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Parma PSE FasBlack Faskolor Lexan Body Paint (2oz)

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This is a bottle of Black Faskcolor paint from Parma PSE! Faskolor is a Water-based, non-toxic hobby paint that is specially formulated for clear lexan surfaces. It actually becomes part of the body when brushed or sprayed on! Available in brilliant mixable colors, in 2 oz/60ml bottles.

FEATURES: Fuel-Proof, Water Based Formula For Easy Clean-Ups. Many Colors For Painting Slot and R/C Car Bodies, Plastic Models. Pinewood Derby Cars, Boats, Scenery, Signs and Ceramics. It remains flexible and resists cracking, chipping and impact damage. Can be used with any air-brush that delivers over 40 to 70 psi, and Uses a MEDIUM tip.

This product was added to our catalog on March 21, 2006.

justin neruda
Verified Owner
THIS PAINT RULES!!!! and no I do not work for parma. I paint rc bodies professionally and this is the paint. I paint all brands, Proline, jconcepts, traxxas, team, ect. and it bonds with all. The paint outlasts the body. I have tried other paints and this paint has all them beat. What I love about the paint is its very workable. Its dry time is very fast. By the time I change colors its dry. So no in between color down time. Also it doesn't have that rubbery feel that some water based lexan paints do. So I can apply many coats over a laytex mask and I wont have to re-cut my mask lines because the paint fused with the laytex. The paint has no fumes like oil based paint so i can airbrush indoors with a dustmask. The one thing you have to do when your finished with your paint job is spray a sealer coat. The paint by itself can wash away with water, (can be a good thing if you make a mistake), so I use a waterbased sealer like "auto-air colors" or a spay can of lexan body paint to seal.
Keith Strmiska
I have bookshelves of Airbrush paint, and this paint is the best working with the least hassle. The colors are great, not having to thin the mixture is also a plus. I don't understand why paint would get a bad review... I've painted not only for myself, but for friends and customers and they all ask me what paint I use. I spray this, let it dry overnight, back it with a white coat and after that dries I use duct tape to protect the rub spots on the body (sides/body-mounts/exhaust etc...) I've yet to find a better paint for the price.
matthew Haddock
Parmas claim that their paint "actually becomes part of the body" is completely false. To become a part of the body there has to be some sort of bond and if you can wash it off with water then no bond has occurred. I realize that it is a water base paint, but there are other water base paints (in other industries) that can hold up to harsher solvents than water after they cure. Highly disipointed
Marshall Patten
Verified Owner
Faskolor is great if you use it right. Always back your paintjob with a spray enamel for protection. I use rustoleum grey gloss enamel from a spray can. I have painted dozes of bodies for people and nobody complains about the paint lasting, the paint lasts longer than the lexan shell that it's sprayed on. No backer, no protection....this is why people have issues... parmas website even recommends backing the paint, read and follow instructions before bashing an amazing product. I use an Iwata HP-CR, standard tip, paint not thinned, running at 20-30 psi.
Ernando F J Oliveira
I have a very new nitro mugen mrx5, removed from the box, and I needed paint a wonderful lexan rc body. I followed all the directions and i used correctly all products indicated by PARMA to prepare the ink and the surface and failed. Parma has beautiful colors, but the adherence of all Parma FASKOLOR inks to the rc body lexan is very, very, very bad. with your fingernail you easy can scratch your paint lexan rc body. is easy removed with water. I threw in the trash money buying 19 different colors. this ink is A trash. Not worth it! I am thoroughly disappointed and regretful !!!!
Verified Owner
hate this paint prepared the surface as best as i can paint peals right off water base sucks sorry parma
Don Garrison
This is great paint. I have painted many bodies with this paint .
lance heidmann
Verified Owner
This is great paint. I have painted many bodies with this paint for pro and club racers and it works great and is very durable. come on? Everyone know's faskolor is one of the best paints for lexan bodies.
Piotr Stec
These paints are great if you want to hang your car on the wall and admire your paint job. It is just not durable enough to be used on a track. It scratches on easiest touch and dissolves in water if you try to wash your body shell. Modern water based paints do not behave this way. I am highly disappointed with it.
Rafal Balcerzak
Very easy to apply as it's water based. Easy to clean, easy to test etc... just easy. But it won't become part of the body. So far I tried 16 colors on 4 different lexan bodies. Without backing paint with alu-tape afterward there's no chance to not loose it. Even water can wash it of. BTW: I know how to prepare body shell, how to paint and how to treat lexan. You will never have any problems with bond between lexan and paint if use Pectra. However I'll stick to crappy Parma anyway cause it's so easy to work with. Some of you guys (for examlpe drifters, touring car drivers) will find it great but in 1/8 nitro off-road world (constant crashes and friction everywhere) it's just simply not enough. That is my first BAD (1 point rating) opinion on AMain...

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