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Traxxas VXL-3S Velineon Brushless Power System Combo (Waterproof)

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The next generation of extreme brushless horsepower is here, Ready-To-Race® from Traxxas—and now waterproof! Velineon™ is the ultimate brushless system delivering the tire melting horsepower, supercharged speeds, and ease of use that you expect from Traxxas. Just plug it in and it works.

The key to the Velineon’s extreme power output is total system optimization. Each component, from the Traxxas high-current battery connector, to the powerful Velineon 3500 brushless motor, is carefully engineered to work with other system components to eliminate restriction and allow maximum power flow. High-frequency transistors and advanced circuit design delivers incredibly smooth and refined throttle control. The Velineon system accepts the widest range of battery types, including 3-cell Lithium Polymer packs (3S LiPo packs). Built-in low-voltage detection in the VXL-3s electronic speed control helps keep LiPo battery packs in top condition.

Traxxas’ exclusive waterproof technology allows the Velineon system to operate in wet conditions, including mud and snow, with no special precautions required. You decide where the Velineon powered adventure leads—the only limits are your imagination.

Key Features:

  • Now Waterproof
  • Compatible with brushed, brushless and sensored brushless motors
  • Auto-detects the motor type
  • Accepts NiCad, NiMH (4-10 cells), and LiPo (2-3cells) battery packs
  • Built-in-two-stage low-voltage detection for LiPo battery packs
  • 3 drive profiles:Sport Mode, Race Mode, and Training Mode
  • Two-Stage Thermal shutdown protection
  • Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor
  • 10-Turn, 3500kV
  • Optimized for extreme power and efficiency in 1/10 vehicles

This product was added to our catalog on August 7, 2009.

Christopher Cox
Verified Owner
my boss bought this combo, and it is very fast with a 2s lipo, and putting a 3s is like nitrous. And has the best price on this combo, and great shipping prices. This combo is so sick I just ordered one , I chose it over the mamba max, for the simple fact it's waterproof and cheaper than the MM.
Gael Battistini
Worst I ever had every Traxxas vxl I have died 7 esc & 4 motors & because I live in Australia Traxxas gives no warranty. I can send back $50 to fix each & $30 post.I changed to mamba max pro on all.Castle gives warranty no questions asked if they die they replace I only pay the post. Two of the esc were only one month old same with two motors no warranty thanks for nothing Traxxas & there not water proof one died in the lite rain. Buy castle.
chad oliver
Verified Owner
I have had my setup for about three weeks. It ran good for the time that in ran the speed controler took a crap. Lucky for me traxxas said that thay will send me a new one we will see. "3 WEEKS OLD I HOPE SO"
lucas harari
I have this set up on my slash 4x4 such a good combo. I have been running dual 3000 mah batteries and this thing flies down the street its also a really got combo because it something does go wrong you can send it to traxxas and they will send you a new one for free i dont know any other companies that will do that if you are looking to run 3s lipo put a vxl3s fan on it. that will keep temps down by 30 degrees. i have had this combo for over 5 months and never had a problem with it. :)
Scott Johnson
between your gearing and the size wheels you are running, your problem lies there, esc's and motors don't just burn up especially with products from a renouned company.
Al Mayberry
Verified Owner
Sounds like you may have a lemon but also you may have 1) reverse polarity on your battery plugs or 2) same on receiver wire to esc --3) a short in your system somewhere 4) an over-volted battery?--Are you certain you don't?!? That system is made for 7.2 volts--no? One thing about Traxxas is they have had GREAT customer support whenever I called them.
Batista Flavio
Verified Owner
Great motor and esc combo, great in my blitz on 2s and 3s lipo.
Joe Mathewson
I put one of these in a axle ax 10 and its sick. alittle to fast for on the rocks but still a blast to drive and easyest motor set up I'v ever had. 10/10
Jeremiah Caron
Got this motor / speed control and placed in my slash 2wd. Almost too fast for the medium sized indoor track I run on for my abilities. When I run at 1/2 to 3/4 thottle I seem to do alright. Full throttle causes chaos! I wish Traxxas would make same motor but in different turns such as 13.5 and a 17.5 turn. Being able to adjust throttle punch and such would also be nice. For the money, very nice system.
alex aschwanden
great brushless system, easy to learn , very quick. i enjoy it.
Matt V.
I do not personally own this combo, but my friend with whom I often drive, does. His Velineon system has outlasted three of my own: a Castle MMP 3800Kv and two Viper Copperhead 5100Kv combos. He now has it on 3S and it SCREAMS. I'm gonna break down and buy one now because it's just as fast as any of my other systems, less expensive than most, and it is JUST SO RELIABLE! Don't bother with brand names - put this combo on 3S and NO ONE will be able to tell the difference as long as your body shell is on!
Greg Berkowitz
This came with my Slash 2wd VXL. It's really powerful and easy to use. I've never had a problem with it. I've used 2s Lipo for most of the time that I've had it. Now I'm using it in my TLR 22SCT with a 86T Spur and 17T pinion which I race in an open class. It's got plenty of power for racing and is very reliable. The only downside is that the ESC is larger than most, but it's also water proof and that's a plus.
Zane Tills
Love it, I live in Australia so I find the motor does get pretty hot so I run gearing a touch lower with 2s packs and never had a problem that way, I did seize a motor running stock gearing and 3s for 15 minutes on a hot day in sand but I was asking for problems, be sensible and don't push the limits and you will enjoy affordable waterproof power. I did replace the set up with a sc8 wp hobbywing and castle 1410 4 pole but I couldnt tell much difference. Traxxas nailed it with this combo 2 thumbs up
Derek Cerulli
This combo is awesome! my slash 2wd is a monster now! i got the system and also bought the cooling fan because i got it in the summer and i already had a cooling fan for the motor. the esc is good for the price and the motor. the brushed system used to get really hot after 5 minutes running with a dynamite 5100mAh and 19t pinion and 90t spur. with this system it will have 23t pinion and 83t spur it will go 3x as much minutes and still be under 130f all and all i say it is a great system for getting into brushless motors.
Logan Scarry
I have bought 2 of these systems and broke both of the esc's. The motor on the other hand is exelent but the esc is well near terrible in my opinion. The button on the esc gets stuck after short use and is very likely to fry with all the water proof silicon in the esc. I do NOT recommend the esc. I would buy the motor because it has no problems ... SO FAR!
Cody Noteboom
This ESC/Motor Combo is crazy powerful!! After I put it in my Slash, I ran with the same Nimh battery I had with the normal XL-5, and I noticed that not only did it run faster but it actually made the battery runtime last longer. Then I just got a 3S Lipo in it & it screams, on top of pulling uncontrollable wheelies! On top of that, it's waterproof like all Traxxas products, unlike the mamba max. I was originally gonna go with the Mamba Max, but after consulting my local hobby shop & hearing about the dozens of problems with the Mamba compared to one remote problem with the Velineon, I gotta say the Velineon was the best choice.
luke mickell
traxxas cars are awesome traxxas systems and electronics are really bad quality
Marc Perales
Verified Owner
I am SSSOOOOOOO over Traxxas electronics. Within 10 or so runs I have cooked my second ESC. This thing comes stock with the Slash 4x4. I also have a 1/16 Slash for my son........THREE servos in less than 15 runs. Really don't like the idea of spending the money, but I am now going to Tekin. Better one lump sum and plenty of fun than endless explanations to my boy about how sometimes things fail and we'll have fun next weekend. Really Traxxas guys? Where the heck is this crap made? I get it -stuff breaks when bashing (axles, control arms, etc.) But to plug in the battery, watch all the smoke escape from the wires and NOT be surprised......Bye the way, my Traxxas 3s 6400 LiPo won't balance. Never did. In fairness, I really dig the trucks; but for the love of All that is Holy, what gives with the electronics quality control?
what gearing n a 2wd slash for this set up ! 90 spur 23 p

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