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Hot Bodies D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit

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The Hot Bodies D413 is the long-awaited successor to the D4 buggy, and was designed for adaptability, durability, and win-ability! With the D413, drivers can choose the best battery layout for their driving style and the track surface. Plus, its extreme toughness means you can drive it like you stole it, and not have to worry about over driving the car. The D413 can dish out the punishment, and take it just as well.

The Hot Bodies D413 first turned a wheel at the 2013 ROAR Nationals in the hands of Ty Tessmann, one of the fastest racers on the planet and lead test driver for all of the off-road HB projects. Ty stole the show at the World's Warm-Up, winning both the 2WD and 4WD classes, and when he showed up at the ROAR Nationals at the same track just a few months later with the D413 in hand, no one could stop him from taking another ROAR Nationals victory - this time in electric!

Adjustable Chassis Configurations
The D413 is the only competition 4WD car that allows racers to choose between a "shorty" type LiPo or a  conventional saddle pack arrangement. This adjustability is one of the hallmarks of the D413 and allows drivers to change the balance of the car front-to-rear.

Triple Gear Diffs
Front, center and rear gear differentials are used to allow drivers to use various diff greases to tune the the steering, traction and corner handling. Gear diffs are much stronger than ball diffs and allows racers strap to in extra-powerful brushless motors for maximum power without the hassles of ball diff maintenance.


  • Highly adjustable suspension geometry (roll center, kick-up, anti-squat, camber, toe-in) for a total tuning package
  • Innovative triangulated shock tower mounts for increased survivability during crashes
  • 12mm big-bore shocks with threaded bodies and mud guards
  • Versatile steering system with minimal bump-steer and highly adjustable Ackermann geometry for complete steering control
  • Signature HB Monocoque suspension arms for stiffness, strength and adjustability

Width: 250mm
Wheelbase: 278mm

Needed to Complete:
  • 2-channel surface radio system
  • 7.4V Shorty or saddle pack type LiPo battery & compatible charger
  • 1/10 Electronic speed control & 540 motor
  • Pinion gear
  • Paint for body
  • Tires & tire glue
  • Steering servo
  • 500cts Silicone Shock Oil
  • 10,000wt Silicone Differential Fluid
  • 100,000wt Silicone Differential Fluid
  • Tools for Assembly

This product was added to our catalog on October 24, 2014.

Who cares how great it is, if its never in stock then its worthless. This was designed in 2013, good job hot bodies way to drop the ball.
ryan beauchamp
Great wheeler and very durable. However, it does seem to have an issue with parts support. If you break, be prepared for a nice car sitting on the shelf for a long time.
adam davis
Love IT!! While I have only owned the Associated B44.2 Other Then this for 4wd Buggys i LOVE IT. I have driven the Durango the losi , i just liked what i hear about the D413. So i ordered one with out driving it. I was debating on this or the new XRAY. someone at our track has the X-Ray and it is dialed. So i built and and first one with it was race night . I TQED and took 2nd first time ever with car. Average 2 seconds faster then my b44 with same electronics set up . The build was super easy . I would not trade this buggy for anything it is SUPER Durable handles amazing and has more tuning then you could ask . Only complaint right now is not able to get parts but haven't needed any and no aftermarket parts . VERY VERY HAPPY
Chris Abbott
This was my first venture into anything 1/10 buggy related, I gave up 4x4 SCT to start running 4w Buggy. The kit was fun and easy to build, the steps and bags were setup perfect with all the hardware in the designated bag for that step. I've been running the car for a few weeks now and its super fun to drive and feels like a mini Ebuggy, the car is a beast. About a week ago it did about 4 kart wheels into the wall, had the turn marshal flip it back over and took off driving. Accessing the diffs are really not that bad, I was able to change out any of the diffs in about 20-30mins depending on which fluids putting in. I really like the style of the HB body, but wish it was 1pc instead of 3pc with tiny screws. In the end this is an awesome car, and I would buy it again.
Leigh Helmrich
Since most of the reviews here are terrible, I will actually give some useful feedback on the car. The car is not the easiest to work on. There are 18 screws to get the center diff out, because the car is assembled in layers. Less with some creative twisting and electronics mounting. The car has a bit of slop in it. The front suspension is fairly loose. The rear arms and hubs also move around a lot. The arms with plastic inserts are pretty flexible. Super gluing the plastic insets in will help stiffen the arms up quite a bit. Replace the motor clam screws with cap head 3mm screws. This way you can tighten the motor down better. This prevents it from coming loose and ruining the spur gear. Now you may be thinking, man this guy hates this car. Not true. It is the most durable 4wd car on the market. I have had the kind of crashes where I hear many people say, "The car is broke". Then I drive away. I am talking about clearing a large triple and landing straight into a pipe nail. The car is very easy to drive hard. A great balance of traction and steering. As posted before, the kit springs are a little soft for high bite tracks, but other brand 12mm springs work fine. I gave the car 4 stars because of the durability and performance. It lost a star due to all the play in the suspension.
dude, another pushed back release date. WTF Hotbodies, if this is anything on how your support is going to be then im glad I cant buy the buggy and give my money away
Todd Stevenson
I've been waiting on this buggy since January of '14....push it back, push it many release dates can one buggy have. I think HPI and Hobby CO. should pull it from their product list until you can buy one!!!! RELEASE THE DAMN THING!!!!!
richard davitto
A must have for wheeler. the car is planted and you can push it unlike b44. If they were available would be most popular wheeler around.
One rule racing
Hands down best wheeler out there. Insane durability and build quality. Super nimble. Suspension is buttery smooth. Technology in this car is far beyond any other buggy out there. A racer designed this car and it shows. Springs in the kit are a little soft for my home track but all the major brands fit so finding a spring rate I liked was super easy. This car is in a class of its own. Can't wait to see the 2wd when hpi releases it.
Vincenzo Martino
I havent had the chance to run mine yet but I will say that I have owned almost every 4wd buggy out there, and this one was the easiest build of all them. I just love how each bag contains the parts to build a certain section of the buggy without having to open another bag to get screws. Just awesome!!!
Mike Hudson
Really enjoy this buggy. Super smooth and plush ride. Gear diffs are amazing. Shocks are very nice. Durability is awesome.

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