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Mugen Seiki Driveshaft Pin Replacement Tool

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This is the Mugen Driveshaft Pin Replacement Tool. This must have tool will press in and remove any 3mm pins from the head of the drive shafts on all Mugen MBX5, MBX6 and MBX7 vehicles. Now instead of replacing the expensive drive shaft a simple replacement of the pin is quickly done with this Pin Replacement Tool. By using the appropriate length pin, and the Driveshaft Pin Replacement Tool, you can dramatically extend the useful life of your drivetrain parts.

This product was added to our catalog on December 21, 2011.

Brandon Siegel
Verified Owner
This tool has potential but in its current design is complete garbage. I've gone through two of these in less than 6 months as the tool which pushes the replacement 3mm pin into the bone is softer material than the pin causing the tool to break apart. I thought the first one was a fluke so I ordered another one. One the third pin...snap. I'm no newb...been racing for over 10 years and replaced my fair share of pins with the Hudy tool. DO NOT WASTE your money on this item. I've sent both back to Mugen Seiki Racing in CA, we will see how well they stand behind their products. Very unsatisfied and these should be removed from stock.
Matt C
Verified Owner
I have had the same exrerience as "Lots of RC stuff". This is my first pin tool & I only managed to remove one pin before it broke. I dremeled the old worn pin to a flat surface & used it to push out the second pin with sucess. The other complaint is the ratchet will tend to skip from time to time. As said above, it has the potential to be a great tool
Lots of RC stuff
This tool has the potential to be an awesome tool. It does however have one flaw. The first bolt that you use to initially push the pin out has too weak of a pin inside of it. I have now broke two of them. The pin inside the first bolt seems to be of a softer material than the pin you are pushing out. So if you have a stubborn pin it just gives and cracks or breaks altogether. I am hoping Mugen fixes this as I said earlier this is a great tool except for this one flaw
Brett Bowen
Verified Owner
This is a great product that will help prolong driveshaft life and save money in the long run. Don't listen to the people who say the pins break; if you use the tool properly it will not. RCTech has a whole thread on this tool and how to properly use it. I recommend anyone interested read it. Basically what happens is that a very worn driveshaft pin will have less material at the end, or will have a slight angle to it from heavy use. And when you put the Mugen tool on the worn driveshaft pin, the tool can easily slip off from the lack of material to push on causing the tool to break. The remedy? Take a dremel and cut down the warn driveshaft pin to create a nice, flat, even surface for the tool to push on. And in the future, dont let your driveshaft pins wear down so much, replace them regularly! So the next time you replace those pins, it will be a breeze with no dremel needed. And in case you were wondering were to get new pins? Buy these cheap dogbones (KYOIF144) and steal the pins. Your universals will love you long time.
Brad Fillmore
Verified Owner
I have this tool and I love it!!!!!!!! It is so easy to use. If used properly you will not be disappointed.
Mark Kobelt
Verified Owner
With care . this tool works great. very happy with it
Adam C
Verified Owner
Could have been a great tool. it broke after the second one.I followed the instructions and still broke the pin...Of course the pin and also the Hudy drive shaft is on back order, so my Xray 808E is stuck on the bench unable to race. Yay Mugen!!
Bobby Pettit
Awesome tool! It is much easier than the old way! I wore one out and got another one as soon as possible!
Verified Owner
dont bother using if the pin is 50% or less the pin tool will chip. (Update)= I got the tip to try it again and it chip with more them 50% don't spend your % on it.
I just purchased this tool a few weeks ago and it hasn't missed a beat. Im a firm believer of hudy products but im glad I didn't go that route for this. This tool has swapped every pin out of my 8ight-t 1.0 ( you can imagine how jacked up those pins were) 8ight 2.0eu and hasn't givin me a single issue. All pins came out easy and without having to beat on anything lessons the risk of damaging me or my shafts imo. Also the size of it is nice cause I didn't have to pull some of my shafts all the way out to swap the pins so of your in a tight spot at the track itll work perfect.
Merdith Roach
I had been wanting a tool like this for some time and when Mugen made one I knew it would be awesome and it is. If you are having any issues with this tool you may be going a bit too fast. Try slowing down and making sure the pins are aligned before turning it. I highly recommend this tool. I did put some grease on the threads to smooth out the action it seems to help. I love it.
christian schwope
Verified Owner
got this tool a month ago. wasnt sure after the reviews i read on here... but: have replaced prob 9 pins since then, had the wrench skipping once. to me worth every penny, just follow the instrunctions and use the right inserts i got the money out of it. great tool...
Verified Owner
this tool is the ducks well on xray xb9.....far better than the Hudy tool
Colby Purdy
Verified Owner
Tool works excellent. Don't know how people are breaking the tool but if u follow the instructions u shouldn't have problems. I have changed over 20 pins and still works great. U are suppose to use the bolt without the pin first to break the pin lose in the drive shaft then use the tool with the pin to remove it the rest of the way. Worth every dollar.

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