A Main Hobbies Chooses Pro-Line “X2” Suburbs And Scrubs as “Spec” Tires For IFMAR Pre-Worlds

Chico, Ca, June 4, 2013 – A Main Hobbies has chosen Pro-Line’s “X2” Suburbs and Scrubs as the “spec” tires for the IFMAR Pre-Worlds. The 2WD modified front tires are "open" and racers are allowed to run whatever front tires they choose for 2WD. Although these tires and stock foam inserts will be used exclusively for the Pre-Worlds, an official decision from IFMAR regarding the spec tires for the World Championships later in September has not been made. IFMAR will make their official decision based on the three recommendations from A Main Hobbies after the Pre-Worlds, when they’ve had the opportunity to evaluate all of the information that has been submitted. In an effort to minimize costs, A Main Hobbies decided to choose just one tire for the Pre-Worlds, as opposed to allowing all three tires submitted to IFMAR to be used. Insufficient inventory of the other tires proposed for the IFMAR World Championships was another key factor in deciding to use just one tire and compound for this race.  A Main Hobbies wanted to avoid any team or individual having an unfair advantage if they were fortunate to have a tire or compound that was advantageous, but unavailable to everyone else. With just one tire being used at the Pre-Worlds it will simulate the format of the World Championships and allow racers to focus on chassis set-up instead of tire, insert and wheel combinations. 

Front 2WD tire is "open" (racer's choice)  

Pro-Line Scrubs "X2" 4WD Front Buggy Tires (PRO8214-002) (Spec front 4WD tire) 

Pro-Line Suburbs "X2" Rear Buggy Tires (PRO8213-002)  (Spec rear tire 2WD & 4WD) 

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