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EcoPower "Hummingbird" Micro Ready-To-Fly Quad-Copter w/2.4GHz Transmitter & LiPo Battery

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This is the EcoPower "Hummingbird" Micro Ready-To-Fly Quad-Copter. The EcoPower Hummingbird delivers big fun in a ready to fly package that fits in the palm of your hand. With multiple flight modes and aerobatic maneuvers available at the push of a button, this micro size 4-channel quad is simple to fly and will make you feel like an expert pilot in no time. The six axis gyro keeps the aircraft stable and you can use the speed button on the transmitter to choose between three different flight modes. This allows you to increase the performance of the aircraft as your skills improve. Once the basics are mastered, you can use the turning button on the transmitter to perform flips and rolls like a pro!

The size of the aircraft allows the EcoPower Hummingbird to be flown indoors, but it can also be flown outdoors when there is no wind present. The included Mode 2 - 2.4GHz transmitter delivers interference free operation and allows multiple aircraft to be flown at the same time. 7 to 10 minute flight times can be achieved with the included LiPo battery, and the battery is easily charged in under an hour through any USB port with the included USB cable charger. Additionally, a complete set of spare blades are included, so you can keep flying when things don't go as planned.

The easy to fly characteristics make the EcoPower Hummingbird Micro Quad-Copter a perfect choice for those that want to get into flying without breaking the bank, as well as expert pilots looking to have some low cost fun! Just add six AA batteries to the transmitter and you are ready to fly.



  • 6-axis flight control system
  • Fly both indoor and outdoor
  • Multiple flight modes allow easy to fly stability, or high performance, fast flight characteristics
  • 4-way flip button - left, right, forward or backward
  • Lightweight, durable airframe


  • (1) Hummingbird Micro Quad Copter
  • (1) 2.4GHz Mode 2 Transmitter
  • (1) 240mAh 3.7V LiPo Battery (31.2x21x8mm)
  • (1) USB Charging Cable
  • (1) Spare Blade Set

Needed to Complete:

  • (6) AA Batteries for Transmitter

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This product was added to our catalog on November 27, 2013.

Verified Owner
This quad is better than both the qr-1 and the x4. The remote is much more comfortable than the xbox style that comes with other quads. Also there are 3 different modes allowing a first time flyer and expert pilot to fly and have fun. The motor is more secure with an upper and lower brace and the props cover the entire shaft so you can't push out the bottom of a motor. There are led lights like the qr-1. The greatest feature though is the flip button. You don't have to rock the craft one way and then the other like with other micros. The button works so well that I can press the button when the quad is touching the ground and it will flip and hover a foot higher than where it started. The gyro is also better and it stayed perfectly in place. The only draw back is the slight difference in design so some hubsan accessories won't work. (prop quards) That can be fixed by just swapping out all of the electronics into a new hubsan canopy. I can't find a single upgrade this quad needs except more batteries. Flight time is only 10 minutes.
EcoPower hit a home run with this one. Out-of-the-park! Wow, so stable yet agile at the same time. I have flown mine up into the clouds where it is just a spec in the sky. The range is remarkable and this little guy really gets moving. Have not hit it with the radar yet, but I'm thinking it does a EZ 40MPH. Flip button is on point and has never failed me. What impresses me the most is the range, I have never lost it! Well worth the price!! Thank you EcoPower!!!
Micah Hills
Verified Owner
I just have two issues with it. I have the Walkera bug as well as the Estes micro. My first issue is trim. I think the TX just has too much play. Second is rotation left and right. In beginner it is so slow it will almost cause a crash. Even at full three beeps it is half as fast as the two I mentioned before.
Vincent Briel
Verified Owner
Got this on Black Friday for an incredible price of under $25. Got it stable indoors but needs a little room. Outdoors in wind have to adjust but can fly into the wind over 8mph! No wind is a blast and easy to fly. Best bang for the buck! Flip button works when you press the stick forward or backwards. Speed mode button adjusts how hard you need to go forward, backwards and left/right. There are 3 settings by beeps, really nice overall unit.
Brett Bowen
Verified Owner
This little quad-copter is loads of fun. I wasn't impressed initially but after a few flights I wished I had more batteries to keep charging. Performance is high outdoors or in large spaces. The most fun is driving the dog wild as she chases it.
Chris Elena
Awesome little rig. I got it for free on an A main Black Friday special. I am an off road RC racer, so I don't have much sky time under my belt other than doubles and related track obstacles. This little thing impressed me. It is really fun and definitely gives you the impression of being a precise little machine when you fly it. It is hard to fly indoors unless you have a large living room or the like, but if you keep the sensitivity on the first level and get used to it you will be terrorizing the kids, dog, cat, and anyone else in the house in no time flat. The speed setting button on the left is basically just a sensitivity button, one beep is easy mode, two beeps is a little more responsive, and three is pretty aggressive handling. It does the flip trick with the right stunt button every time for me as long as the batteries are in good order. The charging/fly time ratio is absolutely acceptable and you can pick up a spare battery from Amain for 7 bucks or so, which can have the flying fun cooking almost back to back. It is a small machine and is very sensitive to wind, so if a duck flies by and farts be ready for this thing to react like it just flew into a hurricane. Great fun, and even if I had not got it for free, knowing what I do now I would by one. Great little time waster for when you are bored and want to get a fun break.
adam gragg
Verified Owner
Works great, stable even in a breeze. No problem outdoors. Holds direction well, great forward flight. Lots of power. Durable. Does flips well. Runs 6-8min at full power. Charges in about 30-40 minutes. I expected less for the price. But I guess it is very small. But lots of fun. My wife can even fly it in the house.
esteban ronquillo
Verified Owner
For the money, this is a fun little machine! I got one to play with while they were cheap, and am going to buy another at full price. Im not a pilot, so Im not super picky. I just got it so I have something to mess around with at home and in between qualifiers when Im at the races. Its easy to fly and flies well indoors, but can be a bit of a handful in a small room. Outdoors it flies really good too, but it will get upset by a breeze. Flight time is good, I got almost 10 minutes out of it and it charges in a reasonable amount of time with the included charger. I want to get a couple more batteries so my down time isnt as long and a charge lead so I can charge it on my big charger would be nice. One important note, is the manual is a little confusing when it comes to how you are supposed to flip it. If you hold down the flip button, and move the RIGHT stick in the direction you want it to flip, it flips perfect every time.
Austin Blair
Verified Owner
I have never owned or flown a heli or qaud-copter before, this was so easy to fly and FUN! Everyone can enjoy these. I have crashed mine hard a few times and it just keeps going. These can be flown inside your home since they are small and agile. These little guys can even flip too!
Larry Ahee
Verified Owner
I picked this up when it was on sale for $25.00 US, it rocks for the money I would have paid $50.00 US for this Quad. If you want to have some fun in side out, or out side this little Quad is a blast! I fly a TBS Quad with a Naza and a DJI Naza F450 and they are great Quads but not in the house, with this little Quad you can fly inside out outside as long as the winds are not to bad. It took a little time to understand the radio but after it was EZ to fly around my home, as long as I can see it I can fly it. For the money I give it a 9 out of 10. If you want some fun this is a great little Quad.
Nick Beidle
Verified Owner
Great little RTF quad. Looks to be a similar to other micro quads on the market... Flies very smooth and can be easy to fly or step it up to high rates for a lot of fun. I haven't flow in a couple years, popped it up in a hover, trimmed it out to eliminate a little drift and it was rock solid in a hover. Battery lasts about 9 minutes. I would have given it 5 stars if the "rudder" channel was a little faster on all 3 rates. I have heard the rudder expo is adjustable on the other similar models on the market...if anyone knows how please post it up. I even had my 7 year old hovering in the kitchen tonight! BTW it has LED lights in the frame which was a nice surprise.
John Sandford
Verified Owner
A MUCH better choice to the Traxxas QR-1. As this one is easy to trim & control. The QR-1 was impossible to trim & had a mind of its own. Got this half price & it cost $17 shipping to New Zealand. Yet if I try to buy another battery here they want over fifty dollars just for shipping!!! Which is absolutely ridiculous Amain & your competitors do much better. Ecopower Hummingbird rating is five stars & excellent. Amain Hobbies rating extremely poor & zero stars. If you package lipo batteries appropriately they CAN be shipped by air worldwide. Amain's lipo shipping policy is costing you custom.
Damien Watters
Verified Owner
Nice durable little RTF micro quad, which looks to be based on the same platform as the X4 and QR-1. Instruction manual is hilarious, with such priceless gems as, "Aircraft on the open space before and after the flight before Direction of and behind the vehicle on himself". Clear as mud. Anyhow, understand what you can of the manual, and then jump on in. The radio is not much to write home about, but at $50 for the RTF (less if you get it on sale) it's quite reasonable. I bought two of these for Christmas, one for my 6 year old son, and another for a 9 year old friend of the family. They both have had a ball with them, and even more so once they learnt how to use the flip button (right hand shoulder). The left hand shoulder controls the rate, with three levels of control, and is excellent for first timers when using the lowest rate. Both children have now put at least half a dozen packs each through this little quad, and have bounced it off of walls and crashed down on a concrete cricket pitch. So far we have a broken prop, and cracked the the upper canopy along one arm (after a particularly nasty drop from about 20 meters). Easy fix, and I expect these quads to keep on flying. My son dropped his radio on said cricket pitch too, which snapped off the antenna tube. I discovered that the antenna did not appear to be in the tube anyway, but loose inside the body. Really not a big issue with a quad this size, which is unlikely to fly very far, so I plugged the hole and used servo tape to place the antenna against the top of the radio housing (horizontally) - all good. That's not to say that these aren't durable. For the punishment we have given them, these little quads are doing brilliantly. Learners should be directed to fly over soft surfaces, as with any beginner aircraft. Concrete is not recommended, but even so they can withstand quite a hard landing on a less forgiving surface. For myself, I would probably still prefer my Ladybird to this little EcoPower micro quad as I find the former to be a little better in control (that may be down to the radio). But for the kids I think I could not have scored better. While I'm still struggling to perform a flip on the Ladybird, they've got it down pat on the little EcoPower! An absolute bargain!
Verified Owner
Great little copter, flight is very stable and also stable outdoors with a slight breeze, just have to trim it out a little. I picked up two, $25 each, cant go wrong. Lots of fun, i will give one to my 10 year old nephew. Im sure he'll love it.
Kenneth Carpenter
Be ready to buy spare parts! Charged it for the fourth flight, halfway through the flight one of the motors took a crap. No hits on it, the prop is still in good shape. It will run if I give it full throttle, but it's useless like this. $8 for a new motor, not me! Fool me once!
Connor Thredgold
Verified Owner
I got it on black friday for 25$. it flies pretty well outside but you need a big space to fly it indoors. It is definitely not as nimble as a Traxxas QR1 or other comparable copters, but it doesn't cost as much either. Battery lasts about ten minutes and takes around an hour to charge. The button for the flips does not register when pressed 90% of the time which is a bummer, When it does its pretty cool. Not bad for the price but it could be alot better.

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