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DuraTrax Onyx 2S Hard Case Li-Poly 25C Battery Pack w/Deans Connector (7.4V/5000mAh)

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This is a DuraTrax 2S, 25C, 5000mAh Hard Case Li-Poly Battery Pack, with a factory installed Deans connector. Consumers trust the Onyx name to deliver the dependability and high performance they expect. This Onyx battery is a high quality, true-rated LiPo battery pack, and with a wide variety of capacities, configurations and discharge rates available, there is an Onyx pack perfect for every application.

  • Reliable stated capacity, with quality performance charge after charge
  • Impact- and puncture-resistant hard ABS case
  • All packs include a built-in discharge lead and balance connector
  • Wired with Deans connector

Voltage: 7.4
Configuration: 2S
Connector: Deans
C Rating: 25C
Dimensions: 45x24x137mm (1.77x.94x5.4")
Weight: 10.2 oz (288 g)

This product was added to our catalog on July 27, 2011.

Verified Owner
10-15 runs, 1 pack puffed, 1pack which seemed fine, randomly started smoking one night. do not buy!
Good battery at first, but I experienced the same thing as many of the other reviews, got just a few months use out of it and it puffed.
Kevin Paulsen
I own 4 of these packs and have run them for 2 years in my slash 4x4 with the stock velineon system. these packs have good punch and good run time.
Michael Ingoglia
I can honestly say this is the most reliable pack in my arsenal so far. I have this pack, 3 Gen Ace 5000's and a CRC 5300. This pack was the first I bought when I ordered my B4.1 and then about a week later I bought the Gen Ace's. The CRC I picked up a few weeks back. So far the 3 Gen Ace's are all toast. The first one was my fault, so disregard that. The second one apparently had the balance plug bullet receptacle come loose internally. The third one had the negative terminal stop working internally after a couple of weeks of it just occasionally not working. Now I'm down to my original Duratrax and my CRC. The CRC is a higher C rating, though I'm not sure if I can tell. What I do know is the Duratrax battery stays almost perfectly balanced after a run. The CRC has a higher fluctuation, and therefore takes longer to fully charge/balance after a run. I charge all my batteries at 1C and have never charged higher. I'd definitely buy another Duratrax battery, particularly for practice. I'd buy them for racing as well if they were a higher C rating. My next batteries will likely be in a 65C range as now my use is 100% racing. I highly recommend these batteries though.
Danny Redding
I like this battery. I have used it for 8 years in my team associated sc10
Reid McMichael
I bought 3 of these batteries and 1 has already puffed with under 10 runs
Steven Ainsworth
Verified Owner
Not bad. But as stated earlier mine puffed up after 10-15 charges and i was just bashing.waste of 50 dollars, my turnigys are better and less than 1/2 price.
Renee Alsop
Verified Owner
not bad for a cheap battery, but no good for racing, a couple of track days and it puffed up like a balloon and broke out of the plastic, spend the money for a better quality battery.

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