A Main Hobbies The Exclusive Retailer of Revolutionary New J1S Designs’ “Cyclone” Carbon Fiber Blades

Most products in the RC industry evolve at a slow and steady pace, but every once in awhile a product creates a revolution. When a new product is so advanced, so revolutionary, it disrupts the status quo and the industry is changed forever— the new J1S Designs’ “Cyclone” Carbon Fiber Heli Blades have done just that. Installing the J1S Designs’ Cyclone blades will transform the performance of your 3D beast. Pilots who’ve flown with the Cyclone blades experience better lift, improved response, and increased stability. You can only order a pair of J1S Designs’ Cyclone blades from A Main. Order a pair of the most advanced rotor blades to ever hit the market and see why so many test pilots are already raving about them. 

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J1S Designs’ “Cyclone” Blade Benefits

-       The J1S Cyclone blades feature a tapered airfoil that reduces drag and increases lift requiring less demand of the power system.

-        The swept tip reduces the effective tip speed, which produces a more efficient blade that is less turbulent.

-       The overall airfoil shape is better for aerodynamics and allows for the CG to be more toward the root for improved response without sacrificing high-speed stability.

-       With one set of J1S blades you now have the benefits of both flybar and flybarless blades. You get the quickness and responsiveness around center much like flybar blades, but you will also notice the stability at speeds much like flybarless blades.

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