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Novarossi S21P5XLT .21 5 Port Off Road Buggy Engine (Turbo Plug)

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This is the Novarossi S21P5XLT .21 class turbo plug nitro race engine. The S21P5XLT makes excellent bottom end power, and is an excellent choice for 1/8 buggies and trucks. This engine is the revised version of the notorious Novarossi P5 and has a slightly more aggressive power band compared to the P5XL. This engine includes a R7 conrod made from super light aluminum and designed to create the least amount of turbulence inside the engine. The sleeve has 5 transfer ports to create a linear power output and to keep fuel consumption low. The crankshaft is manufactured with a larger bore intake to increase the mixture flow, and has a special shape to optimize gas-flow in the engine. The rear bearing has a outer diameter of 25.80mm and has been used in order to avoid ring distortion and to increase lifespan. The two needle, slide valve, nylon body carburetor features a standard design that allows the use of interchangeable venturi's to tune for any track condition.

Recommended Tuned Pipes: EFRA 3005, EFRA 9901, EFRA 9853
Recommended Tuned Manifolds: 41019, 41020, 41021

Displacement: 3.49cc.
Bore x Stroke: 16.26mm x 16.80mm
Transfer Ports: 5
Rear Ball Bearing Type:
25.8mm Steel
Crankshaft Type: 14mm SG
Carburetor Type: 8mm Slide
Material: Plastic
Adjustment: Single
Glowplug Type: Turbo - C6T
Exhaust Position: Rear
Fuel Type: Advise 25% Nitro

This product was added to our catalog on August 7, 2009.

Merdith Roach
Verified Owner
I've been running P5's for a long time. The reason is simple. It tunes well, has plenty of torque to get over tough sections of the track, and it's proven to be one of the most reliable engines on the market. Going into the main race at the end of the night you know it's going to survive, keep a consistent tune, and lay down the power like no other engine ever made. Don't lean out the top too much, it likes to be close to flush, make sure the bottom end is not fat, and the idle is low enough and watch out. Not the most expensive engine, but it sure is a great one. For me, this engine gets from 8-10 minutes of runtime, mostly 9 minutes and that makes pitstops at around 7-8 minute mark. My favorite pipe for buggy is the 9853ss because it is durable, makes the most power, and just works great with the 41001 41005 headers. Novarossi headers fits the engine tight to prevent gasket damage and prevents movement of the pipe.....If your replacing rubber gaskets and getting bent headers, then your not using a Novarossi....... One problem, Novarossi decided to change the rear bearing. Big Mistake. It has a thicker outer race and uses smaller balls. Not good at all. The original rear bearing is much better. The front bearing finally got replaced with the 17011 with dual outer seals. finally. Now please put the good rear bearing back in.
s gordon
simply put, this the best damn motor period. i race hard three to four time a week, if the job permits. so you can say that i put a lot of abuse on my engines but the good thing is, they can more than take it. im talking anywhere from 7-9 gallons o fuel before its flat worn out trust me i have had a p5 every year for the past 4 years. raced every variation of the motor ,i don't care what type it is so long as its got P5 in the front... you can't go wrong. forget about what the pros race (we are not pros) people don't buy into the hype. $400-$500 motors don't win races. good tuning and good driving technique is all you need. keeping racing peace
michael sanchez
Verified Owner
Just to further the review of my purchase and an update! I have got 9gallons through my P5 and it just started the flame out process of being in the need of a pinch but will probably just use it for spare parts and on my way to check out with a new one! By far the best engine that I have run!
Dale Robertson
Verified Owner
This engine is unbelievable! Awesome power and great reliability. I have 6 races on this engine and it hasn't skipped a beat! No flame-outs, GREAT on fuel, and it still is close to flush on the top end. It likes to run fairly cool compared to most engines and I get over 10 min. on a single tank!! I use the 6.5 insert (which is already in it when it ships), it also comes with 4 other inserts. I use a JP4 pipe and it works great. This NOVAROSSI will run with all those big money engines, so try one out before you go thinking that more money = more power or performance. You won't be disappointed.
Peter Stader
If you want a killer pipe for this motor and money is no object: For saving money, check out the Dynamite 007 version. It will sork just as good but wont have that same exact rap sound. -//- I broke in this motor yesterday and took it for a run in my Buggy and WOW, I can't believe the power it has. The old P5 was always a good "workhorse", and I will see if this one is as good as time goes on. Got almost 10 min run time per tank as of now. Could be one of the best buys out there and could definately power my Truggy. Tuning tip: The bottom has to be in as much as 3 to 3 1/2 turns while the top in slightly. Must have a short needle in the bottom.
Ali Altararwa
Verified Owner
Amazing engine , racing quality , good price , easy to tune , mad in italy
Juan Jose Morales
Verified Owner
Mi motor tiene usandoce desde Agosto del año pasado 2012 cada 15 dias tengo competencias mas dias de practicas calcules 1 galon por mes y todavia esta funcionando y en perfecta forma
Andrej Sutej
Verified Owner
Engine is fantastic. Read the write ups from other buyers and total agree what a wonderful motor. Easy to tune.Great run time. My son run 2 full tanks back to back and got a run time's of between 12 to 14 minutes both tanks.
Mohd Zailani Dolkefflee
Verified Owner
Great engine!Put it into ur buggy or truggy and just less one thing to worry about on ur race day.Once it tuned properly u will finish ur race anytime.Served me well so far.Easy to tune and plenty enough power to be competitive with any engine out there that cost twice!Just the top fin on the cooling head bent easily.Other than that no complaint.Great value for the money
tony ryan
Verified Owner
Very impressed with this engine!!! great smooth power and explosive acceleration. would recomend this engine to anyone that wants a nice fast engine that is a little cheaper than some of the others out there. i have 2 gallons through it so far and im thinking its going to have a long great life!
Serge Dube
Verified Owner
Realy good engine after 3 gallons still work great
mike landers
Verified Owner
this was my first time running a novarossi engine, and after getting it broken in and tuned it will not be my last! it was super easy to break in. also very easy to tune. it seems the more fuel I run thru it the faster this motor gets. it has a great top end and plenty of torque to pull my buggy out of any corner or clear whatever obstacle I need to with the confidence that I can just go for it. highly recommend this engine for anyone in the market for a new powerplant!
Verified Owner
Best bang for you buck...period. Paired mine with a 2013 pipe and still get 9-10 minutes.
ilizio de sousa
Verified Owner
I have owned 21-5K,which was one of the best motors,Just order one can not wait to get it going.thanks Nova for making the best even better.
Jody McIntyre
Verified Owner
I use to run a ninja JX .21 but since yhey don't make them anymore I have gone with the P5. I thought the Mugen Ninja was awesome this motor in my opinion is equel or better then the Ninja. And for the price how can you complain. Just break it in properly and you will have a motor with plenty of life. I do recommend getting a EBmod back plate. I get way more run time and a ton of power with the back plate.
rob stevens
Verified Owner
Won't find a better motor in this price range...Period!! Never flame's out, hold's a tune like no tommorow and has plenty of power to spare!! The P5 simply works and works very well!! This is my second one and if your thinking about getting it!! You won't be dissappointed!! Ask anyone who's ever owned one and they'll tell you the same go get one!! You'll be glad you did!!
Donald Martin
Verified Owner
Ran well for the first two gallons. I wish I had a review that was better but after the first two gallons it lost all compression. May be just a lemon.
Best value-for-money engine in the NovaRossi stable. Easy to tune. Hold its tune well. Lots of grunt down low. Economical. For a more linear powerband, you might want to look at the +4. But if you like lots of torque, then this is the cheaper option.
Justin Martinez
Verified Owner
I'm using this engine in my truggy, and let me tell you this thing has great power! Tons of bottom end! I'm still working on getting the speed from the top end but not to worried about it. It's fast enough. I'm running the 086 dynamite pipe. I have about 4 gallons on mine so far and it runs great. So crisp. Great buy at an affordable price.
martin lenneville
Verified Owner
This is the best motor racing in both buggy and truggy classes. I have to replace the engine in case of breakage , So if I break buggy or truggy tune the pipe of old engines do very well. Think about it for this price is hard to beat as a motor.

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