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Dynamite LiPo Glow Driver w/Battery & Charger

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This is the Dynamite LiPo Glow Driver with Battery & Charger. Dynamite's LiPo glow driver produces higher power output than comparable NiMH glow drivers and features an indicator light that will detect if the glow plug is bad. Includes battery and charger.


  • LiPo powered, providing higher power output versus NiMH glow drivers
  • Switching power transfer (low heat dissapation)
  • LED indicator light allows users to detect if the glow plug is good or not
  • Includes a 1S 1200mAh Li-Po battery and charger
  • Fits all glow plugs
  • High-technology regulator, output voltage is 1.5V
  • 2.5mm DC Jack, Center pin positive charge hole

This product was added to our catalog on August 12, 2010.

Joseph Blas
Verified Owner
Being that it's has a lipo battery makes it one of the best out there! I fly airplanes with all sizes of engines and this glow driver has not failed me yet! It's been several weeks since I got it and has only been charged once and still going strong!
John Edmond
No more cycling you Ignitors during off weeks. Just charge and go with no worries if its been a couple weeks.
Serge Dube
Did not work more than 10 days I am not gone buy this no more fore shure
Rushabh Shah
It works really great, ive had it for a year and its been working fantastic. the glow plug lights strong when using this glow driver.
jagadesh raaj
Very bad ignitor it worked only a week. it is a peace of crap!!!!
Dave t
Holds a charge very well,,,also has a led light on top to tell you if the glow plug is burned or good,,,,,,red light bad plug/green light plug is good,,,,,,also there is a charge light on the charger,,,mine burned out but still works fine,,,,nice set up over all
Patrick Espinoza
Verified Owner
I wrote on here July of last year. I had this Dynamite Lipo igniter. as i had stated before, I had this thing for a year with no issues. charged it like once a month, twice if slightly heaver usage. Maybe i was one of the lucky ones to not get 1 of a bad batch of a earlier run. but when mine finally crapped out a year after purchase, i talked to Horizon and they sent me a new one (just the igniter) free of charge didn't even have to pay for shipping. I'm going to be buying another one of these as a spare for just in case. But quality and customer service is whats keeping me coming back to this igniter..
Adric Tan
Verified Owner
The charger needs no charging everyday. Holds charge real well. However for users in countries not using 110v, pls cut off the charge plug and charge from yr lipo charger. This is a 110v charger. I smoked 2 charger bec they were supposed to be used for 110v only.
Chun Man WU
Verified Owner
Amain has done excellent job for the second replacement of the first charger (short circuit/ heat up and dead). The second one experienced the same tragedy I turned to Horizon asking about if this is not indicated for use outside US. My concern is not asking replacement at all. Autoreply/ filling in forms made me sick. The instruction manual has no clear information about input voltage/ current of AC (or I have missed out this cos the words are so tiny) I have 3 lipo dynamite Lipo Glow Drivers at hand and two dead chargers
Tom Parker
Absolutely love this ignitor! It lasts forever, i'd be lucky if i charge it once a month and i race 1-2 times a week. Beats using the old nicad/nimh powered ones by a long shot!
Matthew Hillier
I can't comment on its long-term reliability yet, but what I can comment on is the quality of contact with the glow plug. It clips on very firmly, great contact, and this baby lights up glow plugs like a cigarette lighter. No problems firing up your engine with this igniter.
Ahmet Demirel
Verified Owner
I am unlucky too. Mine arrived with a totally dead and inflated battery. The Turnigy charger unit gave the warning ''low woltage''. I opened the case and charged the battery directly with crocodile clips by passing over the electronic circuit board. It worked but probably the inflated battery won't live too much.
Arnaud Vasquez
Maybe I've been unlucky but one arrived with a totally dead battery and it's replacement, thanks to Amain BTW for a good after sale service, arrived totally dead too. Shame.
Travis Callaway
Verified Owner
Was great while it worked. Used it one race day and went to use it at the second race of state pro series and it wouldn't work. Check it with a buddies charger who has the same one and nothing. I called Horizon Hobby and they took care of me and sent me a new one. If you do get one make sure you have another glow ignitor as a back-up just in case this one quits.
Adam Niedling
I have used this for about 6 months and love it. You have to remember to charge it after every race day. If you let it sit for a couple of weeks the lipo in them will go bad. About 6 guys at our track all have them and none of us have a bad thing to say. They heat your plugs up faster and will have easier starts.
Jarvis Hogan
This driver is very nice! I have been using it for a week now. I will report back when we finish racing.
Verified Owner
This thing works like a pro. Fires up my b5 with ease. Easy as pie and holds that charge w/lipo.
jeffry furgason
this glow charger will impress and it will stay charged for days. very glad i bought this, i would buy another one but its not needed ,this has more than enough power for all day racing and even all weekend long on a single charge.I really like the way this charges not from the typical glow type but through the top on a adaptor typr plug so excess wear on the business end is reduced . worth every penny
conald koontz
Hay guys,Conald here,with a review.I have one of these and I must say they work real good,The last one I had was a pice of s*%#! was not one of these it was the one with the gauge on love thise one.
Verified Owner
Total piece of trash. It either doesn't get hot enough or doesn't even ignite the plug. DO NOT BUY THIS.

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