A Main Hobbies Announces "Sport Race" 3S Li-Poly Packs With Traxxas Connectors From ProTek R/C!
Chico, California, April 16, 2012 A Main Hobbies' brand ProTek R/C announces its new "Sport Race" 25C Li-Poly Hard Case Battery Pack (11.1V/5000mAh) with Traxxas plug installed, making it the perfect drop-in choice for Traxxas' VXL-equipped cars and trucks.

Part No.: PTK-LPS-5000-3S25

Price: $74.99 

This 3S LiPo battery pack has been developed specifically for Traxxas 3S LiPo applications and is recommended for the Traxxas Slash VXL, Slash 4x4 VXL, E-Revo Brushless, E-Maxx Brushless and XO-1 vehicles, as well as the Traxxas Spartan boat. The battery features a genuine Traxxas High-Current Connector® for the ultimate in efficiency, ease of use and high current handling capabilities for charging/discharging, as well as a 4-pin Align/E-Flite style XH balance connector for balancing. Although these are not ROAR approved hardcase batteries, they are built using a hard lexan shell to help prevent damage in the event of a crash.

Note: These should only be used in vehicles equipped with low voltage protection and are not recommended for Traxxas' E-Revo, E-Maxx, Slash or Slash 4x4 vehicles fitted with brushed motors. Also, some vehicles may require re-balancing, as the reduced weight of these batteries may cause handling changes. To get the vehicle to balance correctly, add weight to the battery side of the vehicle. 

Unlike most other Lithium Polymer batteries, these batteries can be charged at up to 2 times the rated current, or 2C! If your charger is capable, you can charge these batteries at up 10A!

CRASH Protection Guarantee! 
ProTek RC offers a 50% Damage Replacement program for one (1) year after original purchase date on all batteries that have been damaged due to impact, over-discharging, or improper charging that have not been modified or disassembled. The damaged battery will be replaced by a comparable battery at 50% off of its retail cost.


  • Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Voltage: 11.V nominal
  • Connector Type: Traxxas Connector 
  • Balancer Type: 4-Pin Align/E-Flite compatible (XH) 
  • Number of Cells: 3 
  • Weight: 360g
  • Configuration: 3S
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 45x157x25mm 
  • Maximum Charge Rate: 2C (10A)!
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge: 25C (82.5A)
  • Maximum Burst Discharge: 50C (165A) for 3 seconds
To see the new battery's product listing, click here: http://www.amain.com/product_info.php/manufacturers_id/209/cPath/1_25_1466_663/products_id/225253/n/ProTek-R-C-3S-Sport-Race-Li-Poly-25C-Battery-Pack-111V-5000mAh-w-Traxxas-Connector 

Dealer Inquiries
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About ProTek R/C
ProTek R/C, an A Main Hobbies brand, was founded in 2004 as a line of bearings. Now with a catalog of over 850 different products, ProTek R/C offers batteries, chargers, and accessories for radio controlled cars, trucks, helicopters, and airplanes. ProTek R/C products are available to hobby shops through Swift Distributing. The company's Web address is http://www.protekrc.com. 

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