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MYLAPS Personal RC4 Hybrid Direct Powered Transponder

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This is the MYLAPS Personal RC4 Hybrid Direct Powered Transponder.

  • Half the size, half the weight of the original
  • Low voltage operation: 2.8-16 Volt compatible
  • Transponder and transponder holder are individual parts, so you can easily switch transponders between different cars (extra holders sold separately).
  • Better quality cable (PTFE) that is fuel resistant
  • 1-4 cell LiPo compatible
  • Fully hybrid:
    • 100% compatible with RC2/RC3 Timing Systems (previously AMBrc)
    • 100% compatible with RC4, and ready for the future

Dimensions (excluding holder) (WxLxH): 16x19x6mm
Weight: 4.7g (including holder)
Operating voltage: 2.8 - 16.0 V
Power consumption*: 19 mA
Wire isolation**: PTFE
Quick change holder: Yes
Connector: Generic receiver 3-pole

* Measured at 6.0 volt (receiver output)
** Gasoline/Nitro-methane resistant, no aging  

NOTE: See image below for a list of transponders and compatible MYLAPS decoders. 

This product was added to our catalog on June 28, 2010.

Will Erb
This is the one to get. The new 3 wire MyLaps RC4 will not work with a decoder running anything but the latest firmware - which coincidentally does not read MRT transponders. As a track owner, I will not upgrade the firmware as it would alienate any of my racers running MRT. I get why they did it - to kill the clone market - but at the cost of local track's business. The two wire RC4 Hybrid works great on ANY PT reading AMB timing systems, both before and after the MRT killing firmware update. It is smaller than the older AMB's and has a strong signal to the decoder loop. As others have said, wires are stiff, but they seem to hold up better than the original AMB transponders. Best transponder on the market currently IMO.
James Kennedy
Verified Owner
Excellent performance! If for any reason you are getting irregular lap recording, check the polarity of the plug into the receiver. It will "weakly" ground to the signal pin and not always send a signal when you cross the sensor. This will be when you have it in the receiver in reverse polarity. Remember, black wire = negative (-) pin.
Verified Owner
so glad i bought my own transponder, so much easier and you dont have to hassle to get the rental one back in its spot. everything is great but one bad thing is the wires could be a little softer but thats not a big deal. love it i would so buy another one
Verified Owner
The only negative I have found (like others) is the wires are a bit on the stiff side. This thang is tiny compared to my old one lol! A transponder is a must if you are going to be serious about racing.
Works great and smaller than the older AMBrc Transponders
Ned Dryden
only thing im concerned with is the wires are quite stiff compared with the old amb type transponder hopefully they dont break as the seem to be single stranded, only time will tell -//- i have one of these and it has a flashing red led right in the middle of it , i run mine out of the holder and its easy to see , might be harder through the holder but im sure its right where the logo is
Brian Ferencin
I got this Transponder for My SWORKZ 350 BE-1 EVO Buggy... It came Highly recommended by the Track Employees @ my Off-Road track & I did not want the Issues with A RENTAL Transponder & the $10.00 Monthly RENTAL Fee my Track Charges all season long OR if you don't want to pay the Fee each month You got to take the Transponder out of your car @ the End of the day Racing & that's a pain to do after a day of racing... This Transponder Powers-up every time when the On-Off switch on your car is turned on for your radio equipment... I like how the small RED LED Light on Top Of the Transponder Flashes to let you know your Transponder is working...I also like that this Transponder plugs right into a AUX / 3rd channel plug on your RX The Transponders wires are a bit on the stiff side wished the wires where more easer to work with So you have to be careful how you route the wires & not try to bend the wires too far... LAP after LAP this Transponder LOG's Each & Every LAP & Times on my buggy... I would recommend this Transponder to anyone that Off-Road Races on a daily weekend basis like me...
Matt Pedersen
to the rewiew about not having a led you are incorrect, when you power it up theres a built in led the blinks every second
Ryan Fink
i bought one and was switching it throgh all my cars on race day, well eventually the wires will break from that. so buy one for each car. the bad thing is when it breaks amb will not reply to any emails for repairs. i would rather get the wires fixed rather than buy a new one. like i said buy on for each car which is what i will be doing.
conald koontz
Verified Owner
I have one,and I must say they r daile.looking to get another one for my Truggy.
Patrick Littleton
Verified Owner
Great investment. I'm planning to buy another as soon as I can afford it. I have mounts in all of my racers, but it can be aggrevating to move them around.
Joshua Lavador
Verified Owner
Works perfect, never miss a lap, the guy with no LED problem must have a faulty one, mine blinks Red when on.
Verified Owner
Very compact. I CA'd the holder to my sc10 chassis. I plan on purchasing a few extra holders for easy swaps. It registered every lap on my carbon fiber T4 chassis.
Daniel Toro
I got 2 of them and there DIALED!!! LED blinks red every second, if installed correctly.....
Mark Spain
What's not to like? More versatile, smaller and less money, 'nuff said.
Chris Elena
Verified Owner
Great! I have installed one in my truck and one in my son's truck. I mounted them with a piece of Parma servo tape (that stuff holds wicked strong if you heat it with a heat gun briefly before application). No more borrowing house transponders and they both have at least 20 races on them with zero failures of any kind. The wires are a little stiff, and it is really hard to get them in and out of the holders (we don't use the holding bracket and instead mounted it straight to the chassis), but most hardcore guys will get one per car if they run multiple classes anyways.
Only negative is the lack thereof of an LED to let you know its on.

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