2014 Caster Racing Outback Shootout

2014 Caster Racing Outback Shootout is now in the books. All I can say is one word, Wow! What a record weekend of a racing at the 2014 Caster Racing Outback Shootout. All possible because of the phenomenal racing community we have in Nor Cal, hats off to all of you! We had 281 registered entries for the event, a new record for the Outback Shootout! After a few drops we ended with 271 cars in the mains, another new record! We ran 171 races through qualifying and the mains, yet another Outback Raceway record! Throw in another 30 from our Thursday club race and we ran a record 201 races in 4 days, a personal record for me as a race director.As for the actual racing it was phenomenal to see all of the battles all weekend long with the heads up racing format. We had a ton of FAST kids at this one. More than I can ever really remember at any Nor Cal RC event On or Off-Road in the last 10 years. It was awesome watching the up and comers like Nor Cal Hobbies’ Charlie Ross, or 6 year old Jordyn Constant and the Rowel’s girls from LSR, or that phenom “Little” Drew Lorenzo from Elk Grove or our home track 10 year old prodigy CJ Jelin, and what about the little man from Grahm Washington , Tanner Matesa–what a class act with maturity beyond his age. Not to take anything away from the older generation of kids that gave us one heck of a show this weekend like LSR’s hometown hero Nathan Bernal, or Nor Cal Hobbies’ hero and Nor Cal favorite “Mini Mod” Eric Albano or the amazing talent from Grahm, Washington “Flyn” Ryan Matesa. By far and away the best collection of teenage and younger talent I’ve ever had the pleasure of race directing for! As always we got a lot of great feedback on the format we ran and we’re listening. We knew it wouldn’t be perfect but in the end it looked as if all the fast guys were where they should be and the long ‘A’ mains provided some of the most-intense racing action and surprise finishes we’ve had at any Outback Raceway event. We’re already planning for our next show and we’re listening to those comments and will be making some tweaks to make the next one even better.

I’d also like to stop for a moment to thank our event sponsors who helped to make this all possible:

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Congratulations to the top three in all classes. Here’s their photos
1st – Ben Lykins
2nd – Katilyn Rowles
3rd – Ashlyn Rowles — at AMain RC Tracks.
Stock 2wd Short Course
1st – Jace Tillman
2nd – Kyle Layton
3rd – Cameron Kerndt — at AMain RC Tracks.
40+ Stock Stadium Truck
1st – Jeff Matesa
2nd – Rob Moots
3rd – Mike Maxwell — at AMain RC Tracks.
Open 2wd Short Course
1st – Jason “Short Course King” Moberly
2nd – Randy Pike
3rd – Cameron Kerndt — at AMain RC Tracks.
Stock Stadium Truck
1st – Rob Moots
2nd – Jeff Lorenzo
3rd – Kyle Layton — at AMain RC Tracks.
Open 4wd Short Course
1st – Cameron Bellamy
2nd – Rick Jenkins
3rd – Kyle Linton —at AMain RC Tracks.
Pro 4 Short Course
1st – Austin Blair
2nd – Lou Figueria
3rd – Scott Rapoport — at AMain RC Tracks.
40+ Stock 2wd Buggy
1st – Ron chunn
2nd – Dominic, Favorito
3rd – Jeff Matesa — at AMain RC Tracks.
Open 4wd Buggy
1st – Nathan Bernal
2nd – Brian Strange
3rd – Curtis Door — at AMain RC Tracks.
Stock 2wd Buggy
1st – Cole Fiori
2nd – Brian Crumm
3rd – Sean “Doughboy” DeHart —at AMain RC Tracks.
Pro Stock 2wd Buggy
1st – Nathan Lavery
2nd – Lou Figueria
3rd – Dujuan Moore — at AMain RC Tracks.
Open 2wd Buggy
1st – Eric Albano
2nd – Justin Moon
3rd – Ryan Matesa — at AMain RC Tracks.
eBuggy Lite
1st – Austin Blair
2nd – Lou Figueria
3rd Drew Lorenzo — at AMain RC Tracks.

Stay tuned for more great events at A Main’s Outback Raceway and THANKS to all the racers for making this our most successful Outback Raceway event to date!!!

— at AMain RC Tracks.