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Thunder Tiger 3-Chamber EFRA 2035 Tuned Pipe (Long) w/Manifold

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This is the Thunder Tiger EFRA 2035 3-Chamber Polished Tuned Pipe with Manifold. This pipe is a long pipe for producing better bottom end torque while still providing excellent top end performance. This package also includes a smooth flow manifold, two manifold gaskets, three small springs to attach the tuned pipe to the manifold and a large spring for attaching the manifold to the exhaust port on your engine.

This pipe is similar to the Novarossi 9853 or the OFNA 053 tuned pipes.

This product was added to our catalog on December 7, 2005.

Verified Owner
Very good pipe and manifold, i used with RB K9 and Pro 28BXR, very smooth and fast from stock pipe.
Bryan Tasker
I bought this pipe for my Thunder Tiger St-1 and am very pleased. With the factor pipe I had decent low end my car would make jump after a 180 turn, but I had to almost gun it. With this pipe I noticed that my low end is always on. I can just tap the gas and it seems to make my car move. My st-1's factory engine seems to idle much smoother too. I will get another one for my EB4 s2, (which I just tried this pipe on it for a few runs and it really woke up the EB4). I can't wait to see how the LRP z.28 spec three with run on my ST-1.
Verified Owner
bought this pipe because a friend recommended to me, and WOOOWWWW. the bottom end of my os speed just came alive. couldn't notice the difference in mid and top end with os 2060. it sounds great too, better than my os2060. mileage goes a bit better by about 1 minute to 1.5 minute without changing the tuned. great pipe, great price, great sound, great all around!!
marty charron
Verified Owner
Amazing price, unbeatable performance. Brings any big block engine to life. I have had mine for years now. I have it in a st1, with ttr pro .28 and it flies. I dont understand how Thundertiger is dissapearing with products like these on the market, is it because they can sell identical associated parts and cars for more?
Verified Owner
Great pipe, great fuel time and great performance at a great price. I used buy just JP's and worked great but they are too expensive for the little run time they deliver compared to the thunder tiger.
mark rosantsson
Verified Owner
i put this pipe on my jammin jpx .21 in my mbx5r amazing bottom end and a nice high end you wont be dissapointed buy it.
Rodney Robles
Verified Owner
This pipe is great! I did not think it would change my performance all that much, but when I put it on my stock ST1, it became a whole new beast. The engine became alive and the low end was incredbile. The mid to upper range seemed to become even beter and more responsive. Dang, my truck is fast!! I did not think I would see this much change. Everyone at the track said this pipe is a great buy compared to all the others and man were they right. Don't think about it any longer, buy this pipe!
Verified Owner
Great pipe. use it with my Axe Rossi Mamba and works a treat.
Eric Meola
AMAZING gives amazing performance throughout the whole powerband with my ST-1 RTR with the stock TT .28! Also works insanely well with the mach 427.
Torian Mitchell
Verified Owner
I installed this pipe on my RB S3II in my Hyper 8 Pro and wow! Talk about snap from go and killer mid range! The top end isn't bad either! This exaust system is a total sleeper and at a good price for a 3 chamber setup..... No need to pay $80 bucks for a Jammin or some other over priced pipe although the Jammin JP3 is an awsome exaust in its own right.
Randy Adams
Verified Owner
I have to agree with all the other posts, this pipe performs well from bottom to top. I am running it on a plus-21 and this pipe performs the best out of everything I have tried. I am getting just over 8 min a tank in my 8 T. When you throw in the price it's unbeatable.
Trevor Williams
Verified Owner
I am running a Jammin x1CR FTE w/ RBws7iii. When I got the car it had a JP1 on it, and it was a dog all the way through the powerband. I wasnt happy with its performance. I was told by a TTR guy to get try the 2035 long pipe w/smooth flow maifold, so I ordered it. Beings that I am somewhat new to nitro cars, I Was'nt sure if I would be able to tell a difference between the two. I installed the pipe, and left the tune the same, and the same plug in it(RB#6). This thing is freaking ballistic now!!! Holy !@#$!!!!! I am amazed at how strong the low end is, and the midrange is so much more noticable, and the top end is just CRAZY!!!! The switch from JP1 to TTR 2035 was like night and day. This pipe is amazing, thanks TTR for a great product. I cant wait to have my ws7iii/TTR 2035 in my new rc8 soon........zing!!!!! TTR 2035 for life :)
stanley horonzy
Verified Owner
wow!!!! this pipe really woke up my axe rossi cobra.very happy with my purchase.nice bottom end grunt to propel you over the doubles and triples.and great top end.sounds great too. but i do have a question is the header the same for the 2039?does anyone know?
Brian Pinkerton
Pipe works great on Vspecs and novarossi 21-5K's.... Saxton, Maifield, Truhe, and Tebo use them..
Kurt Wenger
This muffler is AWESOME! I have run all the Jammin' pipes and this gives the best combination of low-end grunt and sick top-end. It also will make your engine sound wicked. This is the muffler exclusively used by Ryan Maifield and Richard Saxton and they turned me onto it....they were right!
Mr Nitro
Verified Owner
Do not buy this exhaust. Buy the reedy instead. This exhaust, you have to screw-in the pressure nipple. Mine broke off upon installation, so I'm unable to even use the exhaust. Tried saving $20 by getting this over the reedy, now I'm $50 out of pocket. This may be a great pipe for the others, but unfortunately I'll never find out due to the low level of build quality(and stupid idea of having the screw in the pressure nipple?) If you don't like the idea of screwing in the pressure nipple, don't get this exhaust. If I knew this before I bought it, I would have got the reedy. Like I said, it might be a great exhaust if you get to use it, but I have no choice but call it crap.

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