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TKO Ceramic 7x19x6mm Front Engine Bearing (O.S., Novarossi, RB) (1)

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This is a ceramic front engine bearing from TKO Competition Development designed to fit the O.S. MAX .21 RG, VZ-B and VZ-B V-Spec off-road competition buggy engines. This bearing will also fit any other .21 competition buggy engine that uses the same bearing dimensions, such as the RB Concepts WS7, WS7II, Novarossi P5, Plus 21-5 etc (in fact most .21 or higher engines use this front bearing). The bearing dimensions are 7mm inner, 19mm outer and 6mm thick.

These are the same bearings used by Ed Bridges from EB Mods for the O.S. V-Spec modified engines.

This product was added to our catalog on April 24, 2006.

Brian N
Verified Owner
Awesome bearing at a great price first bearing was a little loose TKO has great support sent me another installation went smooth and now the motor purrs.
Harley Hall
I originally replaced the stock O.S. front and rear bearings after 3 gallons in my XZB .21 SPEED with some Boca Ceramic bearings as I heard they were the best. Immediately after installing the Bocas I began having random flame-outs that I couldn't explain until I inspected the bearings, which after just 1 gallon the Boca Ceramics were crunchy and you could clearly see light through the front bearing seal. I replaced both the front and rear bearings with TKO Ceramics and now a couple of gallons later my Speed mill is running stronger than when it was new and has not had a single flame-out since installing the TKO Ceramics. My .02
Jim Niemer
Verified Owner
I put thees bearings in my C6, what a difference!!! The engine seems to be even smoother in the powerband than when it had the stock bearings.
Verified Owner
Great replacements for the v-spec, replaced bearings in all my three motors after the originals went out. I have had no problems yet, even after 3 gallons (who knows, it may even outlast my new piston & sleeve). I will update if any changes happens.
Verified Owner
these bearings are junk.i have tried three sets,all three front bearings you could see daylight through the seal and inner race.rear bearings are very loud.
eddy selimovic
Verified Owner
bought 2 of these bearing for my N528X ,left both seals on made a great inprovement on rpm, revs a lot quicker would recomend to anyone changing bearings
Pavlos Tselios
Verified Owner
I bought this bearing for my first ''service'' for my dynamite platinum truggy 28 engine .I didnt put it yet but from what i see it has some ''play'' and no so good seal.But is very good, but boca bearings ar better they are more tight and zero play and 100% seal
Adrian Eaton
Verified Owner
Bought 2 of these, plus 2 14x25.4x6 main bearings, for my Go .25 and Go .28 race engines. They don't fit well in these engines - the front bearings sit too far out of the crankcase and the rears have too much movement on them allowing the crank to be pinched so it won't rotate when the flywheel is fitted. I gather the main bearings have now been re-designed but not much use to me with $100 of useless bearings. I understand Boca's fit perfectly so guess I'll be trying those instead.
reece McGregor
Verified Owner
I had a o.s vspec with less than 2 litres through it and the standard bearings packed up,i replaced them with the TKO bearings and it transformed the engine to very reliable,these are a must for a Vspec.
Joe Coconate
Verified Owner
after the bearings blew in my v spec i decided to try tko ceramics. man what a difference. my engine sings, and the rubber seal looks to be higher quality so replacement wont be anytime soon.

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