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Battery chemistry has been the catalyst for product advancement in our industry...the higher capacity and greater discharge abilities of our batteries have pushed the envelope on more efficient and higher voltage brushless motor setups... commingled with advances with flybarless and greater cyclic abilities of the machines, they are now lighter, faster, and more powerful then ever... and thats where EDGE comes in. We wanted to design a blade that could take advantage of todays lighter, faster, and more powerful machines. Most blades today are cast from moulds that were designed years ago when the machines had a smaller range of cyclic pitch, less power and weighed almost 60% more then what we are flying now. Leading EDGE blades were designed for one rule... to give you the discerning modeler the most efficient blade profile without sacrificing power, pop, or auto-rotation abilities. Some blades do several of these well, EDGE blades excel at all three. 

About The Flybarless Blades

Since the beginning, we have felt that flybarless technology would change the marketplace... and the reasoning is simple. The less moving parts the rotorhead has, the greater the efficiency of the design. By increasing the weight in the blades, with some unique design elements, EDGE flybarless blades are able to extract the most potential out of your head.

About the Flybar Blades

Just like the flybarless class blades, we started from scratch to deliver the competition pilot with a rotorblade capable of "anti-loading" the head. Current blades on the market can perform well in 3D style maneuvers, however when you need that little "extra bite", todays designs have the tendency to load up the head creating unnecessary drag on the blades resulting in your motor bogging, or in electric applications, pulling extra current that is critical to keeping your machine in the maneuver. Our blades are different. Not only do they handle 3D maneuvers extremely well, they also allow the pilot to push their flying style beyond their current capabilities, simply because they do not load the head up like other blades. This give the competition pilot and discerning modeler the extra confidence they need to push beyond the current envelope of their machines capabilities and accomplish the maneuvers with less collective management.

EDGE Rotorblades are currently being manufactured in 325mm, 423mm, 473mm, 523mm, 553mm, 603mm, 623mm, 693mm, 693mm Flybarless night blades, 693mm SE Flybarless Blades, 713mm, 753mm Flybarless and 813 mm. As well as tail blades in 60mm, 72mm, 92mm, 95mm, 105mm and 115mm. LE-83 and LE-93 flybar paddles, are now also available at your local Edge Rotorblades retailer. 

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