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Losi 4 Shoe Steel Flywheel & Collet (8IGHT/8IGHT-T)

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This is the replacement black flywheel and collet for the Losi 8IGHT buggy. This pack contains the flywheel, collet, four clutch pins and a shim.

This product was added to our catalog on September 25, 2007.

Erick Santiago
Ok I hope I get this right. The difference between the two is mainly weight, the steel one is heavier and helps by giving less wheel spin and a more controllable feel off the line and through bumps and ruts. That is the theory, hope this helps :) .
Virgil Uber
no disrespect Marian, but Esteban is right. the fact that it is heaver only means that it takes longer to increase rpms and that's why its smother, just a little bit less aggressive. the only thing that determines at what rpm the clutch opens is the weight of the shoes and the springs. so the steel flywheel will open later but at the same rpm as the aluminum because it takes more power to turn steel.
esteban ronquillo
Marian Miller (aka TankGyrl), the weight or material of the flywheel has absolutely NOTHING to do with how the clutch shoes engage! The engagement point is determined by the diameter of the clutch SPRINGS and the weight of the SHOES, and nothing else. A heavier flywheel takes more energy for the engine to spin than a lighter flywheel, and will smooth out the bottom end hit compared to the same engine with a lighter flywheel. Why would EVERY clutch manufacturer, (Ascendancy, Werks, M2C, etc), state that a heavier flywheel will smooth out the bottom end of an engine if it wasnt true? Wasnt it you who said if a person isnt a verified buyer, they should not comment on a product? Yes it was. Rather than comment on a product you have NO experience with, why dont you try a heavy flywheel and feel the difference for yourself BEFORE you comment...
William Bechtold
I was talking to an engine expert and he said that the steel is superior on a buggy with a high power engine to help reduce wheel spin and add control. On a truggy he said it could go either way depending on the driver, track conditions and engine combo. I am going with it on my race buggy.
whats the main purpose with steel verses the aluminum flywheel for buggy and truggy thanks
Marian Miller
Esteban I didn't say it wasn't smoother dummy , I said it opens the clutch faster , that's a fact when dealing with centrifugal force sorry if I'm a woman who knows what she's talking about !! A lighter weighed flywheel is "OBVIOUSLY" going to take more rpm to open & stay engaged smart guy .

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