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ProTek R/C 100SS Standard Digital "Super Speed" Metal Gear Servo

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This is the ProTek R/C 100SS Digital Super Speed Metal Gear Servo. ProTek R/C Servos have been developed to provide enthusiasts with high quality servo's that will exceed expectations at every level. With features that meet or surpass what the competition can provide, ProTek R/C servos deliver performance and unmatched value, with industry leading customer support.

The ProTek R/C 100SS Digital Super Speed servo delivers a swift 0.09 transit speed and 168 oz-in of torque. Other features include a full metal gear train that is supported by dual ball bearings, a 200mm long 22awg connector wire with gold plated connectors, a cored motor and an aluminum middle case that helps to dissipate heat and helps to increase efficiency. 

Stop wasting your money on budget servos that look good in the spec list, but fall short when its time to perform. Get ProTek and don't look back.

Warning! This ProTek R/C servo requires that you use a m3x10mm screw to attach the servo horn to the output shaft. If you choose to use another screw, be sure to use a 10mm length screw. Use of a shorter screw can cause failure and will void your warranty.


  • Ideal for any 1/10 to 1/8 scale vehicle application
  • Aluminum middle case
  • 0.09 transit speed, and 168 oz-in of torque @ 6.0V
  • Full metal gears and dual ball bearings
  • 200mm long 22awg connector wire w/gold plated connectors
  • Cored Motor

Servo Model
Recommended Application 1/10 to 1/8 scale surface
Operating Voltage 4.8V - 6.0V
Operating Temperature 14 to 140 F (-10 to +60 C)
Operating Speed @ 4.8V 0.11/60 sec
Operating Speed @ 6.0V
0.09/60 sec
Dynamic Torque @ 4.8V
134 oz-in (9.6 kg-cm)
Dynamic Torque @ 6.0V
168 oz-in (12.1 kg-cm)
Motor Type
Cored DC Motor
Output Shaft 25 Tooth
Gears Metal
Weight 54.9g
1520μs / 333hz

ProTek R/C is an brand

This product was added to our catalog on March 27, 2013.

Raymond Maldonado
The Protek 100SS I use them in my Synergy E7 and N2 FBL Velocity Protek my best 100SS
Chris Elena
Verified Owner
Let me start by saying that Amain hobbies customer service is top notch, and exactly why an occasional bad product experience does not stop me from doing business with them even though ProTek is their brand. Like most people, I ordered this servo as an upgrade from the RTR servo (for my son), the price is right and the specs are too good to be true for the price point. I have used lots of ProTek stuff before and I am usually very happy with their products. However, these servos are hot garbage, plain and simple. I will say that we are off road track racers only, no bashing or any kind of abuse. First servo lasted about two races, then got a mind of its own and started wandering and glitching really bad, sometimes all the way from lock to lock on its own. It would constantly lose center also. This cost my son what was going to be his first Amain win ever as it happened half way through his race. I sent it back and they gave me another one. I installed it and my son ran two packs through it until it literally just died. No response at all, just dead to the world. I did extensive troubleshooting and verified it was the servo. So they sent me another one. This third servo lasted about one race before it started glitching exactly like the first one did. Every time they sent me a brand new servo, so this was three different failed units in a row. Every time I did extensive trouble shooting to rule out radio or related issues. It was just three bad servos in a row, plain and simple. I would be ok with one bad servo, maybe even two, but three in a row is a statement about a serious product issue in my book. Love ProTek products, like their batteries for example, but I would stay away from their low grade servos until they get out a wicked hot iron to get the wrinkles in this product out. I replaced it with a XP servo that cost about $100 and have not had a single problem 10 full races with heats later and counting.
Coy G
Verified Owner
In addition to my 3 star review from a few days ago, I have now given these servos a 1 star. If I could they wouldn't even get a 1 star review. After receiving the new servo that was replaced by A Main, it was installed and ran up and down the street for a couple of tanks, no issues. I was doing some prechecks before heading out to the track and it started glitching again. No idea why. So I contacted A Main and the rep on the other end told me that a BEC would clear up the glitching. Not so fast, the BEC would stabilize the input voltage if I were running Lipos for the receiver, but I'm not. I'm running a 6.0V NiMH battery. Sure it gets a bit over 6V when fully charged, but what battery doesn't. The theory of the BEC doesn't pan out. Needless to say, 2 servos down and my buggy still sits on the bench. There goes another 10 days of A Main looking at a servo that they know is very substandard. I have a $20 Tactical metal gear servo that has lasted longer in my buggy than these 100SS servos have. For those of you wondering, NO, the servo hasn't even made it to the track yet. Just some running on the street to get a workable tune on the engine. First one burnt up, now this one won't stop glitching.
Todd Stevenson
Verified Owner
I have both the 100S and 100SS. Onc in my Blitz ESE and the others in my Blitz flux. I love both the servos and would definitely buy again, but would probably upgrade to the 130 series. Thanks A Main !!!
Ted Burns
Verified Owner
This is a great servo for the price! Its specs are top notch! The servo is extremely fast and has plenty of torque. I know that if I mess up it is because of the driving, not the servo. It doesn't glitch and runs cool. The only downside is that it is a tad noisy, but is hardly noticeable on the track. Great servo!
Verified Owner
Awesome servo for the money. Compared to my Savox servos, they are very comparable in speed. Been running for over a month, and haven't had a problem yet!
Verified Owner
I bought 2 of these servos for my 1/10th on road.. I installed one for steering the other for throttle.. The steering started to glitch b4 I even got the car started, locking from side to side ..the throttle n brake went after about 5 or 6 practice days. I am an international buyer so it's kind of a let down after the wait for shipping.. I put in a Savox and haven't had any problems since.. Judging from other comments the servos just seem to b (sorry AMain) trash.. Unless your lucky enough to get a good one.. Like AMain as a business tho.. Service is top notch👍.
Bradley Griffis
Verified Owner
Bought 2 of theses, one quit. One still works. It was a awesome servo until it died. The one that is still working I am happy with, but every time I use it I'm expecting it to die like the first one.
Charlie R Candergart
Verified Owner
I've had this servo for quite a while. Currently using it in my Xray XB4 2wd and it has never failed me. It is definately fast enough for competition class driving. I am used to Savox servos but wanted to try this servo just to get a feel for other brands. I would probably only use this servo with 1/10-scale cars where speed is more important than sheer power. The only Rather small downside is that it is limited to a maximum of 6 volts which means that I cant use more than 6 volts for any other device that recieves its power through my reciever. But as I stated, this is just a small downside. The servo even looks cool with its blue aluminium center part. Best Regards. The Crazy Swede
Kevin Collins
Verified Owner
The first one I ordered and installed in my Slash 2WD. While at the practice track, it started glitching, and finally turning to one side and freezing there. The local folks sold me a glitch buster capicitor to try and solve the problem. Long story short is it didn't fix the problem. I did the inspections on the car to see if binding was occuring and found none. I contacted A Main and they had me send it back to them for repair (I was out of spare servos at the time so I there was no running rc's for a few days). They ended up sending me a new one which is good customer service, but I don't know if I would order another Protek or not, kind of on the fence about it. I'd probably go with a Spectrum 6040 on the next one.
James Shaver
Verified Owner
I just installed this servo in my t4 and this servo is very quick and quiet I am very impressed with what I got for $50 dollars!!!!
daniel howard
Verified Owner
Great servo from the price! I've been running this in my custom works pro-comp outlaws for a few months now. Very happy!
Donnie Partipilo
Verified Owner
I bought one these servos and it didn't last ten seconds! It died
Justin G
Verified Owner
Very surprised by these servos. Bought one for my B4.2 at first to try them out and WOW! I have used other high end servos and I felt like I was getting all the same features as a $100-150 dollar servo. Great specs, great performance. I have bought two more since the initial one and all of them have been running great. Pretty quiet too which is more and more uncommon in digital servos. I am hoping they last because I love their performance now.
Moe Tekno
Verified Owner
I have 1 of these in my b44.1 and a futaba bls451 in my b4.2, I notice a big difference in speed with the protek it is fast (although it is kinda loud, I can't hear it unless I'm in a quiet room)and the torque is just as advertised I was goin to use in my 2wd but now I will leave in my 4wd because I like its performance more than the futaba so far. GREAT PRICE FOR PERFORMANCE.
Dan Wilcox
Verified Owner
It is quieter then a Savox at idle but the spline shaft started to walk in the case only after an hour of using it .....
Benjamin M Crespo
Verified Owner
I would not recommend this servo ran in my RC8 and it burnt out Amain hobbies excelent customer service replaced it so I decided to run it in my hpi RS4 I figured less stress on the brand new replacement servo and the same result the servo burnt out. The steering will give out a little at a time or just turn in one direction and then burn out not worth it. I appreciate amain for there above excelent customer service but protek servos do not stand up trash I would never order another protek servo garbage
Kevin Carter
Verified Owner
Love this servo! Top upgrade you could make at a great price. Upgraded my stadium truck with the 100SS and what a diference it made. Handling is much much smoother and more responsive than the stock. I'm buying another for my buggy!
Austin Weaver
I also have both in my sc10 2wd & 4wd, and theyre both"too legit to quit"

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