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Team Associated DS1015 High Torque/Speed Digital Servo w/Heatsink

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This is the Team Associated DS1015 High Torque/Speed Digital Servo w/Heatsink. Team Associatedís XP Digital Servos feature many enhancements that improve vehicle control and on-track performance. Equipped with an all-new ultra-precise metal gear and an advanced microprocessor, the XP Digital Servo provides precise outputs and ultra-fast signal response. The state-of-the-art aluminum heat sink mid case lowers operating temperatures for fade-free performance.

  • Water and dust resistant
  • JR type connector
  • Aluminum heat sink case
  • Coreless motor
  • Equipped with ultraprecise metal gears
  • Advanced microprocessor that processes signals faster and with more precision
  • Advanced case design enhances structural integrity
  • Higher holding power with fewer angular errors
  • Superior torque output with low current consumption

Torque: 14.5 kg/cm (201.4 oz/in) @ 6V
Transit Time: 0.108 sec/60į @ 6V
Weight: 66g (2.328oz)
Length: 41.8mm
Width: 20.6mm
Height: 39.6mm
Voltage Range 4.8 Ė 6V

This product was added to our catalog on November 16, 2007.

Richard Boissonneault
Verry good servo for my Losi Scte 2.0, good price/quality.
Chris Riddington
Verified Owner
Good servo, should come with a nice single arm for the price.
Ofer Shepher
Verified Owner
Have had this servo in my B4.1 for over a month now. Flawless. Not cheap, but a known commodity.
James Berkebile
I've run these for years in 1/8 and 1/10 buggy. Don't know how these people have problems(I'm guessing user error)
Marcus Izzo
Verified Owner
I have had nothing but good experiences with this servo, I have one that is on my old rc8(steering), that my son now races. It is three seasons old, 3 states series, 2 psycho nitro blasts, AMS, AND Wiregrass. It is just now needing gears replaced. I have more of this same servo, and none have ever failed me.
bobby marshbanks
Losi 8ight e 2.0 works great. Super fast when used with tekin rx8. Love my 1313 but this one is worth the extra$
jason van den berg
This servo rocks. I have 4 of them, in 4 different cars and I have never had a problem. I've been running them for about a year now and I even have one of them in a 1\8th scale buggy. You would have to sponser me to turn away from this servo.
This lasted one trip to the track for me. Sad because its god good specs. I just spent $10 shipping it back to AE today. 3 Hours is all I got out of it.
Joseph Garrido
Great servo, if the gear did not strip as easy. They need to change the plastic gear to something more reliable.
So far so good in my 8ight T 2.0! I had a Hitec HS-7955TG For my sterring till a few nights ago when it locked up on me. I only bought this cause my local HS didnt have another 7955. It seems a bit faster than the 7955 also. Might just use the 7955 for a spare when I get it back.
Awesome servos, plenty of torque and speed for any 1/10 application, I wouldn't put them in an 1/8 scale, but I know plenty of people and they still hold up. Got 3 going for about a year now, no issues whatsoever.
Jeff Allen
wow...all I can say is this servo is fantastic! I have run everything but Airtronics servos and I have to admit, for the $$, I said for the $$, this is a great deal. This servo is very quick and has plenty of torque. Im not sure how mine have held up in 1/8 scale racing for 12 months now and now issues at all, but the bad review on here has me puzzled. They will get hot, but all servos do; however, I dont notice the fade with this servo like I did with the JR 9100T, which is a great servo as well....but a bit more expensive.
Super awesome servos, Ultra fast and they lasted about 45 minutes on my 1500mah hump pack in my RC8 buggy. I own 3 of these and 3 of the 1313 servos. I had many different kinds but for price/quality ratio nothing will beat this
clint friar
For the guy under me review if quality is at fault look no further. You had them in a warhead, come on. Its like puting 4000 wheels on a 800 dollar 83 buick, Then wondering why the cars brakes go out and you hit a curb with the rims.
Installed it in my Warhead Evo, it has plenty of power and it is extremely fast. BUT... bad gears quality. I already striped 3 sets of gears... $20+ bucks each set. I already checked the complete steering system and everything is the way it should. I had my doubts i was doing something wrong... i thought maybe the servo saver was too tight and so i changed it back to stock servo. Stock servo istn that fast (not digital) but it holds and this servo, over $100 cant hold more than 10 minutes at the race track. Stay away from this servo... not good quality and you will need high capacity battery too.
Kameron White
This servo lasted me maybe 10 minutes in my savage x of just setting the endpoints and trim. After that it wouldn't turn left anymore. Servo has very good specs and is really fast. Just wish I could've gotten a chance to at least run my truck and try it out in action instead of testing it on the basement tile floor. Last time I will be buying this servo. $100 down the drain.
Verified Owner
installed it in my sc10 mod and stock, and also in a jammin scrt10. awesome!! this thing is fast havent broke the gears as everyone stated. return to center is also precise and havent had an issue. i think with the plastic gear, the servo is quiet and with a properly setup saver it will perform like it should. 200 in/oz. is enough to run any 1/10 scale steering unless you demand more than it is not for you. one thing noted though if you have an esc system that is pulling high amperage the the servo doesnt pull too much draw and running without a glitch buster is key for more room on your kit. all 3 trucks that i own has no glitch busters and all of the trucks are running novak but the stock which has an lrp tc spec.

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