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Speed Passion Silver Arrow V2.0 1/8th Scale Brushless ESC/Motor Combo (2200kV)

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This is the Speed Passion Silver Arrow 1/8th Scale V2.0 Brushless Electronic Speed Control and Cirtix 2200kV Slotless Motor combo. All new and redesigned from the ground up, the Silver Arrow V2.0 1/8 ESC can handle the punishment and harsh conditions of any 8th scale on road or off road application. The compact low profile design with no external capacitor is a breeze to fit your buggy or truggy, and the integrated hard anodized heatsink keeps the Silver Arrow II cool under the toughest racing conditions. Additionally, the Silver Arrow II can operate any sensored or sensorless motor with the smoothest feel you'll ever experience in brushless 8th racing.

Speed Passion Cirtix series slotless sensored brushless motors bridge the gap between raw power and high efficiency of a slotless motor design, and the zero cogging smooth low end of a sensored system. The best of both worlds is now here for any application. The Cirtix motor series offers incredible power and efficiency, longer runtime and less motor heat, as well as stronger and smoother braking. These efficiency gains no longer have to come at the expense of common sensorless ESC cogging at startup and low speeds, as the Cirtix motors (inspired by Speed Passion R&D Team) are the first slotless motors compatible with any sensored ESC!

When combined with Speed Passion's sensored Silver Arrow V2.0 8th scale ESC, you have access to all the brutal horsepower you can handle in any 8th scale application, as well as the accuracy and control of a cog-free sensored system.

NOTE: The Speed Passion LCD ESC Programming Box (SPALCD01) is required to make firmware updates, as well as adjust Boost.

ESC Features:

  • Compatible with all sensorless and a wide range of sensored brushless motors.
  • Excellent start up with linear acceleration.
  • Seamlessly change to sensorless working mode when the sensor cable is broken.
  • 3 Running Modes (Forward, Forward/Reverse, Rock Crawler)
  • 4 steps of maximum reverse force adjustment.
  • Proportional ABS brake function with 5 steps of maximum brake force adjustment, 8 steps of drag brake force adjustment and 4 steps of initial brake force adjustment.
  • AMTS-Advanced Multi Function Timing System gives you 8 selectable timing modes making it suitable for several brands of brushless motor.
  • DRRS-Digital Racing Response System allows you to select from 9 different throttle profiles, from smooth to aggressive.
  • Low voltage cut off, signal loss and thermal protection built in.
  • Built in switch mode BEC.
  • Included LCD Programing Card.
  • Compatible with traditional mechanical disc brake systems
  • Deans style battery connectors installed.
  • Water and Dust resistant.
ESC Specifications:
Burst Current: 380A
Resistance: 0.0006ohm
Battery: 14.8V max (6-12 cell NiMH/2-4S LiPo)
BEC Output: 5.75V/3A
Motor Type:  Sensorless and sensored brushless motors
Footprint (LxWxH): 45x58x30mm
Weight: 105g without wires

Motor Features:

  • Ideal for converted electric 1/8-scale off road vehicles and vehicles requiring massive power output.
  • Sensor-based technology for excellent low-speed driveability.
  • Rugged 5mm output shaft for improved reliability.
  • Ball Bearings
  • Shielded sensor cable
  • Hand wound
  • 5mm output shaft

Motor Specifications:
Can Size: 540L
Kv: 2,200
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Max Input Voltage: 14.8V

Manufacturers Recommendations:

  • Lubricate Bearings prior to initial operation.
  • Bearings should be inspected and lubricated after 20 runs.
  • An External cooling fan is recommended on the ESC heat sink and motor.


This product was added to our catalog on August 25, 2010.

Michael Fleury
Verified Owner
I got this and installed it into my Ofna Ultra LX-1e. I have only run it for about 10 minutes due to snow and rain weather. The system so far seams to have Tons of power on 2x 7.4v 4000mah 30c packs. I could only manage about 3/4 pull before the car was out of control. The pinon gear was a 15 not sure about the spur its the stock LX-1e one. I found a few things weird about this like the plug on the motor? look at the picture um.... But they give you the bullets in the box so no biggie. I got to use my new soldering station!! =) Weller WesD51. So first impressions are Great no coggin or shuttering Mondo power for sure, programing was fool proof with a digital read out. All in all if this lasts and seams to be durable its a very very nice deal for a 1/8 scale brushless system. I will beat the S@#$ out of this system and let you guys know in how it did... stay tuned. But for now its worth every cent.
Verified Owner
save yourself the time and headache and buy another brand if you plan to race. the motor is truly too small for 1/8th applications. you have to use a smaller pinion to decrease the temps on the motor, which leads to lower speeds. if you race, don't expect to keep up with anybody else.esc is nice and works great if you already have another 1/8th motor. oh and the can screws comes loose! thread lock them with green locktite before you even run it. on the up side, this is a great system for 4 wheel drive sct racing.
Verified Owner
installed in lx one e. wow! it runs amazingly fast, and tons!! of torque, wants to wheelie on 14 and stock 51 spur gear, 2 7.4 5000mah lipos. excellent!! motor and esc combo, better yet, is the price!!!!!!!
Verified Owner
I bought this combo about 18 months ago and it has been nothing but a headache. The first two issues were right out of the box the switch on the Esc was broken. So while waiting to get a replacement switch from Speed Passion-(which I am still trying to get by the way. I have been promised four times that it is in the mail) I figured I would try out the motor in my K8T truggy, well it was fast for about 30 seconds. I heard some grinding noise and thought I had blown a diff but it was the motor. The factory had left all six of the endbell screws loose and the grinding I heard was the rotor wiping out the stator wires! Contacted Speed Passion again and they sent me out another motor. Upon inspection of motor the bearings felt awful so I disassembled it and what I had discovered was they sent me a USED motor!! I was really upset at this point, but I do have to say A Main was very helpful and none of this was their fault but they decided to go ahead and give me an awesome deal on another brand motor. Now, if I could just get Speed Passion to send me a switch I might actually be able to use the esc I paid good money for!
Anderston St Germain
Verified Owner
I bought this 2 wks ago and it's been trouble free. I took the advice of users & put a little threadlock on the screws of the motor can. It runs very well with smooth brakes and strong acceleration. The set up box is so convenient & easy to use. The speed control is a good size & fits perfectly. The motor is slightly smaller than the usuall 1/8 motors. It looks great & the fan on the ESC keeps it very cool. I have it set up on an Ofna hyper 7 converted to electric. The pinion is mod 1- 16 tooth with the stock spur gear. Im using a 14.8 volt lipo battery. If anything goes wrong I will update this review.
Batista Flavio
Verified Owner
The motor 540 and hot working More and an awesome engine Soft fast and efficient
Daniele Tarsi
Verified Owner
Before mounting the engine is better tighten the screws of the front head of Loctite great, otherwise after 3 laps of the circuit is definitely loosening. is advisable to fit a fan from the start because even on the engine gets very hot even in autumn. These are the only faults, the virtues, smooth delivery, adequate power for medium and slow tracks, competitive price.
Phillip Wozniak
Verified Owner
Did not like the motor so much as it was toast. After one run the motor can came apart where the screws are and got hot and burn up. I did not know I would have to check the can scrwees on the motor. The ESC on the other hand is great it stays cool and can handle any motor you put on it sensored or senserless. So my recommendation is to get the ESC and not the motor if you can find just the esc. The motor is crap in my opinion.
Manuel Enriquez
Great motor/esc for the price...! Runs smooth with no too much top speed in my buggy...but low consuption too! I recommend this combo!
I will be ordering one of these for my Ofna Dirt Oval ProE 1/8th Elecrtic Late Model mainly for the price and qulity i have been been hearing about this system. I will be running a 3200mah 30c lipo vemom power pack and will be writing a more extensive review in a month or so.
shawn restoule
Verified Owner
Recently purchased this system,put it in my rc8e.Runnin a 14 tooth pinion,stock spur.Put 14.8 v 4 cell in ran about an hour and i`m very impressed.The speed is crazy.good punch,running it on the default settings.Bought the programming card for it as well,Racing season start May long weekend so i`ll see how those settings work.many have to program it after that. dollar value is perfect,and i`m hopefull that this system can handle the punishment.
Matthew Page
Verified Owner
Well I just ordered this combo for my 8ight B 2.0E I already run a speed passion silver arrow V2 in my VE8 with an xe run 2000kv and the esc works perfect. These SP motors don't seem to have many good reviews so I will post back once I get some run time on mine. As cheap as the sp motor was I figure if it lasts great and if not I will just buy a tekin or castle motor to pair up with the sp esc.
riley haagsma
Everything was running smooth and fast in my 1st heat with this combo.I was in first with my eight e, was running a 4s 40c 5000 as recommend and had the heat protection enabled on the esc.About 3 minutes in my buggy stopped and then smoke shot out of the body as the esc blew up. this was on a very small track where you could never go full throttle.

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