Rain Or Shine Tebo Not Denied – New 2WD World Champ

Jared Tebo top qualified two of the four rounds that were run before the rain came down and soaked the track. It was rumored that the Kyosho driver and his Team Orion powered RB6 would be crowned the new 2WD World Champion without running the triple A-mains. The track was under water and a sloppy mess. Without an extra day in the schedule to allow for such weather the championship could have been decided by how the world’s fastest qualified. The pits were a buzz, “let them race, don’t change the layout.” The consensus wanted Tebo and the rest of the A-main field to duke it out heads-up despite the fifth and final round of qualifying being called off. With Thursday being the track change day to prepare for 4WD, many wanted to utilize this day to run the main events; running the same layout for 4WD.

The A-main crew should be commended for their tireless efforts to work the track on Wednesday. They dug holes, placed industrial pumps in the mini lakes that had swallowed the pristine track. Mud and slop were shoveled off of the track’s surface; torches were also used to dry the track and the new sugar that was being put down. Several racers and volunteers jumped in to help too. After spending the better half of the day working the track it was back together with more grip and faster lap times–absolutely amazing! No need to use Thursday to run the 2WD mains, at A Main Hobbies we perform miracles.

In the first two main events Tebo would jump out to an early lead with Associated’s Ryan Cavalieri and Tamiya’s Lee Martin in tow. The three drivers would swap positions several times during both A1 and A2 with the track’s surface being extra grippy. It looked like many drivers struggled ¬†a bit and had to save near rollovers in the tight corners. Tebo would eventually regain the lead in A1 and go onto win. In A2, ¬†Associated’s Ryan Maifield was able to reel in the leaders, passing both Cavalieri and Martin. Maifield looked like he would overtake Tebo on the final lap, but Tebo would not be denied. He hung onto the win by just .7 of a second. With wins in A1 and A2 Jared Tebo was crowned the 2013 IFMAR 2WD Buggy World Champion.

1) Jared Tebo- Kyosho, Team Orion, KO Propo, AKA
2) Lee Martin- Tamiya, Viper, Pro-Line, A Main Hobbies, ProTek R/C
3) Ryan Maifield- Team Associated, Reedy, JConcepts


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