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Tekno RC SCT410 Competition 1/10 Electric 4WD Short Course Truck Kit

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This is the Tekno RC SCT410 Competition 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD Short Course Truck Kit. Based on the groundbreaking EB48 1/8 scale electric buggy and sharing many parts, the SCT410 features many redesigned parts to keep weight to a minimum. Including lighter arms, steering blocks, spindle carriers, rear hubs, and an updated lightweight drivetrain, the SCT410 carries 1/10 scale weight and agility with true 1/8 scale roots. Add some sturdy adjustable body mounts and a front/rear bumper system and you have one serious 4WD short course machine. Standard 12mm hex wheels will bolt right on (Losi SCTE offset) and existing 7.4V SCT power systems will have no trouble pushing the SCT410 around the track.  



  • Chassis:
    • 4mm CNC 7075 aluminum black anodized chassis.
    • Super narrow layout – widest point is only 125mm (less than 5”) mudguard-to-mudguard.
    • Class leading front and rear clearance (short chassis overhang) provides better bump handling and jump landing.
    • Adjustable, lightweight body mounting system fits most popular SC bodies (Losi, AE, etc.).
    • Lightweight, extremely durable front and rear bumper system.
    • Integrated battery tray/mud guard, battery is sunken into chassis for a super low COG.
    • Integrated electronics tray/mud guard for easy removal of electronics.
    • Spacious, enclosed, easy access radio box with integrated transponder mount.
    • Adjustable chassis brace system for fine tuning flex with front, center, and rear braces.
  • Motor Mount:
    • 2-piece CNC aluminum motor mount with precision dual clamping gear mesh adjustment.
    • Lightweight direct-to-diff mount design.
    • Uses standard MOD 1 pinion.
  • Differentials and Drivetrain:
    • 3 fluid filled adjustable super lightweight diffs.
    • Redesigned precision diff gears with innovative cross-pin design for increased durability.
    • Less rotating mass = better acceleration.
    • Straight center driveline for maximum efficiency and reduced wear.
    • CV driveshafts with captured pins on all 4 wheels.
    • Standard 12mm hexes fits most popular SC wheels (SCTE offset).
  • Shocks:
    • 16mm bore hard anodized shocks – Biggest-in-class!
    • 4mm 7075 aluminum shock towers are standard.
    • Innovative conical piston design (not just tapered) provides varied compression and rebound rates.
    • Fully adjustable long travel suspension geometry maximizes stability and traction while providing superior cornering and on-power steering.
    • CNC aluminum threaded shock bodies.
    • 4mm hardened steel polished shafts.
    • Triple guide design for true consistent shaft action.
    • Options for vented cap, emulsion, or standard shock configurations out of the box.
    • Optional springs and sway bars available.
  • Suspension and Steering:
    • Bulletproof suspension arms – thicker and stronger than the competition.
    • Adjustable length rear arms to suit any track condition.
    • Adjustable front arm sweep and angle to make the car more aggressive (swept forward), or easier to drive (swept back).
    • Front and rear arms can be used on either side = less parts in your toolbox.
    • ‘Narrow pivot’ steering posts provide ‘0 bump’ geometry with almost 0 steering slop.
    • Adjustable hinge pin braces are standard (toe, anti-squat, kick-up, front arm sweep).
    • 4mm inner, 3.5mm outer hinge pins, polished for smooth action.
    • Adjustable Ackerman and bump-steer (bump in, 0 bump, bump out).
    • Steering system is fully supported on precision ball bearings.  No bushings here.
    • LCG rod ends and lightweight turnbuckles.
    • Front/rear sway bars are the same length = less parts in your toolbox.
  • Other Features:
    • Exceptional wear characteristics. Leave the slop and warping to the other guys.
    • Easily adjust anti-squat, rear toe, front arm angle, front arm sweep, roll center, toe, camber, wheelbase, rear arm length, Ackerman, bump steer, suspension geometry out of the box..
    • Extremely easy to work on with minimal screw count.
    • Shares many parts with your EB48 1/8th Electric Buggy = less parts in your toolbox.
    • All metric hex hardware.
    • 100% Tekno RC Designed and Tested in Southern California.

Weight: ~3000g (6.6lb) out of the box RTR (RTR weight equipped w/ Tekin RX8, Pro4 motor, 300g battery, rx, etc)
Weigth: ~2590g (5.7lb) with optional parts and equipment
Diff Ratio: F/R – 10/40t, Center – 44t
Battery Tray Dimensions: 50x148mm

Needed to Complete:

  • 2-Channel radio system
  • ESC suitable for 2S LiPo and 550 size motor
  • 550 or 4-Pole 540 motor
  • High torque steering servo
  • 2S LiPo battery pack
  • 1/10 scale short course tires, wheels (SCTE offset) and CA glue
  • 1/10 scale short course body & polycarbonate paint

This product was added to our catalog on January 22, 2013.

Miles Rosser
In my opinion, this truck seems to be the best out of the box, BUT if you already own lets say a Losi scte, it wouldnt be worth switing trucks. The Losi scte is just as good as this truck after you spend around $200 for upgrades in which alot of people have already done. The fastest guy at our track drove an sc10 4x4 and had the Tekno yesterday and I was impressed with it. If I were in the Market for a new 4x4, I would wait for the TLR scte 2.0 to come out and wait on reviews on both before making the decisioin. I do like the straight drive shafts on the tekno, Both are gonna be great trucks
jason christie
This is THE truck to have if you race 4x4 SCT! It simply outclasses every other truck in every way possible, and I have owned them all. The highest quality, most durable, best handling, most forgiving and easiest to drive is the Tekno SCT410. Get one, now!
Roman F.P. Quinata
THIS TRUCK IS THE SHIT!!!!! I have raced the losi SCTE and the TEKNO. The TEKNO EATS UP THE LOSI BY FAR!!! Hands DOWN this is the BEST SCT EVER!!!
Roman Motruk
None of the model itself. well that was done on the basis of the buggy, very reliable, others would have broken 20 times, and it withstands severe shock. have negative battery front-mount necessary to alter, move back to the battery, and so the model revolves around the front axle. a large selection of springs and pistons is a plus. no need to keep a lot of parts-plus. bit heavy for the carpet-but it must learn how to configure the chassis for the carpet. buy safely - it's the best chassis on this day!
One rule racing
Verified Owner
Going on 6 months of owning this truck racing at least every weekend. Still not one failure. I have had 3 other drivers switch from their old trucks to the tekno based on my results. I am by no means the best driver and I have put some serious abuse to the sct410. The fastest driver in pro4 was the second fastest for a long time. He switched to the tekno after I let him run some practice with it. He is now the fastest and consistently sets new lap records. This truck is hands down the best truck in pro4. I never touch any of my other pro4 trucks after I built this. Don't waste your money on another brand. Buy the tekno and spend time on the track not in the pits.
joe larson
Best sc truck on the market by far! If u are choosing between the tlr 2.0 or tekno, tekno hands down! I've had every short course truck since the hyper10 and jammin first came out and this truck is the next generation of sc. They have set the new standard in sc.
Arthur Carvalho Andrade
By far one of the best short course trucks i have had! It's a solid truck that handles very well for it's size and weight. Built well unlike the cheap feeling of the losi scte and it is very durable. Could not have asked for a better truck, i am in love with mine!
Verified Owner
One word Awesome! Truck is the easiest kit to build that I have ever owned... Comparing this to my SC10 4x4 well the sc10 looks like a 1/10 scale buggy in comparison. Only upgrade was the aluminum hex hubs from tekno. Get it and leave your competition in the dust. Turn the servo saver nut in 6mm.
Austin Blair
If you're looking for a SC thats purpose built here it is. The Tekno SCT410 has tons of steering and tons of tuning options. The kit is very easy to build and the parts fit together nicely.
Leslie Taylor
Verified Owner
Hands down the best sct out! Built from a 1/8th platform makes this a super tough truck. It's a beast but is still light. Best engineered sct for sure!
Tony Dugan
Verified Owner
This truck was my first short course truck that I bought. I have since bought more but nothing compares to this truck with a Tekin 550 4300kv motor and a 1/8 gen2 ESC. I know people talk about the good but so I will share some of my challenges. First, I stripped out some screws but thankfully I bought the stainless steel Tekno screw kit. It was worth it. If you go online and find a set-up, it won't mean anything except you will need to change other things like the turnbuckle lengths,etc. For this truck, I would set the front shocks/springs firmer and the back shocks softer. This keeps it from nose diving. Last, if you are going to pay, pay all the way. I bought a Protek 150S servo (7.4V)(buy the extention male/female), Futaba 4pls radio and Orion 7150MaH 100C batteries with deans (x 8). I also bought a top of the line 4 line charger (Prodigy 67 quad AC: $240) and a great soldering station (TrakPower TK-950. (. Also, buy wire, heat shrink, deans plugs, 60/40 solder, a 15 or so MOD 1 pinion, a my lap transponder if you want to race, mounting tape (I put tire glue on both sides and it worked great), Shock oil, Diff oil, and tires that you like. I did upgrade the motor mounts and front/center drive shaft. Over all, I love this truck but with this set-up, it is fast and if you add timing, it gets real fast.
Scott C
Verified Owner
Great truck. I chose this brand for the durability and low maintenance. I learned with this truck and it took a tremendous amount of punishment with any breaks. Highly recommended.
Jason Carroll
So I dropped a bit of money on a losi 1.0 chassis a while ago then recently bought the Mip chassis for it, the Mip chassis made it worse and I gave up, I asked the winner about his truck, a Tekno, so I bought the Tekno. Love this truck, it is very tough and well designed. The most important thing about this truck is the forward weight bias, it's very frustrating to need more steering in the dirt and just not be able to get it, this trick does not have this issue, it has all the steering I need, unlike the losi. I think this is the truck to have in short course.
Tyler Carter
Verified Owner
Just bought the truck.. After a year being out of the sport the truck was built to book spec . Diff fluids and shock fluids and no set up time at the track .. Ran indoor carpet with the rig and killed it.. Best times all day in the class and putting down the most laps.. Hooked on tekno products now!
Martti Myllyntaus
Hello, Now when I have had my truck for one year so it is good time to write my review about it. Before this I had Slash 4x4 and Losi SCTE that was upgraded a lot. This truck is awesome straight out of the box. The only part I think you will need to change is servoarm (plastic arms at the box for every servo) and this ok because it would be stoopid to put all metal arms in the box from Tekno. I run this car with Savox and I have Tekno arm for it. So after one year of driving this I can say: - It is very bulletproof car (only part with problems for me have been stub axles and Tekno told that it is fixed) - It is very easy to drive - It stays on it´s wheels at hard places and just runs on - It is good also at indoor tracks but sure I love it even more outside For me: this is the best car.
j rad
If you want a durable and reliable truck this is the one to get the 2.0 is a laugher it's always in the pits getting repaired . LOL!!!! I've owned this for a year now and haven't had to fix anything. oh change out the hexes to clamping . And I beat the shit out of this thing. Still haven't touch the diffs either. Going to finally break those down. What a truck just buy it you won't be disappointed ...
What a truck, this thing turns well and handles well. My sons first truck was the Durango DESC410R which is capable truck, however the SCT410 is superior to the Durango in every way. I noticed an immediate improvement in his lap times and his confidence while driving at the trucks limit. Simply AWESOME! !
chris zeug
This truck is AWESOME!!! I am a master chevrolet tech, the engineering and the BEEF of this truck are incredible,rx8 gen2 and tekin he pro are perfect combo,I haven't even touched my sc10 4x4!!!!
Zane Horne
Verified Owner
Just made (October 2013) the switch from the comparison. This truck wins hands down. Was always in the top three at the local tracks. Not anymore..........worst finish was a second to another Tekno by less than a half second. Outstanding truck!!
Brian Rock
Verified Owner
These truck don't need any more positive reviews, they already seem to sell themselves! We purchased our kit two months ago and now I wonder why I didn't do it sooner. We are running a Tekin Pro4 HD 4300kv motor (16t pinion), Viper VTX8 esc , 42.5/37.5 shock oil, and 5/7/3 in the diffs. I did make a change to "green" springs both front and rear. This thing ROCKS!!!!! Lap times at our home track with the SCT410 are within one second of our JQ electric 1/8 scale on 4s. The JQ average is in the mid 31s and the Tekno is mid 32s. It also drives much more like the 1/8 scale does. Great job TEKNO!!

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