2014 Saturday EVOlution Series

2014 Saturday EVOlution Series Round 1 March 29th

200 Entries made the Trip for Round one of The Saturday EVOlution series. A new layout, free tires, ideal wet track conditions and a racey track made for a  great day of racing for the 200 entries.  With two officials most of the day watching and calling racing driving was at its best as drivers in a heads up racing format got to duke it out for series point in round number one. Thanks to all who came out and made round one the largest ever one day indoor race at A Main Hobbies Outback Raceway. See ya April 19th for round 2 and fyi tires will be offered at a discount for attendees for round 2.

Here is the photos of the top three from each class:

1st Place: Caneane Salinthone
2nd Place: Ryland Card
3rd Place: Bryce Patrick
Stock 2wd Short Course
1st Place: Jeff Lorenzo
2nd Place: Kyle Layton
3rd Place: Jason Gainey 
Stock 2wd Buggy
1st Place: Dan Devey
2nd Place: James Cantrell
3rd Place: CJ Jelin 
Stock Stadium Truck
1st Place Mike Maxwell
2nd Place: Jeff Lorenzo
3rd Place: Rob Mootz 
Pro Stock 2wd Buggy
1st Place: Johnathan Hernandez
2nd Place: Mike Gordon
3rd Place: Kyle Layton 
Open 2wd Short Course
1st Place: Jason Moberly
2nd Place: Drew Lorenzo
3rd Place: Mike Maxwell 
Open Stadium Truck
1st Place: Justin Moon
2nd Place: Eddie Bernal
3rd Place: Brian Romo 
Open 4wd Buggy
1st Place: Johnathan Hernandez
2nd Place: Brian Strange
3rd Place: Scott Rapoport 
Open 4wd Short Course
1st Place: Josh O’Connell
2nd Place: Scott Rapoport
3rd Place: Jeff Lorenzo 
Open 2wd Buggy
1st Place: Eric Albano
2nd Place: Justin Moon
3rd Place: Jason Moberly 
eBuggy Lite
1st Place: Mason Eppley
2nd Place: Cameron Bellamy
3rd Place: Drew Lorenzo