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ProTek R/C Li-Poly Flat Receiver Battery Pack (7.4V/2300mAh) (w/Balancer Plug)

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This is a Li-Poly 2300mAh receiver battery pack from ProTek R/C, made with super thick 20awg silicone wire! This super light weight Li-Poly battery is designed to power the electronics of 1/10th & 1/8th scale nitro powered race cars. There are many advantages to using a Li-Poly receiver battery, but the biggest advantage is that the battery voltage to your receiver and servos will remain constant throughout the race with the use of a voltage regulator (required). A constant voltage level to your servos will ensure consistent performance at the start and end of your race compared to typical NiMH receiver battery packs. Additionally, the overall weight of your race car will be significantly reduced over the use of typical NiMh receiver packs.

These packs are built with a lexan plastic shell around the outside of the battery, and then covered in blue heat shrink. The lexan shell is designed to protect the battery cells while in the vehicle, for longer life. Note that due to the lexan shell, sometimes the battery may feel soft to the touch on the outside of the battery; this is normal as there is a small air gap between the lexan shell and the battery cells inside.

Perfect battery for the Airtronics M11X radio!
This battery is also the perfect transmitter battery for the Airtronics M11X transmitter, which requires a 2S Li-Poly battery for operation.

Donít be thrown off by the capacity rating of Li-Poly battery packs, as you will get awesome runtime out this pack! Unlike NiMH battery packs, Li-Poly battery packs do not lose voltage as quickly over time and can handle higher current draw than typical NiMH battery packs. Given that Li-Poly battery packs provide a higher nominal voltage (7.4V nominal), the actual capacity of the battery pack when compared to a typical NiMH battery pack (6.0V nominal) is about 30% more than the rated value (so this pack would be about the same as a 3000mAh NiMH pack in total capacity). Also with the use of a voltage regulator, Li-Poly battery packs will produce the same voltage to your receiver and servos at the end of the pack as it does at the start. This means the useable capacity of the battery pack is significantly more than typical NiMH battery packs, because most NiMH battery packs will produce significantly less than the 6.0V nominal voltage once they get below half capacity (ie: your servos will be a lot more sluggish if your typical NiMH battery pack is below half capacity).



  • Capacity: 2300 mAh
  • Weight: 87 grams (including wire and connector)
  • Li-Po cell arrangement: 2S1P
  • Nominal voltage: 7.4 Volts
  • Discharge capability: 8C continuous (18.4A), 16C max (36.8A)
  • Dimension(mm): 85 x 30 x 17mm
  • Connector: JR Style with thick 20AWG Silicone Wire
  • Balancer Plug: ProTek R/C XH style (Align, E-Flite compatible)
  • Recommended Application: 1/10th & 1/8th scale vehicles that normally use a flat stick pack receiver battery, Helicopters and Airplanes

1) DO NOT leave the battery in your model when charging
2) DO NOT leave unattended when charging
3) ALWAYS balance charge the battery
4) ALWAYS use a LiPo charging bag
5) YOU MUST use a Li-Poly specific charger to charge the pack (NiMH or NiCD only chargers WILL NOT WORK!)
6) YOU MUST not over discharge the Li-Poly battery pack
7) READ & UNDERSTAND the instructions carefully before operating this battery

NOTE: When using high energy Li-Polymer Batteries, please do not over-discharge or over-charge batteries as this will result in over heated batteries. Discharging capacity can't exceed 80% of the max capacity of the pack after full charging to ensure a good cycle performance. It is recommended to fully charge a brand new battery before using and only discharge the battery 50% for first 5 cycles. Always monitor race time and/or set a low voltage warning on ESC (End voltage cannot be lower than 3.2v per cell). Do not use the battery that has too low a voltage.

Do not expose batteries to sunshine or store/charge batteries at the temperature above 35įC or in a closed car. The high temperature environment could cause damage to the pack or make it burst. If the battery becomes hot while fast charging, high current discharging or racing, do not charge the battery until it has cooled completely. Wait about 20 mins, then inspect prior to recharging.

ProTek R/C is an brand.

This product was added to our catalog on July 7, 2009.

Verified Owner
I have a mbx6t and I love the way the battery fits in the car but the durability of this battery is lousey. I have 2 of these and neither is worth having.After 3 or 4 charges the batterys (both of them swelled up) neither pack would balance,as far as I am concerned that was 80.00 wasted.
Brett Bowen
Verified Owner
Pack works as it's supposed to. Lasts all day in my mbx6 w/ two high voltage savox servos (sc-1267). Using a Airtronics 92744 reciever, no regulator, no nothing. Great battery, would buy again.
Daniel, you joking right? It is a LIPO and requires a lipo charger. There are plenty to pick from. I like the hyperion line of chargers.
Verified Owner
I've been using these for a couple of years now, They have never let me down. I've never had one puff up and I get great run-time out of them.
David Sousa
I really like this batt....I actually run one in my MX-3X transmitter & one in my MBX7, I've never had a single problem with either one all season, the Tx battery lasts several trips to the track and the Rx batt I run a charge through after each main race, no problems.
Mike Frisz
Verified Owner
Used this pack for 3 days, and of course on the 3rd day which was the mains something internal breaks on the battery 4 minutes into the A-main, so thanks alot protek.
chad bradley
Verified Owner
This receiver and radio battery fit perfectly in my Mugen MBX7 and Airtronics M11x. Lasts for DAYS on 1 charge!
Franz Alsleben
Verified Owner
Excelente Bateria, ya tengo 3 meses usandola y es perfecta, liviana y resistente para mi MBX6R, dura todo el dia en la pista y no tengo que preocuparme por cargarla, mas que suficiente para un fin de semana de competencias.
Ryan Sickles
I've owned FIVE of these and after several uses they all have puffed! I have been careful never to discharge them below 6.6v, charge them after ever use, and yet they still puff. Between my Rx and two servos, there is never more than a 2.5A continuous draw on these... They're terrible Rx packs. Plain and simple.
Verified Owner
Great battery pack! Fits perfectly in the Durango truck or buggy.
Brian Lewis
Verified Owner
I bought four of these (2 for me and 2 for my son) and already we have had two of the puff up and no longer able to be used and we have only had these a few months... I'm off to find a better battery for my M11x...
John Taylor
Verified Owner
Fits the MBX6 perfectly, well super snug, but MAJOR issue is that you have to watch these packs as they swell. Only charge at 1.0amp and not the standard 2.3amps. These are touchy about being overcharged, discharged, and heat. I think ProTek 'Amain' needs to redesign these or have the company who makes these put better LIPO cells in these RX packs. I like all other ProTek items but these are way down on the list of the normal quality you would expect from ProTek, so I would suggest to look elsewhere for the LIPO RX flat packs.
bobby cooksey
Verified Owner
After 3 yrs on my first pak it FINALLY died yesterday. Balanced every charge and always held a perfect balance til the very end!! And I did alot of racing with this pak. I am about to place another order for 1 or 2 more new 1s. The only issue I have is that the paks need a little better skin/cover on them. I am going to see if I can find some heat shrink to put around the outside to give it a little more protection. Fits perfectly into my 6t and my Intech BR-5.
Verified Owner
after 5 or 6 races, my two batteries puffed like a balloon !!!!! I am disappointed that ...... I use other batteries from Chinaand they are infinitely better than this ones....... I do not recommend! even stuffed, they work, but this way they barely fit in the reciver box ...... thanks!! guga
Robert Knasel
Verified Owner
After owning this pack for two months and using a dozen times, it hass puffed up. This seems to be a common problem with these overpriced packs. I do not understand how they still have a 5 star rating. I am a veteran racer and know how to charge and maintain lipos , so I refuse to believe it was something I did. Buyer beware. Potentially a waste of $40, unless A Main credits me the $40, so that I may use the money on other products. Rob Knasel [email protected]
John Hillmann
I have 5 of these batteries and I'm about to purchase 2 more. I have had ZERO issues and each battery is just as strong as the day I bought em. FORGET WHAT YOUVE HEARD ABOUT HOW TO CHARGE LIPO's... Charge these batteries at 1/2 amp, 0.5 amp, .500 amps.. whatever your flavor.. sure, it takes a long time to charge but this is how you keep the batteries in good condition. I charge em at .4 amps when I'm at home chillin. and you MUST balance the cells. (I hope people know this already)... I've heard of people charging these at 1.5 amps, I even heard a dude try to convince me its better to charge em at 5 amps!!! if you doubt me, just try and charge one at 5 amps or even 2 amps, the charger will detect a "peak" after like 200mAh charged into the battery pack. you just cant charge em with a high rate... I'm gonna say this again just so people who may not already know much about LiPo/Life/ LIon etc... YOU MUST NOT EXCEED 0.5 AMPS!!!! if you do, you need to buy extra batteries and a fire extinguisher.
pierre k
Verified Owner
Great battery! I've used one all last year and will again this year. It fits in my Agama A8 fine in either the front or rear portion of my radio tray.
Chris Robertson
Verified Owner
i run 2 of these packs.. 1 in my mbx6, and other in mbx6t.. now i have a problem with one of them after about half of season or little more.. and the other one is fine charge them both the same way on a proteck i106b, equalize and everything.. but 1 has started to swell. i have yet to contact amain about this.. so i will get back on the customer support.. but they both still work fine love them..
Bobby Pettit
Verified Owner
Awesome pack, fits great in the Mugen buggy or truggy. As with any battery, charge it correctly and take care of it and it will last a season +.
Brandon Siegel
Verified Owner
Perfect battery for MBX6T...own two, ZERO issues with a full season of use. I charge/balance on Hyperion 606i. I would like to see a larger gauge wire but otherwise this pack is great.

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