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Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro 1/10 Sensored/Sensorless ESC w/SmartSense

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This is the Mamba Max Pro 1/10 Sensored/Sensorless ESC with SmartSense. SMARTSENSE brings the best of sensored as well as sensorless ESC technology together to create the ideal controller for serious 1/10th scale enthusiasts. Operating at up to 6S, Mamba Max Pro can handle nearly twice the power of the market standard Mamba Max!

SmartSense uses the motor sensors to start the motor and then it switches over to Castle’s ultra powerful and efficient dynamic sensorless mode which boosts motor efficiency. Simply put, you’ll get more power and less heat from your motor. Sensored Only mode runs sensored motors using sensored timing only.

CHEAT MODE, Castle’s High Energy Advanced Timing allows users to electronically advance their sensored motor’s timing to extreme settings. This can often yield just that extra bit of power needed to win the race. Be careful–extra power comes with extra motor heat!

Castle’s Sensorless controllers offer best in class start up and braking which are fine for most users. Sensored only motor operation cannot deliver maximum efficiency. Sensors are also terribly inaccurate for motor timing purposes because the motor’s magnetic fields change under load or at speed; that’s where Sensorless operation shines. Sensorless is also more dependable. There are fewer wires and connections that need to survive the incredibly rough treatment most RC cars and trucks endure.

Sensored operation is required by the racing world’s rules, but it also offers slightly better start up and braking performance. Because of this, the Mamba Max Pro has been designed to offer the ultimate in flexibility and can be used with sensored motors as well: use it with all your 1/10th motors, sensored or sensorless!



  • 6S (25.2 volts) max input voltage 
  • Switching BEC powers your radio and servo all the way up to the 6S max input. Users may select the output for any voltage between 5V and 7V. 
  • Durable case and cooling fan to protect and cool the controller during hard off-road action 
  • Ready to Run: Mamba Max Pro is ready to run out of the box. 
  • Castle Link Compatible: Like all Castle controllers, the Mamba Max Pro may also be “tuned” for the drivers’ preferences in the throttle curve, brake strength, reversing modes and more. Access these features with the CASTLE LINK USB connector (sold separately) and a PC for even more versatility.
  • Sensored/Sensorless ESC 10th scale; ROAR legal
  • Switching BEC allows up to 6S lipo
  • Built-in Cooling Fan
Cells: 6s LiPo
Brake: Proportional w/adjustable curve
Reversible: Yes w/lockout
Low Voltage Cutoff: Programmable
Size (LxWxH): 1.79x1.44x0.85” (45.5x36.5x21.5mm)
Weight w/wires: 81g (2.8 oz)
Connector: 4mm bullet


This product was added to our catalog on February 8, 2010.

michael allison
I am a BIG Castle fan I have run everyhting from 18scale to 8thscale and always used Mamba's for my ESC's I have this one in a SC10 and it is great I have only been running it for about a month but so far so good and I would'nt worry even if I did have a problem as castle has alway's stood by there products. I give it 5star's becasue it is IMO the best Racer and basher ESC out stay's cool and has power to push up to a 6s.. I have seen guy's run thses in 8thscale buggies I wouldnt but you can that's how powerful this little thing is..
Matthew Kufer
Great little ESC for the money. I have been using one in my 1/8th scale for over a year with no problems. High current servos just require the use of a capacitor on the BEC rail. The BEC has no problems powering a Savox 1256 with 7000uF of capacitance on the 3rd channel. Software is easy to use a well organized. The smaller size is a great fit for some of the newer 1/8th conversions that don't have much room (Tekno V4, Ofna 9E). Works very well powering Tekin sensored motors, Castle sensorless motors, and Medusa sensorless motors.
I've been running this in my XR10 for a few months now (minus the included fan) and I can barely make the heat sinks get warm. I've relied on CC BECs for the past few years and they've never let me down. This is my first CC ESC and I am extremely pleased with it. When it comes to build quality, tech support, and customer service, I can't think of anyone who equals Castle Creations. I've found tech support and customer service to be two very weak links in most RC parts manufacturers, but not at all with CC. If I have a question, they stick with me until I truly understand why they're telling me what they're telling me. They WANT their customers to be informed and, unlike most companies I've dealt with, they have never once acted annoyed that I had the audacity to use their "contact us" button to ask a question. CC always gives me a complete answer and they have never once dismissed me with some condescending answer like, "You can find the answer in one of the forums." It is Castle Creations' solid business model and friendly help that makes me an increasingly loyal CC customer. As far as the MM Pro goes, I'm not sure what it would take to kill it. The thing is a tank, overkill for most any RC out there, and I love that about the MM Pro. CC's Castle Link software works flawlessly every time and it's so simple to operate and make adjustments that even a living brain donor like me didn't need instructions to figure it out in just a few minutes. For what it's worth, the solder CC uses to attach the five lead wires to the circuit board is a close cousin to granite. I hit it at 480-C and it didn't even wince. CC tech said they use a very high temp solder and some specialized irons. So much for going with lighter gauge wire. I'd buy another MM Pro in a heartbeat.
jason van den berg
This thing is working perfectly. Im running it in a jammin scrt10 with a ballistic 550 4.5 turn novak motor and the power is great even on a 20c lipo. Watch out slash boys, I'm coming up behind you!
Miles Fromdahl
Verified Owner
First brushless experience and its been great! Set up was easy and worked out of the box. Fan spins only when pushing the ESC. I have it hooked up to the speed passion 17.5t sensored stock motor and it works flawlessly. Coupon code for free Castle link is a bonus. After switching from a brushed motor, this delivers so much more torque and had to gear way up on my XXX-T CR, running a 82/27 now and doesnt even get warm. Only con would be short wires for the motor but it is built for their own motors and when using other brands without attached wires need to solder wires with banana plugs to the motor. Many 1/10 setups would do fine with a lesser esc but this one can handle anything, maybe tempted to try 1/8th scale with it!
Miles Rosser
I had this ESC im Losi scte. Did the job fine. Only complaint is there are no solder tabs, so if somthing comes undone its not an easy fix. My son ripped my wires out of the ESC and it was a pain to fix. I have upgraded my ESC to a Tekkin rx8 which is a better fit for a heavy 4x4. I will be running my MMP in my FT SC10 2 wheel drive along with a Team Orion 17.5t. My MMP is also the Losi labeled one that came with the RTR but its exact same thing. I also changed my motor to Tekkin pro4 4600 and WOW!! I would not bye another MMP though. Anything I buy in the future will always have easy to access solder post or tabs.
Michael Shiller
Verified Owner
This ESC is by far one of the best items I have ever bolted onto my Pede 4x4. With the Castle Link you can program it to your driving style. I run this in my Pede 4x4 and it made the truck extremely forgiving with its ability to tune the braking as well as the motor drag (let off the throttle and it automatically puts a drag on the motor slowing you down) Prior to this magnificent little black box my truck would front flip non stop under almost any form of braking. I have it powering a NeuCastle 4pole 4600kv. Only downfall is that it's not "water proof" but I'd chose the drivability this esc gives you over playing in puddles any day. *When you mount this make sure you can get to the port for your Castle Link.....or just do what I did and make a mount that easily unbolts*
Carl Spitznaugle
This is my ESC of choice. I rarely stray away. With the castle link you have a ton of adjustability for anything your doing with your rc. I wasted lots of money buying crap esc's. Just get this and be happy.
Patrick Littleton
Great product! Very durable and applicable to a variety of applications. Have used mine in several vehicles and sensored as well as sensorless. Also, I have used the MMPro with 550 and 540 cans. It has performed flawlessly everytime. Wish the set-up were a little different. Does not set-up well with a Spectrum DX3R Pro transmitter.
jason kaylor
Great ESC. Upgraded from Sidewinder Sct after the sidewinder crapped out and have not looked back. Do not get if you don't have a windows computer handy. Apple users beware.
Antonio Jose Nungaray JR
Verified Owner
Great Speed Controller, something I learned the hard way though is that the internal BEC is not the best, we paired this ESC with a Hitec HS-7940TH and the speed controller wasn't able to provide the needed power to the servo causing many problems, the solution was a Castle Creations External BEC which is great but there was some frustration in figuring it out. I would still recommend this ESC just look into to your servo choice and see if you too need an External BEC.
Eric Franz
Put this esc in my Losi Comp Crawler after my p.o.s. Goat 3s started going whacko on me. This esc can handle twice the power without the need for an external bec and 2nd switch like the Goat did. Makes for a much neater install. Programmed easily to my DX3R Pro without any issues and the Castle Link software is extremely easy to use even for those who are not computer saavy, like me. Software has a crawler profile which was very helpful. Great number of features for the money. So far has worked perfectly in my crawler.
I have to say I'm very happy with Castle and the Mamba Max. I have always run a sensor type motor and I love how smooth this ESC is at at speeds. This thing has a ton of power capability because the cooling fan rarely runs and if it does, it's at a slow speed. The Castle Link is a must have to quickly program the esc and for 25 bucks it's a no brainer. The main thing I would like Castle to address is making the ESC more robust from a dirt and moisture standpoint. Now, I haven't had any problem, but I'm very careful to keep things clean and covered. I notice a lot of RTR electronics are water resistant now and i think having that piece of mind would be nice. This is my first Castle product, but it won't be my last. Good work Castle... Patrick
michael homan
Verified Owner
i own 2 of these mamba max pros. one in my ae t4 with epic 8.5 motor, it never gets over 114 degrees completely happy with this one. the other is in my ofna jammin scrt10 with epic 4x4sc 4.5 motor, my only complaint is the fan had some issues with it and started not working which it started reaching temps of 190 and 200 degrees. this is the ONLY time i had cogging..replaced fan with a new one...WORKS GREAT AGAIN!! field card for programming makes it sooo easy for trackside changes!
Great ESC for the $. Running 1 in the SC10 and the other in the B4. (yes the B4) Had to mod the body to fit this monster, but the fan looks cool cut out of the body. Field Programmer is awesome. More tweeking available by PC. The 1st one I bought, the switch sucked. Cut the wores and soldered them together and has been running 100% since with my 10.5 Thunder Power. The 2nd had no issues with a switch. Only thing the could make it sweeter is if you could solder your own wires to the board like Tekin and Esc. The single wire connect to the motor is very nice.
David J Roberts JR
I haven't had this too long but I have it paired up with a Novak Ballistic 550 4.5T motor running on 2S 13/54 gearing on my Slash 4x4. I replaced the Castle SCT ESC with this then decided to give the Novak motor a try. The ESC fan never seems to come on but I know it works because I've given it power directly. Basically the ESC has ran so cool it never needed to come on. My truck goes very fast and smooth. I haven't had issues with this ESC which is more than I can say for the one I used to have. The only extremely minor thing was one of the bullet plugs was a tad too tight of a fit and it was very difficult getting the male bullet plug to plug in. I run it in smart sense mode, the motor never gets too hot. I haven't measure the temp but I can hold my finger on it indefinitely after 10 minutes of straight speed runs. For the money I highly recommend this ESC.
Patricia Glenn
Great product but I was pretty disappointed when the power switch got stuck and broke off when I tried to turn it on but besides the fact that I have to buy a new one now it's pretty good
RC fan
This ESC works great and I've run it in all kinds of conditions.. in an OFNA with a 550 can ballistic 4.5, then put it in my AE SC10 and its running strong, Runs a damp track and has had its share of wet clay on it without fail. My only complaint is the size, great for the bigger vehicles but if your running a 4 wheel buggy then it will be a very tight fit. It has outlasted my 2S kinetic.. Havoc Pro SC.. I did notice however a little more kick from the latter two ESC's so I think there maybe some resistance in the materials used but... I love this ESC
Russell Thomas
Verified Owner
i'm loving my castle mmp. it's so much smoother and easier to use than the novak havoc. i ordered the castle link adapter, it rocks.
James Thomas
I have several, 4 or 5, of these and in the main like them. The C.H.E.A.T. mode is really nice and is a kick in the pants to my LRP and Tekin sensored motors. The Castle Link software is easy to use and does a great job of tweaking the ESC. HOWEVER, I find the ESCs to be very susceptible to even small amounts of moisture! I have had to replace a couple of these! The one I am sending back now melted the solder on a Deans Ultra connector the instant I plugged it into a 3s LiPo pack. Not sure if it damaged the batteries. Castle has been great at replacing them. I did not turn them in for warranty repair because the fault was partly mine. I still think they are overly touchy in this respect as I have not had this problem with other ESCs. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? One of the cars I have is an Associated B44 which does not have enough room for cooling with the Mamba Max Pro. This caused the early demise of the Pro though I am now running a Tekin RS and it is working great. Not sure if I should give the Mamba Max Pro 2 stars or 3 though I opted for 3 as I do like them.

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