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Hitec HS-7955TG Ultra Torque Titanium Gear Digital Servo

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Hitec's best servo just got better. Based on the powerhouse HS-5955TG servo the HS-7955TG has the added benefit of our G2 second generation programmable digital circuit. This new circuit has twice the resolution of our original circuit while adding programmable overload protection. The HS-7955TG has been designed for the most demanding hobby applications including the largest aircraft and monster trucks. Featuring a titanic 333oz./in. of torque at 6.0 volts, all this power is harnessed by incorporating the industries first Titanium gears for incredible wear resistance and two strong hardened steel gear pins and axial brass bushing in the servo case.


Motor Type: Coreless
Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
Speed: 0.19 / 0.15 sec @ 60 deg.
Torque: 250 / 333 (4.8v/6v)     18 / 24
Size: 1.57" x 0.78" x 1.45"     40.00 x 20.00 x 37.00mm
Weight: 2.29oz     65.00g

This product was added to our catalog on June 17, 2008.

Sean Norbury
Verified Owner
I have ran several manufactures of servo's, JR9100's, 9100t, 8711, airtronics, savox, ace 1015's, Several hitec's & a couple manufactures I can't think of off the top of my head. I use these servo's in 1/8 nitro buggy & truggy only. I am not a basher, I run tracks only & take very good care of my equipment. I currently own 3 buggies & 3 truggies. Here is my experience, I currently have 6 JR SERVO'S in a box that have failed me, most of them when I'M 4 hrs from home at a race with very little run time. I went through 4 Ace servo's & 6 gear rebuilds before I was so frustrated I changed brands. Airtronics has been a fairly reliable brand servo & Infact I still run a Airtronics M11x transmitter & absolutely love it. The Savox has been an excellent Servo & I have only had 1 fail, they do however make alot of noise. I have tried all kinds of adjustments to keep them from humming with no solutions (however they have treated me well). For the most part I have been running Hitec servo's for the last 2 1/2 years, specifically the 7955 & 7950. These are the most reliable servo I have ever used. I am only sponsored by my own wallet. In my experience if you are looking for reliability*, torque & speed these are the best on the market
Koby Kubrin
Verified Owner
Absolutely amazing servos! Toughest, best performing servos on the market! I wouldn't run any other brand servo in my race rigs. If you want the best of the best, forget the rest! Hitec is the best! The titanium gears are phenomenal! The motors are top notch and the new G2 circuitry is even better! These servos are also known to handle 7.4v 2s lipo power. The new HV stuff is absolutely fantastic as well!!
Billy Easton
I was turned onto the servos from a friend. At the time, I was having failure after failure when i was using another brand. Although i wanted to stay loyal to them, finishing races was more important. This servo for the money is by far one of the absolute best. You not only get power,reliability but also speed for under $120.00. I think this is the most durable servo I have used in the last 10 years.
Shane F.
This is the greatest servo on the market! I hope hitec uses the components from this servo for years to come.
Marvin Bellomy
I have this servo for my steering on my Matrix TR (soon to be on a ST-RR :) very dependable and durable. Was at a race and got crossed up with another guy through a wide open swiping corner and the truggy went up on 2 wheels and as i corrected i got ran over and pushed off the track (mind you i was still on the throttle last corner for 2nd place) slammed into a post with the front right corner. The impact ripped the entire front corner off and this was the first race with the HS-7955TG servo and i was like ah no hope the servo is ok. to my surprise the servo was still working and the impact pulled the servo so hard it bent an aluminum servo horn. So in short if the servo can bend a aluminum horn and still work fine. ill definitely buy another one when this one goes out.
Best Servo on the Market, because it is backed by Hitec's superb customer service. No other company can compete with the quality of this servo and it's support. It can also run 2 cell lipo unregulated.
Carl Madsen
I'm using this for steering in my 1/8 losi 8ight and it is a BEAST! Reaction is super quick, no lag or "dead spots" under heavy steering. Ive had servos before on rough tracks act like they were getting beat around, this servo has zero flaws and will not be distorted no matter how hard you crash or how hard your pushing your car.
mike plante
Verified Owner
so far so good, got this in my hpi vorza with cc bec to keep it good and strong at six volts.
rich niccum
Best servo that I have ever used! Running straight off lipo with no issues. I bought a back-up, just in case. It's been sitting in my Roller for 2 years..
Thomas Zussman
THE best servo... ever. and I mean THE best servo..........ever.
This is probably my favorite servo of all time. Just about as bullet proof as you can get. If you are thinking of running 8th scale, then this servo should be top of your list. I have 4 of them and in 5 years I have only had to replace one case. That was from a used one and it's possible that it was partially cracked when I bought it. That is the extent of problems I have had with this brand of servo. It's got more torque then you will ever need and it's got plenty of speed for 8th scale racing. It's not a HV (High Voltage) servo so it wont demand extra power from your RX. You wont have to worry about having a less than adequate BEC, in most cases. There are only a few "negatives" to consider with this model. The mounting tabs could be considered a weak point, so make sure you use the included rubber grommets. Still, it would take some major hard hits or improper mounting to hurt this thing. It's not considered a super high speed servo, but you really don't need that for 8th scale, so it hardly matters. The servo gasket might be inadequate if you are running in wet/snow conditions. That is about all I can think of that would be considered negative. I should also point out that Hitec is a great company to deal with. Great support.
steven smulders
I got two of these in a used buggy I purchased and I am loving these servo's. The gears don't get sloppy like some other top brand servo's.
Shane Elery
Love these servos got one in the steering and throttle on my d8 raced and driven hard and wrecked hard they are 5 years old never one problem still racing with them.
Justin Martinez
Verified Owner
this servo is amazing. I use it in my SCTE, Losi 8T 2.0, Losi 8 2.0, Ofna Street Car, and throttle servo in both of my Hpi Baja's. i am very hard on my stuff and it has never let me down. plus you cant beat Hitec's 2 year warranty. Plus it doesn't say you can run 7.4 volts but if you call hitec they will tell you it can run 7.4 volts. both Baja's run losi 2S receiver pack with never any issues.
Kaleb Hamby
Verified Owner
I love this servo and you cannot go wrong with owning one but if you are racing or using them on 1/10 scale I believe their are just as good servos for less money available. The Savox 1258 is one and you can almost get 2 of those for the price of 1 of these. I will say though the 7955 is dang near bullet proof and it strong and fast.
David W
A little update. Have been running this same servo in my Rc8.2e for over a year now. Had to take it apart once because it sounded like it had a skip in it. Ended up finding that it had a chipped tooth on the carbon gear. Was a easy and cheap fix. Now I am also running the same servo in my Losi Eight TE with no issues.
shane randall
i have 2 of these servos one in my ten scte and one in my tlr 22 sct both truck steer excellent i have had some big tangles and never even came close to breaking got pushed into wall a servos gear are so strong that instead of breaking it stripped the plastic insert great product great price cant go wrong if you want problem free servo that finnishes races here it is
Anthony Luciano
Verified Owner
This is a good servo for running 8th scale truggy. I have run the same one for 2 years now. A little more speed would be nice. This is a quality product.
Tyson fasano
Verified Owner
no money to waste, no time to waste, if you want the best this is the best you can get!
Verified Owner
I bought this Hitec Servo for my 1/8 Mugen MBX-6 ECO and I have to say that this is the most precise, quietest but also fastest servo I've ever had. But be aware that this baby draws a lot of power from your receiver/BEC, in order to ensure proper function and to avoid glitching install a simple voltage saver on your receiver to make sure that the servo is covered with enough power. I installed the voltage protector from Spektrum (part no. SPM1600) and ever since this has just worked perfectly on my setup.

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