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Overdose Racing "The Car Stand" Adjustable Stand

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This is the "The Car Stand" Adjustable Stand from Overdose Racing. Praised by many as "the best car stand ever". This stand is ideal for any R/C vehicle and features 5-adjustment positions, from work level to display level (1/2" to 9"). It features a non-slip surface and rubber feet, with high quality steel construction. It folds flat (11-1/2"x 4"x1/2") for easy storage in your pit box, and the box can be utilized for further storage convenience as well.

This product was added to our catalog on November 12, 2009.

Alan Simpson
I was at a large off road race last week and almost everybody had their buggy or truggy on one of these. They are great. Most of them had two of them and had both buggy and truggy on them. This is the only car stand I know of that folds flat for storage, Great simple idea. Looks like my motorcycle stand. -//- I play a classical guitar and own 2 guitar stands. Neither of them are flat like The Car Stand nor are they as durable, I don't know what your problem is, you didn't have to buy it. I gotta hand it to the people who invented the car stand for coming up with a great idea and it works. I have the ofna stand but like this one much better. I guess that is why we have choices. -//- I saw these guys at the hobby show in chicago and knew they had a winner with this. Check our their web site. pretty cool and the stand is great, i got one at the show. -//- I don't usually write review, but I bought one of these and now I own one of each car stands on the market. If you buy this one, you will throw the rest of them away. Especially if you go to a track. It folds up and fits in your bag. This is great, why didn't I think of it? I am buying two more of them to keep my wheels off the ground and relax my shocks. -//- I don't care who you are, you have to have one of these. It is the bomb. Folds completely flat for taking with you and the five height positions are great. This is so simple, why didn't I think of it? It is the best car stand out there. You would think they would cost a lot more. G R E A T -//- If you race 1/8 scale buggy or truggy, you have to have one of these. It is the best I have ever seen for using at the track. It will hold any weight and just about any scale. I have every stand on the market but this one is by far the best. -//- I love using it to work on my buggys. It wa a great idea to use a sturdy construction as opposed to the other plastic ones I have seen. Love the adjustability and also the rubber grip on the platform. -//- I use mine everyday when working on my Truggy or Latemodel. The height positions are super for working on more than one product at a time. It is so neat to be able to fold it flat and throw it in my pit back to go to the track. I have never seen another car stand that folds up to go to the track, the rest of them are bulky and cumbersome. This is great. -//- It will fold flat and go back in the box for storage so you can put it in your pit bag to take to the track. It also has five adjustable height positions. I bought mine from my Hobbytown store the day they got them in. It is wonderful -//- I purchased one of these at the iHobby Show in Chicago. It is the best car stand I have ever used. It will hold any weight car and any size car. I love mine
Robert Thomson
Verified Owner
Not a bad stand. Miss the swivel feature of my other stand. Due to the shape of some chassis (like the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4x4), you have to sit your car across it rather than lengthwise. For these vehicles, the stand is not very stable and balance becomes an issue, especially when changing tires. For other cars such as an RC8 or even a T4, the stand works well. I sometimes wish the stand had a lower setting. The best part is that it folds flat and doesn't take up any room in your tool box or gear bag. My favorite is still the OFNA swivel stand.
DeShaun Dash
Verified Owner
This stand is heavy duty it is very stable even at its highest position I'm happy with the car stand its a good product.
Chris Elena
Anyone who complains about this stand not rotating clearly did not use their eyes to look at it before they bought it. Of course it does not swivel, look at it! That being said this thing is awesome. It is very sturdy and gives my SC10 a great place to rest between races. It folds flat and out of the way, which is super convenient for packing it in a pit bag. I use my Ofna plastic stand to do rotating type tasks, and this one as a car stand to prop the truck up nice and high so my small fan can cool my motor between races. It looks wicked cool, does what it is supposed to, and is not stupid expensive for a car stand. Two thumbs way up!
Lap Traffic
Verified Owner
11.5"x4.5" when folded. Work height from .5 to 9" I currently own two and they are AWSOME!
Verified Owner
Good idea well executed. Simple, good quality, well thought out & reasonably priced. If you need a stand, get one.
Robert Lai
Verified Owner
I always have a hard time finding a car stand that can give enough clearance for my 1/8 trucks and my other SC trucks (i.e. SC10 4x4). This is one of the best solution for me on current market. This will work with my 1/8 RC8Te with clearance even when the wheels are on, so for other smaller cars/trucks would be no problem. However, this is still not high enough for my Traxxas E-Revo brushless MT - when it's wheels are on. I still have a "custom" made car stand for my E-revo and have yet seen any car stand that is high enough to give my MT clearance when the wheels are on. But over all, this will work for all 1/10 and 1/8 Trucks or Buggies -- not including MT like the E-revo (which claims to be 1/10 MT??) This will not work "well" with minis such as RC18T since smaller 1/12 or like vehicles do not have a large enough chassis to sit on it. For example, the A-Arms of my RC18T would be resting on the car stand plate. This is still a 5 star for any 1/10 and 1/8 Trucks and Buggies and SCs (not sure about 1/8 SC but definitely not including MTs)
Alan Howells
Verified Owner
Nice solid stand, plenty of different height settings.
Ted Hopkins
Verified Owner
Great stand for 8th scale buggy. I like it so much I'm going to buy one for my truggy. Also good for Losi SCTE. Very stable, stays put with the rubber feet and the car stays put with the big rubber mat on top. Also a great car display on my work bench. Folds up nicely to take up very little room in my tool box. Much better then the OfNA round swivel units I think.
Verified Owner
I love this stand. The built quality is solid. And its foldable. Very practical for ease of transportation. Highly recommended it.
Dan Schellenberg
My only question is why pay that much for one of these when you can get a guitar foot stool for half the price.
martin lenneville
Verified Owner
is the best stand that I have, for 1 / 8 buggy and truggy. of very good quality and very affordable, very good product for the price. A+++++
D.J. Snider
Verified Owner
I LOVE THIS STAND A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Tristan payne
Amazing car stand i use it with my revo 3.3 and then it just folds up and goes into my pit bag when i go to the track.
Robert Nix
Verified Owner
this stand is sweet!!! I can put my 1/8buggy & 1/8truggy...1/0 corr truck all on 1 small table. Racingrob...Ohio
David Flagler
I love this stand, especially because I bought it at Guitar Center for $6.50
allen Gael
Luca Tozzi: exactly what i said before being called names. people need to think more and not just buy anything with "RC" attached to its name
Mark Hawkins
does anybody know what the dimensions of this car stand?

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