Silver Dollar’s Surface Sweet, Consistent For Pre-Worlds – Hot Bodies’ Ty Tessmann Also Dialed-In!

June 13th, 2013


The world’s top pros spent four days at A Main Hobbies’ Silver Dollar R/C Raceway for the Pre-Worlds in preparation for this year’s coveted World Championships. It was decided on day one to treat the track’s surface with sugar, which created quite a stir. In the end, the traction was plentiful, dependable and everyone knew it was the right decision. With the track being prepped with sugar, the precedent has now been set for it to be run that way for both the ROAR Nationals and IFMAR 1/10-scale World Championships; both races are being held at Silver Dollar R/C Raceway later this year. The top pros were much happier with an unwavering surface that produced the same lap times round-to-round.

A number of the usual suspects were fast, including Team Associted’s Ryan Cavalieri who looked fantastic with his CML-converted B4.2 and Associated B44.2. Cavalieri was the top qualifier in Mod 2WD and second for the mains in 4WD. Yokomo’s Naoto Matsukura threw down some of the fastest single lap times of the weekend, but couldn’t find the consistency needed in the qualifiers and main events. Kyosho’s Jared Tebo, Durango’s Jorn Neumann and Associated’s Neil Cragg made the top 10 in both classes alongside Cavalieri and Matsukura, showing their speed in both disciplines. Although many consider the Pre-Worlds a “practice” for the real race later this year, Ty Tessmann had everything sorted out and practiced his victory pose, twice. The young, Canadian wrapped up both classes, needing only A1s and A2s to seal the victories.

A Main Hobbies’ Derrick Threatt captured some sick footage from the Pre-Worlds that should have everyone excited about this year’s World Championships.

Mod 2WD Winners

1)   Ty Tessman (Kyosho RB6, mid-motor)

2)   Ryan Cavalieri (Associated B4.2, CML-converted mid-motor)

3)   Neil Cragg (Associated B4.2, CML-converted mid-motor)


Mod 4WD Winners

1)   Ty Tessmann (Associated B44.1)

2)   Ryan Maifield (Associated B44.2)

3)   Jared Tebo (Kyosho Lazer prototype with aluminum chassis)