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Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo Dual Li/NiMH/A123 Balancing Charger (7S/20A/500W)

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This is the Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo balance charger. Hyperion is known world wide as a leader in advanced battery charger technology, and they continue to push development forward with the release of the 720i Super Duo. The 0720i Super Duo provides a wide feature set, including 20 amp charge rates and 500 Watt's of power per side, with 1000 Watts available in Sync mode, making this one of the most powerful chargers available! 7S batteries can be charged effortlessly, but when Sync mode is enabled you have the power to charge batteries up to 14S at your fingertips, with proven Hyperion reliability!

  • 1~14 cells Li-Poly, Li-Ion or A123 charger / balancers
  • 1~16 cells NiCad / NiMH
  • 1~12 cells Sealed Lead Acid
  • DC Output: 20.0A, 500W max per port
  • DC Input: 10.5~28V
  • Discharge Limits: 5.0A, 40W max (per port)
  • Store Mode
  • Dual Integrated balancers
  • Temperature Sensor Port
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • TCS System
  • Sync mode for Li-Poly & LiFe
  • Includes two PQ/HP and two JST XH adapter boards
NOTE: A 24V, 1300W power source is required to supply 1000 Watt output.

This product was added to our catalog on January 27, 2011.

Hector Muela
Yup..!!!! Great Charger ... Does everything you could ever ask for.. I know I Have one... But, there is something you all should know before you Buy..!!! There is Absolutely Nobody in The United States that Repairs or will Service this or any Hyperion Charger when the times arrives .. and you will need some repair sooner or later... I have been told by the Hyperion Distribution Centers that there is No One in the USA that can Repair my Charger.. no matter how small the Repair is... They told me that these Chargers are Pretty Paper Weights or belong in the Trash when repairs are Needed...What ??? I should have done my Homework before i Bought it... 279.00 dlls down the Drain... Thanks Hyperion for your Great Customer Support !!!!! :(
Michael Dipalo
Verified Owner
An awesome charger. I wasn't surprised about that given I had owned a 0606i for at least 4 years before getting this and that little guy was also great.-------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having the memory functions, as well as a ton of adjust ability on top of having 500W per charging channel (About 300 if you only have 12v. Still that's a lot). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The build quality is great, but as usual those little sticky pads on the bottom fall off. Just put double sided tape on there. The glue wears off on the bottom side and it works fine.--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just a note...when I had my Pc plugged in, and the charger was too with a Protek PSU, I found that a ground loop can develop where the serial connection in the USB for the EOS suite can become corrupted. The end result is you can't detect the charger. I'm still looking for a solution but for now I have to float the ground on the laptop (run on battery, or use a 3 to 2 prong plug on the pc charger). I'm still looking for the root cause.
Ronnie Rankin
Verified Owner
This charger is awesome. With the profiling you can set up through a USB connected laptop. It optimizes the battery to its fullest potential. It keeps a charging history for each profile. Seriously it is AWESOME. Glad I invested the money, now I know that all my LIPOs/Life (expensive) battery's are being charged correctly and very precisely. 10 stars
Verified Owner
Great Charger; have had it for over a year, this store is great about backing up the 1000W Protek power supply I got for it, which is a perfect match !!
Christian Womble
Verified Owner
This is my charging set up and I highly recommend this. I'm please with the power supply. I fly the Trex 550 and 600N. I use to favor my nitro but now since I can charge 2 5300 Gens Ace in 25 minutes, I now favor my 550. They are not huge devices and are well designed. I just got this set up this week. Don't have any complaints. Highly recommend these 2 devices.
anonymous flyer
At $279, this charger is seriously overpriced considering the newer chargers from iCharger and Powerlab, which are more powerful, less expensive and great quality chargers as well. Hyperion should really revise its pricing scheme if they want to stay in business.
chris gusewelle
Verified Owner
Just got this thing, AMAZING!!! The best charger out there!! Nuff said...
D. Taylor
Best charger for the price & features that it has. Super charge high mAh/high C batteries with confidence. Goes great with my MaxAmps 24V/47A/1150W power supply!!!
Verified Owner
Works great on big batteries 5000+mah 6's etc. Still getting use to all the features. Instructions could be a tad better but thats just nick picking. Make sure you get a good power supply 24V that way thr charger can use all 1000Watts.

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