A Main Hobbies’ race tracks were built for RC enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite hobbies in a safe and fun environment. In order to maintain an inviting and family-friendly atmosphere, the following are rules we require all racers to abide by when using our facilities. Any violators will be asked to leave immediately without refund; anyone violating any law will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


  • Anyone who wishes to enter the hot pit, track or drivers areas are required to sign a waiver accepting the risks of radio control racing events.  Wristbands for those who have read, understood and accepted those risks will be provided and must be worn inside marked areas.
  • The track requires passes for practice. If you wish to practice during the week please go to our A Main Hobbies store and pick up a day pass for $10.00 or a $25.00 monthly membership that gets you access everyday with your own personal access card. Schedule is here.
  • NO SMOKING or tobacco use inside buildings or within fenced areas.  Smoke only in areas designated for such activities and at least 30 feet from perimeter of building.
  • NO drugs or alcohol are allowed on A Main Hobbies property at any time.
  • NO foul language within pit area, or on drivers stand.
  • Absolutely no violence or verbal abuse will be tolerated.
  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited at all race facilities.
  • Animals are NOT permitted within buildings, or inside fenced areas at any race facilities.
  • Keep your pit area clean.  Pit towels or mats are required. Please use provided trash receptacles to dispose of all trash. Waste fuel or batteries must be disposed of in a proper manner.  Do not dump, or place waste fuel or batteries in any trash receptacle.
  • When charging Li-poly batteries, an appropriate fire safe charging bag or container must be used at all times. Never leave charging batteries unattended.  Sand buckets and extinguishers are placed throughout our facilities in case of fire.
  • No cleaning of tires or vehicles permitted in restrooms.   Please use provided wash areas, or wash basins.
  • Only drivers operating vehicles or racing will be permitted on the drivers stand.  Please use provided handrails, and be cautious when entering and exiting the drivers stand.
  • No Driving Backwards on the track.
  • No offensive driving or intent to wreck other cars is allowed.
  • No open toed shoes or sandles are allowed while Racing or on the track.
  • Safety glasses must be provided by and used by any persons choosing to grind metals at the track.
  • You MUST turn marshal immediately after your race or practice round.  If you are physically unable to turn marshal safely please contact the race director.  As a driver this is your responsibility and courtesy to other participants.
  • ALL children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • No climbing, sitting or jumping on or from any fence or structure at any race facility.
  • Vehicles are only to be operated on track.  No driving of vehicles within the pit area at ANY time.
  • Postings and solicitations are to be posted in designated areas.  All postings will be removed on a weekly basis or at the discretion of facility coordinator if content is deemed inappropriate.
  • Use of facilities outside of posted business hours is not permitted.  Any violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • Overnight camping is permitted at Silver Dollar Raceway in designated areas. Overnight camping is subject to a rate of $35 per night for RV (hookup) sites, and $15 per night for dry sites.  Please make payments to the facility coordinator in full before your first night payable to Silver Dollar R/C Raceway.  Camping and RV hookups are not available at Outback Raceway.

DISCLAIMER : Because of the nature of this activity, A Main Hobbies cannot be held responsible for any damages or injuries sustained on the property. If you see any unsafe act or dangerous situation on the property, report it to a track official immediately.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility and must be taken seriously.