G-Force 700N Clutch Block Kit w/Engine Mounts

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This is the G-Force Clutch Block Kit with Engine Mounts, and is intended for use with the Align T-Rex 700N helicopter. The G-Force clutch block allows infinite adjustments for proper gear mesh. Since the 700N is supplied with a fine tooth main gear, close tolerance meshing is required to prevent stripping under hard collective use. The G-Force clutch block will allow you set up a perfect mesh easily. The clutch block also has extended range for compatibility with other gear ratios.

The G-Force clutch block uses slotted screw holes allowing the clutch block to slide back and forth. The G-Force clutch block is supplied with locking hex nuts that work with the stock 700N shoulder bolts. Fine adjustments can be made without the need for thread locking compound if you need to adjust it.

The other unique feature over other aftermarket clutch blocks are dual pinion bearings that are retained at both ends within the clutch block housing. The G-Force clutch block also allows the use of the stock pinion clutch nut that will prevent endplay of the pinion shaft that rides within the two lower radial bearings. The third bearing is for the starter shaft support. All three radial bearings are factory installed.

Included with the clutch block kit are specially designed engine mounts which also use locking hex nuts that eliminate the need for locking compound each time you adjust it. The G-Force engine mounts will allow you to keep the engine aligned with the clutch block. The engine mounts have the same adjustable range as the clutch block.

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This is a great item to get that perfect gear alignment you need for these high performance crafts. The design allows (6) 3 mm screws to be as tight as you want. You don't need more friction than that to hold this block in place. This set up is far superior to the default fixed position block. I have been both ways so I know the difference.

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