
Verified Owner
Nice little heli. But NOT for the beginner. Even though it is tiny, it is very hard to fly unless you have CP heli experience. It is quite durable. I have crashed and crashed and so far only a couple cracks in the fuselage, and one of the body pins broke. But like I said, that is ALOT of crashes. I would recommend this to anyone with CP experience. Parts readily available. and aftermarket upgrades soon will be.
This is what the mCP X should have been. It flies much better with decent power and a tail that really holds. It seems to be much more durable than it's predecessor. I don't see any need to upgrade the Nano.
Glen Stewart
Verified Owner
Amazingly durable (I've crashed it about 100 times so far and its still flying no problems) and so much more fun to learn on than a Simulator. I had 3 weeks on a Sim under my belt before buying this. I toned it down with settings from it was great to fly for a beginner. Would buy another one in a second. Dual Rates... Aileron: 20% Expo: -10% (The Nano's cyclic needs negative expo with very low D/R numbers) Elevator: 20% Expo: -10% (The Nano's cyclic needs negative expo with very low D/R numbers) Rudder: 50% Expo: +50% Throttle Curve: 0%, 40%, 60%, 70%, 80% Pitch Curve: 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85% (about +3 to +7 degrees of collective range)
NELSON minatta
Hola muy buen heli como trainer . Mi hijo esta volando nano cpx como Trainer. Saludos desde Uruguay Flavio minatta
Ken Smith
This is the PERFECT CP trainer, if your new to Colective pitch helis and want one to train on, this is the one to get, a blast a very durrable, I wish i would have started out with this before my MCPX , this way better to train on indoors or outdoors...Perfect
Markus Hirner
Verified Owner
Great Heli.. progressed from the blade msr x to this. really good to learn 3D flight but I recommend buy a spare main motor because the one in this is crap. buy spare tail boom and landing gear you will break them often. Hard to get the hang of but takes lots of practice.
Verified Owner
This is a great heli! I have only flown coaxials, a blade mqx, and a micro fp heli. But with the correct settings on my DX6i, this made the perfect cp trainer. I have crashed a little, but it has survived everything. Next, I'll be on to the Blade 450 3d! Unlike others, I highly recommend this for beginner collective pitch pilots! P.S. I bought this on sale for $99.
Konstantin Sladkov
Verified Owner
Today I did my first hovers with this one, before that all my experience was with simulator only, this bee is very stable, good thing to fly inside when the weather outdoor is not good. Really easy to set up following instructions given in the manual.
oscar cruz
Verified Owner
Just got my nano from a main hobbies and it was well worth the price. This heil is good for someone who has had a lot of hours on a simulator, knows the basics about rc helis, and wants to try the real deal before flying an expensive heli. It is NOT for a beginner, but can be flown with a lot of previous simulator time.
August Hall
Verified Owner
Great Little Heli, this is my first CP heli and i wouldnt have it any other way. i started with the Blade Msr In January '14 and soon found out that it was very simple to fly without any experience, besides a cheap syma 4-channel i got for christmas. but, with a little patience and time this heli is a blast. Sorry to say i didnt have to money to purchase a Sim, so my learning curve was dramatically extended because lack of experience with Cp helicopters. i have crashed 50+ times and havent had any major problems except a cracked canopy and damaged landing gear(not very durable). To be honest, the only thing that i have had to replace is the motor,, and that is because i probably flew it too much. I have put over 300 flights on this little bird and cant seem to kill it. i have recently moved up to a bigger heli (blade130x and Blade 450 3D) and wouldnt not have been able to wihtout the experience i have gained using the NanoCP.. thanks to everyone who posted a review, your the reason i will be flying Rc heli's for the rest of my life

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