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Futaba 3PM-X 3-Channel 2.4Ghz FASST Radio System w/R603FF Receiver

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With your purchase, receive at no cost:
Finally the 3PM you've wanted! One radio for racing, crushing, crawling, bashing and boating!

There's no need to buy separate systems for every application. The 3PM-X handles them all for a single, affordable price and gives you FASST 2.4GHz dependability as a bonus. It offers all the conveniences and features of the original 3PM, plus these new performance and programming pluses!

Four-wheel Steering Mix
Two modes give you a choice of two or four 4WS options and the ability to switch between them with the push of a button. Choices include: 1) Crab; 2) All-wheel steering; 3) Front-wheel only; or 4) Rear-wheel only.

Digital Trim Steps
16 settings amazing ease. Set at 16 for coarse initial settings or at 1 for fine-tuning finesse!

Adjuster Function
Ensures optimum performance by keeping throttle and steering throws and centering at programmed ideals.

2/3-Position Channel 3 Programming
2-/3-position soft switch is perfect for dig on crawlers and other functions.

  • Programmable mixing
  • 10-model memory
  • Simple, 4-button programming
  • Model naming
  • Assignable switches/functions
  • Digital trims and memory
  • Normal/HRS modes
  • Servo reversing, sub-trims & EPA (all channels)
  • Throttle expo, acceleration, mode select & fail-safe
  • Steering expo, dual rates & servo speed
  • Anti-lock braking system w/adjustable return, pulse cycle and delay
  • Brake mixing for larger models
  • Electronic ATL
  • 2 conditions
  • Up/Down timer w/100-lap & total time memory
  • Low-battery alarm
  • LCD screen
  • Wheel tension adjustment
  • Charge jack for optional NiCds
  • Battery fail-safe
  • Requires: 8 "AA" alkaline batteries & servos
  • 1-year limited warranty.

This product was added to our catalog on November 6, 2009.

Erik Pivnick
Verified Owner
Very Good Radio. Good range. ABS Brakes are kinda cool. A little heavy because it takes 8AA batteries though!
Clint Wood
Verified Owner
Great radio for the price, it has alot of good features/adjustments and the range is very good, also i find the batteries last a long time.... Pro- Great upgrade for any RTR vehicle or someone lookn for a 2.4ghz, so much easier to drive my SCT now.... Con- The plastics used seem a bit budget, but otherwise i cant fault this radio....
Verified Owner
Great quality, lots of features and very adaptable. Built solid and seems to work really well- huge range. This is definitely a step up from Spektrum
Andrew Gilchrist
Verified Owner
I bought mine for marine use (Competition and fun) Excellent range over water. Reliable radio with very good range of features for electric marine use.
Tracey Torrisi
Verified Owner
Had this Radio for some time now and no problems what so ever. Love it
Josh List
Verified Owner
Great radio Very nice for the price. The only bad thing is the plastic feels cheap. Also wish they would come with a rechargeable battery.
Jeremy Zorns
Correction to previous review: the new $60 receivers (FHSS system) are not compatible with this radio, which is FASST system. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is, but I assume this one has faster response time since it is not frequency hopping. -//- I have the previous generation of this radio, the non-X version. The only difference between them is that the non-X version doesn't have steering mixes or the 2/3 option for crawlers. (whatever that is) The transmitter works perfectly. That is why I decided to pay extra for Futaba. There were some questions at the time on the range and reliability of the Spektrum radios. With Futaba, there is never a question. Pick the features you want and get out your wallet. I also have to be honest and say that if Futaba had a 2 channel model with 10 model memories for $110, like they do now, I would have bought that instead. The programming is pretty easy when you refer to the manual. If you lose the manual, and haven't done it in a while, you'll forget how to do it. I have found that a computer transmitter actually makes me a better driver. You might think that is because I was not a good driver to begin with, but that is not the case. The ability to set endpoints is super nice for when someone else wants to drive your fast car or truck. Just set the throttle end point down to about 30% so it won't be fast enough to break when they do (and they will) crash it. For higher speed models, say above 20 mph, it is super nice to be able to program -15% expo so that a tiny touch on the steering wheel doesn't send your car into the curb. I also really like the timer function. I can use it at first to see how long of a run I'm getting on a given pack. Then, I can program it to beep a minute before that so I know I'm about done. The button that is positioned right underneath where your left middle finger would be I've programmed to actuate the timer. One switch for my thumb on the front under the steering wheel is used to adjust steering rate. I don't use this, because Expo is better in every way. I forget what the other one is for. Another nice thing about a computer transmitter is that they usually display the voltage of the transmitter batteries. After trying NiMH AAs and alkalines, I've settled on Sanyo Eneloop low self discharge NiMH AAs. They are by far the best I've ever used. It is nice that they're not always dead when I pick up the Tx ready to go out for a run. I gave this Tx a 4/5 rating. That is like a B in school, right? As far as functioning, it is perfect. I can run my truck until it is a tiny dot and still have full control. There is never any glitching. But there are a few things that were minor disappointments to me at this price point: a) No NiCd pack included b) No charger included c) No servo included d) Receivers are $90 a pop (Model R603FF) I think they have a new receiver out now that is only $60, but that is still ridiculously expensive. If Futaba wants to stay in the Tx game, they need to get those prices down to $30, where a lot of their competition is.
Robert Lai
Verified Owner
Been using 3PM for over 7 years now (the previous version). Feature wise, and for the most part, everything was great and working as expected. Except for the wheel which is not smooth, started squeaking noise after within a year usage (but it's okay, it can still turn, just have to bare with a little rough edge at the end when I turn my wheel all the way to the right. Also I had to send in the unit for repair (could not turn on) @ futaba after a yr usage and they indicated was bad soldering joints on the circuit board. But I was still happy with the Unit and would still give it a 5 star. Okay, so I switched to this new version and let me tell you so far I had Zero problems at all and I can feel the improvements (i.e. the wheel). so , I give this a 5 star. and it even has a little more features than the previous one like mixing features for crawlers. Bonus!
Thomas K
I have had my 3PM for about a year and a half now and I have enjoyed it since the day I got it. It has all the features that I need and then some...the interface is a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is fairly easy to make adjustments. The range is great...mostly because I have never run out of it...I have never had an experience where range is an issue nor do I foresee any that it will be. It does use 8AA batteries, but they last a good long time. Rechargeable's would be ideal, but I don't have to change the batteries very often so I don't mind. Overall I highly recommend this radio system to anyone really.
John D
This is a good radio for the money, however there are better ones out there. The range is good as is the ease of programming. Dislikes include the quick trim buttons (4 total) are nice for a quick adjustment, but can get bumped easily adjusting settings un intentionally. Additionally / eventually the buttons can stick (which is why I am replacing mine with a different radio) and eventually become nonadjustable. I have used Futaba for years, and will continue to do so - just not with this model or type model.
John Sandford
Got this set & several receivers. To replace the Spektrum sets. That come with RTR Team Losi vehicles. Now I have one transmitter for three vehicles. The Futaba look better built & is free of glitching. I might update my Losi vehicles in future. But I won't be parting with the Futaba radio gear. I know there's newer models & with improved technology. But for the price of a new set. You can have several of these. I'd much rather use the money saved. For upgrades for my vehicles. As no matter the type of radio gear. It won't make your vehicle faster. Despite any long winded sales pitch suggesting otherwise.
Cameron Spruill
Wonderful controller I've had it going on 6 years and still works like the day I got it. Would highly recommend it.
Christopher Williams
Overall it's a very nice transmitter. The range on this thing is incredible. I also like the 10 model memory - although you cannot name your models, you just assign them a number. It seems pretty sturdy and very precise in its operation. I like all the custom functions. The only downside is that, like other reviewers have said, it's very "plasticky" and feels cheap. I'm confident that the electronics inside are top notch but its placed in a cheap feeling case. The older Futabas I still have from the 80's and 90's, even the low end models, feel like they were made with better materials. I'd still recommend this radio to everyone though!!!

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