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Viper R/C Copperhead-R ESC & VX4R.45 4-Pole 550 Sensorless Brushless Motor Combo (4500kV)

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This is the Viper R/C Copperhead-R ESC & VX4R.45 4500kV 4-Pole 550 Sensorless Brushless Motor Combo. The Copperhead ESC is small and offers the smallest foot print to power ratio of all the speed controls currently on the market. The Copperhead can be used in 2WD applications with VX4 4-Pole motors, but has been optimized to perform the best with VX4R 550 class 4-Pole motors in 4WD short course trucks. It comes preloaded with 5 factory preset profiles, allowing you to easily select the profile for your driving conditions, from high speed to just learning. Plus, the Copperhead features ProGauge programmability so you can easily change the parameters of the speed control to suit your needs. Additionally, all Copperhead ESC's have factory installed high capacity bullet connectors, providing easy installation and removal for cleaning and maintenance.

The VX4R 550 4-Pole Brushless motors are designed to make maximum power and torque! With the substantial weight of Pro 4 trucks you need a motor that can handle the punishment that the class is known for. The Viper VX4R.45 and has been proven to deliver the power you are looking for with the reliability you demand. Plus, the combo is complimented by Viper's 180 day limited manufacturers warranty for peace of mind.

VX4R.45 Motor Specifications:
Motor Size: 550
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
kV: 4500kV
Poles: 4
Sensorless: Yes

This product was added to our catalog on January 30, 2012.

Larry Levy
Have been running this system for a month now. Power and runtimes are fantastic in my Losi SCTE. I am geared 16t, w/ nano-tech 50-100c 5600mah lipo's. Don't let the price fool you. This system can compete with the other higher priced systems out currently. For a non-censored system it is extremely smooth. Great race setup. Viper has done it's homework with this system. ESC has all the programming options you could want. Using the Progauge is easy and multiple profiles are quickly programmed. Being able to plug into V-port instead of having to use receiver wire makes it a breeze. Highly recommend, Hard to believe it's $150!
Jason Stump
I have been using this speed controller and motor combo for about two weeks now. The power is smooth and runs great. Highly recommend!
Daniel Holloway
Verified Owner
You are not gonna beat this setup for 150. No way. This is in my SCTE and it just rocks. Puts me on the podium with the guys running the gear that is twice the price! Was running the Castle MMP/3800 setup.Not anymore. Had to run a BEC with that setup because of the Savox 1258, not with the Copperhead! Running a 14 tooth pinion, loads of bottom end, and just as fast as the guys with the 4600 Pro 4's on the backstretch. I haven't even hooked up the ProGuage yet. I'm still running the stock profiles loaded on the ESC from the factory! Would highly recommend this to anyone driving a Losi SCTE.
RC Madness
Verified Owner
About 15 packs through it . Very smooth system , well made , and easy to program. The motor runs hot on any pinion but a 13t. I run a 6.5 lb scte and cannot get the motor to run below 160. With a 15t I can be over 170 in 4 minutes. The 13t speed wise is too slow at my track to run near the front. Its a med size outdoor 1/8 track, more like a huge 10th scale track in its current layout. Here is the funny thing , even with a big 4 pole 550 , this system is really soft down low. No punch really.Every racer that has driven my truck says its underpowered, the others that have driven it think its awesome . Go figure . Its an excellent rtr replacement system that will make you very happy if your not interested in serious lap times or running with fast guys on a outdoor track. I think it was worth the money , but was the wrong buy for me personally, and its coming out of the truck.
Michael Vance
well for the money it can't be beat, it's a great combo for the money, you get a 550 motor and ESC for under $150. 5 profiles so you can adjust it to suit your needs, I mean it's REALLY A GREAT DEAL ! I've had mine installed for 2 weeks and couldn't be happeir... 5 stars ! ! !
mike Bell
Verified Owner
Awesome system for the money. I have run it in an scte and sc10 4x4 and both have plenty of power and can keep up with the $400 systems no problem. I like the fact it fits nicely under the drive belt across from the motor when running saddle packs on the sc10 4x4 unlike some of the bigger ESC's . It has been run on both indoor and outdoor tracks with excellent results. I haven't had any heat issues but I a have been running the recommended pinion for each truck. I have it set on race mode and have never needed to change the setting. I haven't had to deal with their customer service yet so no help there. No buyers remorse here, I might even try their 1/10th system.
todd long
Verified Owner
awesome combo .runs very cool ,easy set up ,best price around ,i beleive it to be better than my mamba sct pro 2400kv. i will be buying more of these jems.
Verified Owner
Put this system in my Jammin Scrt10 and it runs great. 15T pinion and its only reading 132 degrees on the motor and 120 on the ESC with 2s 5000 maH lipos. Never raced before but I took it out to the track and hung with the club leaders. Little more time and higher gear and I think this thing will be unstoppable. Running over 1 month with at least 15 packs and still strong. Worth every penny.
David Webber
Verified Owner
This was my first unsensored setup i have ever owned, I have had a lrp sxx v2 and my current 2wd buggy esc is a Tekin rs. So when I thought of getting this for my 4x4 short course I was very nervous that I was going to be dissapointed, but honestly this thing is super smooth and has great power, I would recommend this setup to anyone running a 4x4 short course!
Francois TX
Verified Owner
My car, Losi SCTE totaly stock. Outdoor track clay and very very large, location Texas so actual temp 100. Gearing 16x40 and too hot... 15x40 and fan on motor, temp around 160. ESC is great and run under 125, motor has some temp issue so I have to gear down and Top speed is not crazy ( a little bit more could be great) For the price and perf, it was almost 5 stars but for me brakes are not enough so It will be 4 stars. This combo works very well in my car and I m sure on a lighter car it will be amaizing.
D Lam
Verified Owner
I have used some high price brushless system before, and I can say that this Viper system can race with them without any problem! This system definitely worth every dollar you spent! Highly recommended to any 4WD SCT.
christopher tucker
Verified Owner
I put this combo in a sc10 4x4 factory team and it is amazing. The value for money here is unbeatable. Im about to purchase another for my axial exo terra!
Matthew Model
ive had this combo for about three months and have used it on a hard packed/dusty clay surface at a 15/40 gear ratio, and let me tell you, i cant be anymore happier, programming was a little tricky for a novice rc hobbyist like me, but after that it was smooth sailing for me. this thing performs flawlessly in these track conditions giving me loads of torque, but due to the high kv rating, could use little more top speed, but aside from that i am more than happy with the products performance and would highly reccommend this to anyone wanting to use this combo on SCTE, and want a good entry level race combo at a fair price, cant wait to explore more viper rc electric products in the near future.
David Kline
Verified Owner
So easy to install and set up. The features are great. I had a Novak Havoc / Ballistic 4.5T combo in my SC104x4 and, although it was a powerful system with lots of parameters to tinker with, I had nothing but trouble with it. Blew one ESC and the motor blew a few months ago and getting much of a noticeable difference within many of the parameters seemed to be an exercise in futility. My first impression of the Viper system made my heart drop because it was so slow... but then it occurred that it was pre set to the learning profile. I promptly jacked it up to the race profile and the thing took off just like my Novak system did when it was in working condition. It seems a lot smoother than my Novak combo ever was, too. The best thing is the brakes work so much better on the Viper system over the Novak... I'm very impressed and can't wait to hit the dirt this weekend!
chris laflamme
Verified Owner
I put it in my 4x4 stampede and works awesome lots of tork and speed. Great combo for $120 would recommend to anyone.
Julian Taylor
Verified Owner
Running in my converted 1/8 buggy to SCT. Was a tad concerned considering the weight, but have not had one single issue with this setup. Super smooth, powerful, runs very cool, and able to keep up with the lighter trucks I race against without a problem.
Dalton Baker
This combo is a monster. It's like a snake, literally, it's very smooth and quite respectably fast. It's a great value, and I can't reasonably find a better deal on the market
Martin Dasylva
Verified Owner
Yeah Buddy !! after 10+ pack and a couples of hard bashing session its still rock !! hey for 119$ very good stuff
Michael Cullinan
Verified Owner
There's a reason why this combo has so many good reviews and it's because for the money it's a great buy. For being a sensorless motor, the power is very controllable. The power doesn't kick in immediately like you would expect from a sensorless motor which is great for the indoor clay track I run at. I'm running this combo in my OFNA TS4 PRO and despite this truck being on the heavier side it's got plenty of torque and top speed with a 13 tooth pinion. If your on a budget, in my opinion this is a perfect combo for SCT's and Buggies, but I wouldn't recommend it for a monster truck application. I just don't think it would have enough torque for those big tires.
Charles Martin
Verified Owner
Great system with plenty of punch and power to get around the track, the only problem i have is that on the 2nd day of running after install the ESC will not turn on and if it does manage to turn on it will immediatly shut off. It is a good thing they have a 180 day warranty so that is a plus.

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