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ProTek R/C 2S "Supreme Power" Li-Poly 100C Hard Case Battery Pack w/5mm Bullets (7.4V/7400mAh)

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This is the ProTek R/C "Supreme Power" 2S - 7.4V, 7400mAh, 100C Lithium Polymer hard case battery pack. With increased capacities and cell chemistry that delivers improved reliability, ProTek R/C 100C LiPo batteries are guaranteed to satisfy. Whether you are a racer looking for maximum power, or a basher looking for extended run time, these 100C packs provide the power and run time that enthusiasts demand. Plus they are backed by ProTek R/C, so you can buy with confidence knowing that we have your back.

This battery pack uses 5mm bullet connectors for an ultra low resistance connection. In fact the battery tubes can be accessed from either side of the case, allowing you to position the battery terminals in the direction that best suits your application! This battery is perfect for any application where you need 6-cell NiMH stick or race pack, such as 1/10th scale electric touring cars or 2wd and 4wd off-road vehicles. LiPo packs are lighter than NiMH packs, and deliver increased voltage with dramatically reduced internal resistance. These advantages provide reduced vehicle weight, increased top speed and improved 'punch' off the line compared to NiMH batteries. 

This battery is ROAR/EFRA/IFMAR approved and built using a hard plastic case that is required for use at sanctioned tracks and events. It is small enough to fit into all touring cars and off-road vehicles. A set of 5mm bullet connectors and a 2mm bullet connector are included.

Unlike most other Lithium Polymer batteries, these batteries can be charged at up to 2 times the rated current, or 2C! If your charger is capable, you can charge these batteries at 14.8A!

Battery Model Supreme Power 100C
ROAR Approved Yes
Type Lithium Polymer
Capacity 7400mAh
Voltage 7.4V nominal
Connector Type
5mm Bullet
Balance Connector
2mm Bullet
Number of Cells 2 Cell
Configuration 2S2P
Dimensions (WxLxH) 47.4x137.6x25mm
Maximum Charge Rate 2C (14.8A)
Continuous Discharge 100C (740A)
Watt Hour
Weight 333g


1) DO NOT leave the battery in your model when charging
2) DO NOT leave unattended when charging
3) ALWAYS balance charge the battery
4) ALWAYS use a LiPo charging bag
5) YOU MUST use a Li-Poly specific charger to charge the pack (NiMH or NiCD only chargers WILL NOT WORK!)
6) YOU MUST not over discharge the Li-Poly battery pack
7) READ & UNDERSTAND the instructions carefully before operating this battery

NOTE: When using high energy Li-Polymer Batteries, please do not over-discharge or over-charge batteries as this will result in over heated batteries. Discharging capacity can't exceed 80% of the max capacity of the pack after full charging to ensure a good cycle performance. It is recommended to fully charge a brand new battery before using and only discharge the battery 50% for first 5 cycles. Always monitor race time and/or set a low voltage warning on ESC (End voltage cannot be lower than 3.2v per cell). Do not use the battery that has too low a voltage.

Do not expose batteries to sunshine or store/charge batteries at the temperature above 35C or in a closed car. The high temperature environment could cause damage to the pack or make it burst. If the battery becomes hot while fast charging, high current discharging or racing, do not charge the battery until it has cooled completely. Wait about 20 mins, then inspect prior to recharging.

ProTek R/C is an brand

This product was added to our catalog on January 13, 2014.

I purchased these for 1/8th offroad buggy. AWESOME POWER! Using them several times per event, and will purchase more! If you're having trouble with these packs puffing, you're probably not maintaining them properly. Don't charge with a cheap quality charger, EVER. Don't run them to cut-off, EVER. Don't store them fully charged, or fully discharged, EVER. Treat them right, they'll treat you right.
Victor Pitones
These batteries are great for about 3-6 months. After that they will puff lose capacity and get weaker. When I purchased mine warranty was upto a year. Now you only get 3 months. There's a reason for that, now I know.
francois lataste
Unfortunately it will be a bad review.... 2 batteries puffed, one cell doesn't t take 4.20 volts.....connectors are 5mm so bigger then all my others.... Protek products are not cheap and doesn't do better then cheap one. It was not my first experience, and I was already not happy the first time..... Forget the warranty.
Paul Edwards
Verified Owner
I had this battery for 4 races and it puffed and split the case now is junk would not buy again.
Randy Pike
Verified Owner
Excellent update from the previous versions which were already good as well. I prefer the 5mm connectors as they don't get warm which is nice considering how much power we're asking of these little packs. Easily fits into cars and balances well each and every time. I've got well over 100 cycles on my first pack and it's running as strong as it was new. Also note, the internal resistance is nice and low, good for those of you who race stock.
Chris Elena
I purposely waited a while before writing this review, just to make sure I gave the batteries a chance to fail. I am happy to report after a full 6 months of regular racing I have not had any problems at all. They are super punchy and really go the distance. With 7400mah you don't even have to worry about changing the battery between two heats. I still put a fresh one in for the mains out of caution. I will say they you need to be careful during practice and keep any eye on temps and the clock, as the run times are so extremely long on these packs that you might overheat your motor unless you are paying proper attention. I am extremely particular, and these packs pass with flying colors. Little pricey, but you get what you pay for.
ashley kaess
Verified Owner
I purchased 8 of these batteries (Do the math on that), 6 of them have puffed up so bad that they wont fit in the battery trays. Considering my frivolous spending with Amain you would think they would warranty them all but they only warrantied was 2 so now Im stuck with a pile of worthless batteries. Stay away from Protek products, I strongly recommend doing business with other hobby sites. Sincerely, Will Kaess, Houston Tx.
Austin Blair
These new 100c lipos are amazing. So much power in my 4x4 sc without any fade! I no longer have to worry about my battery dying during my mains.

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