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Racers Edge 4.4Ah Metered Glow Ignitor w/110V Charger (Blue)

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This is the Racers Edge 4400mAh Metered Glow Ignitor, with a 110V wall charger. This glow ignitor can be opened to remove the battery for replacement, and comes with a meter so you can tell if the battery or your glow plug is dead. The included 4400mAh NiMH battery will last the entire day at the track without going flat.

This glow ignitor is anodized in brilliant blue.

This product was added to our catalog on October 11, 2007.

Danny Damico
Verified Owner
I noticed the lamp on the charger would not illuminate red when the igniter was plugged in to the charger for the initial charge. After reading reviews I unscrewed the cap slowly while the igniter was plugged into the charger, the light would then flicker red. After close inspection I noticed the spring in the cap contacting the inner body of the igniter was the cause of the light illuminating. You will notice a small drop of solder on the outer base of the cap spring; this solder seems to be a contact between the spring and the cap edge/igniter body. My solder was contacting the spring but not the cap/igniter body. I re-soldered the original solder contact and applied solder in 3 other positions, connecting the spring to cap edge. The charger light illuminates and battery now takes charge. Poor quality from the manufacture, simple fix if you have solder equipment. I attempted to contact Racers' edge by phone numerous times and I never got an answer, plus I am still waiting for an email reply from them. Poor quality control on the product and even worse customer service!
Jeffrey Joos
Purchased this for the rated 4400 battery. charged over night and it will not work unless I loosen the cap 2 or 3 turns and push in on the meter in the end cap. total junk. will be returning asap.
Will B
Just emailed Racers Edge looking for a replacement. Batteries have been charged on external charger but unit has failed. Meter stopped working then unit did also. I will let you guys know if racers edge takes care of it. Initially-unit worked great. Didnt need to charge for a couple of weekends.
Verified Owner
I don't usually bother to review... but there was a lot of neg feedback. I bought one because the other ignitors were on back order. Over 2 months, this has worked perfectly. The battery I got easily lasted a 3 day weekend race with no charging running 2 classes. The issue is the included charger. Use a real charger and you are fine. With the wall charger, I charged the battery for 30 hrs. Put it on a real charger, and the battery still took 2800 mAh.
Manuel Enriquez
Have 2 of these and are absolute crap; have to replace the batteries of both when new, and have to use it as back only. As simple is the glow plug ignitor, is way better.
Matthew Williard
Certainly not the strongest ignitor I've ever used. It sits in my tool box as a back-up only. If you're going to spend this kind of money on an ignitor, I recommend the Hobbico Super Hot Shot !!
Greg Bruckler
o and for u people who are having battery problems try using a real charger and charge it at 2.2 amps and let it finish then put it back on at .4amps and it will put in over 4400mah and last for a week -//- works great for me won't stay on odonell turbo plugs but neither will any push on glow ignitor that i've seen
makes a nice paperweight..........................................................................................
brent burton
Verified Owner
Racers Edge sent me a new battery...I fired off an e-mail saying that I was let down buy the performance of the battery and they sent me a new battery. Same black label that is included, I'll see how this one holds a charge. -//- Bad, Bad, Bad. Battery won't hold a charge. I usually like the Racers Edge stuff, but stay AWAY from this. Trinity has an orange one that has a name brand, labeled battery... I'd buy that one instead.
Eric Cortez
I have this one, the battery only lasted 3 chargers then we popped in a better one. if you want a good ignitior with a good battery go buy a hotshot, patriot rc, or a rd logics.
Dan Michaels
4400 Cell will not hold a charge? Total rip off. Don't waste your money!
Bronwyn Scott
Verified Owner
oh yea i forgot to add. Make a lume up for your charger to charge it from cause YES the wall chargers suck majorly. -//- you guys must have got a bad batch or something cause i know at least 10-15 other people with this and it works fantastic. I am about to purchase some intellect or trinity cells and sell them to the other guys for even more performance out of these. GREAT PRODUCT.
John Albers
Verified Owner
I bought one of these after having other products from Racers edge, ohhh how wrong can I be....terrible, will not charge. And returning is a complete waste of time. Thanks Racers Edge!
Frank Twiehaus
Verified Owner
The battery of mine was dead to 0 Volt right out of the package and could not be resurrected. Called Racers Edge and they have shipped a new battery right away.
Kallan P
My mate and I got one each of these in his last order. And BOTH OF THEM DO NOT WORK !! The battery WILL NOT CHARGE !! We are VERY dissapointed. Kal
Chris M.
Bought this glow ignitor awhile back and it hasnt failed on me yet. Charge it before each race or practice and it will last all day at the track.

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