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Werks Racing 2013 One Piece Tuned Pipe w/Smooth Flow Manifold (2010 Model)

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This is the Werks Racing 2013 Exhaust System with polished racing pipe and smooth flow standard manifold. This is the one piece variety and includes an off-road manifold, which attaches to the tuned pipe using three small springs. This pipe is designed for good top end performance, but it also has excellent bottom end performance on Werks Racing, Sirio and Trinity Extech based engines.

NOTE: This is the updated "2010 Model". This version of the 2013 has been produced with heavy duty aluminum stock to create a thicker pipe wall diameter, as well as a braced stinger design for increased durability and lifespan compared to the previous version.

This product was added to our catalog on January 23, 2007.

This pipe is newly designed so the other reveiews were on the old style pipe. before 12/2009, this pipe is strong and well built. -//- Awesome pipe this pipe makes WERKS engine just scream!!!! PErfect match top and bottom. The guy who wrote 3 bad reviews . If you crash that much to damage a pipe that fast. Its not the pipes fault? I have run mine for over a year and its fine... Also you can cut the tip half off so it is not so long and does not stick out so far from the body this will help from getting bent.
Brian Curry
This pipe set up rocks. Three gallons on my v spec and this pipe combo and the performance is outstanding. Great low end and the top end screams. Like any chrome pipe, its pretty ugly looking now but still has the performance it did on day one. A few scratches but no big dents, this pipe is the one for any .21 engine and it will bring out the performance from low end to top end.
Nitro Nerd
Verified Owner
Very nice torque pipe. I've run this on a Roma, P5, and of course B5. Better suited for truggies, IMO...where the 2058 seems to be a better all-around pipe. Regardless, if you like 'loud and proud' pipes with lots of grunt, you can't go wrong with this!
Aaron Weigand
I have the Sirio version of this same pipe (reinforced stinger) that is no longer sold on a B6 and absolutely love the combination. Pipe is at least 3 years old now, has no dents, flat bottom, or bends at the stinger. It certainly doesnt look as nice as it did new but polishes up decent and still performs like it always did. I pit around the 10m mark consistently on Sidewinder and VP fuels (havent run any others with this combination). Finished the 10m main at the last round of the JBRL without pitting and had at least one more lap available on the very large Heritage RC track.
jeremiah mccartney
Bought this pipe for my Werks B5 amazing power band but I had the same problems as mentioned above for 100 dollars I would have hope for better durability had the pipe mounted with plenty of clearance from the chassis and still got flat bottomed then the stinger got bent down and cracked at the side of it its not worth the money mine only lasted 3 weekends of club racing with the qualifiers 5 min and the main 8 min so not even 60 min run time on the pipe and its trash save your money and buy something more durable
chad bradley
Torque pipe, great for nitro 1/8 truggies. The Werks 2013 pipe combined with the Werks B5 engine you will have insane low end power to pull which ever truggy you use.
Danny Homman
Verified Owner
Great pipe for the Werks b5 b6 b7 motors great top end speed and bottom end specialy on wide open tracks it brings all werks motors to life with great run time 11-12 min
buggy fan
Verified Owner
I will have to agree it makes the werks B-5 a animal of a engine no joke , With great run times as well ....
Brendan Donahue
makes a nice smooth power curve on both the .21 pro and .28 team and brings in some more botom end without sacrafising top end compared to a 086 ...but this pipe is kinda thin and dents easily also the springs are weak and bend easily ...great power at a price
Brian Drake
2nd day out with very light use so much that the track guys were making fun of me saying I drive like I am scared to break it. Now there is a small stress crack on the underside and a bit more flat from being dented on the side guards. Waste of $100 on something that may make more power but you will need one for each race. Bought a JP3 and will try it out soon since I hear it works well and last much longer. I am scared of shinny thin walled pipes now and hope that other MFR's arent as bad as this or I wont ever buy something not hard coated or stinger supported again. -//- Closer inspection showed me the bottom side of it is all flat and no longer round. Very thin pipe and much to fragile regardless of any increased performance over a more durable pipe. So bent stinger and smashed underside in 1 day of light running just breaking in the motor at the track. No hard running or big air or fast speeds so I fear what will happen when I actually push the buggy and drive fast. -//- One day of running and the stinger bent back but it still works fine. I suppose its said to be the best for performance but doesnt matter much if its not going to last. I think I will try the JP3 pipe which has the stinger support built in to it. I will run this until its ruined but am going to have to buy a back up pipe since I dont expect it to last much longer if in one day it was tweaked.

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