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OFNA Hyper 8 Nitro Buggy Parts: OFNA Parts for RC Nitro 8 Buggies
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Hyper 8
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Displaying 1 to 40 (of 169 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  Next » 
    Part Number   Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
 OFNA 1/8 Clutch Bells Shim Kit   OFN10099   OFNA 1/8 Clutch Bells Shim Kit  $4.59 Buy Now!
 OFNA Fuel Filter Large Stone (Blue)   OFN10166   OFNA Fuel Filter Large Stone (Blue)  $9.25 Back Order
 OFNA 17mm Wheel Nuts (Silver) (4)   OFN19097   OFNA 17mm Wheel Nuts (Silver) (4)  $7.29 Back Order
 OFNA 3.5mm Front Shock Shaft (2)   OFN28125   OFNA 3.5mm Front Shock Shaft (2)  $5.99 Buy Now!
 OFNA Silicone Shock Shaft Boot (4)   OFN19018 

  5 of 5 Stars!(1)

 OFNA Silicone Shock Shaft Boot (4)  $8.25 Back Order
 OFNA Front & Rear Universal   OFN19347   OFNA Front & Rear Universal  $42.99 Buy Now!
 OFNA Front Lower Arm Holder   OFN28009   OFNA Front Lower Arm Holder  $8.25 Back Order
 OFNA Adjustable Insert Set   OFN28027   OFNA Adjustable Insert Set  $5.49 Back Order
 OFNA 3.5mm Rear Shock Shaft (2)   OFN28126   OFNA 3.5mm Rear Shock Shaft (2)  $5.49 Buy Now!
 OFNA 12T Clutch Bell w/Bearings   OFN19352   OFNA 12T Clutch Bell w/Bearings  $17.99 Back Order
 OFNA CNC Aluminum 17mm Wheel Hub Cap Nuts (Hard Coated)   OFN19238 

  3.3 of 5 Stars!(6)

 OFNA CNC Aluminum 17mm Wheel Hub Cap Nuts (Hard Coated)  $11.75 Buy Now!
 OFNA Front Lower Arm Holder   OFN28102   OFNA Front Lower Arm Holder  $4.59 Buy Now!
 OFNA CNC Aluminum Steering Knuckle (2)   OFN19304   OFNA CNC Aluminum Steering Knuckle (2)  $54.99 Back Order
 OFNA Bumper Set   OFN28003   OFNA Bumper Set  $6.39 Buy Now!
 OFNA Front Lower Arm Holder   OFN28004   OFNA Front Lower Arm Holder  $4.59 Back Order
 OFNA Stone Guards (Black)   OFN19073BK   OFNA Stone Guards (Black)  $10.99 Buy Now!
 OFNA 4x74mm Arm Shaft (4)   OFN28013   OFNA 4x74mm Arm Shaft (4)  $8.25 Back Order
 OFNA Rear Bottom Arm (2)   OFN28028   OFNA Rear Bottom Arm (2)  $9.25 Back Order
 OFNA Rear Upper Arm Plastic Rod End   OFN28030   OFNA Rear Upper Arm Plastic Rod End  $8.25 Back Order
 OFNA 7.8mm Hex Ball (4)   OFN28032   OFNA 7.8mm Hex Ball (4)  $6.39 Buy Now!
 OFNA F/R Brace Set   OFN28038   OFNA F/R Brace Set  $42.99 Back Order
 OFNA Fuel Tank   OFN28049   OFNA Fuel Tank  $11.75 Back Order
 OFNA Engine Mount Screws   OFN28060   OFNA Engine Mount Screws  $4.59 Buy Now!
 OFNA Air Filter Foam   OFN28063   OFNA Air Filter Foam  $7.29 Back Order
 OFNA Air Filter Mount   OFN28064   OFNA Air Filter Mount  $8.25 Buy Now!
 OFNA Wheels (2)   OFN28076   OFNA Wheels (2)  $8.25 Buy Now!
 OFNA CNC Aluminum Front Lower Arms Holder   OFN28201 

  5 of 5 Stars!(1)

 OFNA CNC Aluminum Front Lower Arms Holder  $22.49 Back Order
 OFNA Aluminum Servo Washer 3mm (16)   OFN10290   OFNA Aluminum Servo Washer 3mm (16)  $6.39 Back Order
 OFNA Ball Bearing 8x16mm (4)   OFN18076   OFNA Ball Bearing 8x16mm (4)  $14.49 Back Order
 OFNA Lightweight Flywheel   OFN28226   OFNA Lightweight Flywheel  $18.99 Back Order
 OFNA Bevel Gear   OFN19002   OFNA Bevel Gear  $11.75 Buy Now!
 OFNA Differential Case   OFN19004   OFNA Differential Case  $5.49 Buy Now!
 OFNA 15T Clutch Bell w/Bearings   OFN19355   OFNA 15T Clutch Bell w/Bearings  $17.99 Buy Now!
 OFNA Front Shock Tower (Chrome)   OFN28101   OFNA Front Shock Tower (Chrome)  $11.75 Back Order
 OFNA Pinion Gear   OFN19028   OFNA Pinion Gear  $13.49 Back Order
 OFNA Wing Mount   OFN19046   OFNA Wing Mount  $9.25 Buy Now!
 OFNA Rear Lower Arm Holder   OFN28105   OFNA Rear Lower Arm Holder  $4.59 Back Order
 OFNA Rear Shock Tower   OFN28106   OFNA Rear Shock Tower  $12.75 Back Order
 OFNA Center Driveshaft   OFN28112   OFNA Center Driveshaft  $12.75 Buy Now!
 OFNA Front/Rear Suspension Tie Rod (4)   OFN28113   OFNA Front/Rear Suspension Tie Rod (4)  $11.75 Buy Now!
Displaying 1 to 40 (of 169 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  Next » 

OFNA Hyper 8 Nitro Buggy Parts

If you're the proud owner of an OFNA Hyper 8 nitro buggy, you know that this RC has been designed for high performance and durability. Whether you're racing at a tough track or simply enjoying some good old fashioned off roading, the Hyper 8 offers excitement both on and off the track. The increased performance of this RC buggy means you'll be getting a lot of use out of it, and with repeated running comes wear and tear on the parts that help this buggy perform. When the time comes to repair or upgrade your OFNA Hyper 8 buggy, you'll find the parts you need at your one stop shop for all things RC.

AMainHobbies.com is your source for RC buggy kits and parts. We carry a wide array of OFNA buggy parts, including a selection for the Hyper 8 nitro buggy. Start shopping for the parts you need right now and explore all that A Main Hobbies has available.

Hyper 8 Parts Selection

As one of the most technologically advanced nitro RC buggies on the market, it's essential for all the parts within the OFNA Hyper 8 to be working at maximum capacity for it to provide the power and speed drivers crave. At A Main Hobbies, you'll find a wide selection of parts for this high performing RC buggy, from suspension arms and ball bearings, to gears, wheels and more! When you're looking for the right parts to maintain the performance of your OFNA Hyper 8 buggy, you'll find them online at AMainHobbies.com.

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01. OFNA 1/8 Clutch Bells Shim Kit
02. OFNA Fuel Filter Large Stone (Blue)
03. OFNA 17mm Wheel Nuts (Silver) (4)
04. OFNA 3.5mm Front Shock Shaft (2)
05. OFNA Silicone Shock Shaft Boot (4)
06. OFNA 12T Clutch Bell w/Bearings
07. OFNA 3.5mm Rear Shock Shaft (2)
08. OFNA Adjustable Insert Set
09. OFNA CNC Aluminum 17mm Wheel Hub Cap Nut...
10. OFNA Front & Rear Universal
Specials Click For More
Pure-Tech 8" Xtreme Battery Strap LG (Neon Red) (2)
Pure-Tech 8" Xtreme Battery Strap LG (Neon Red) (2)
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Hyperion EOS 1420i NET3-AD LiPo/NiMH/A123 Balancing DC Charger (14S/20A/550W)
been charging, 6 mos and a year old 12S and YES, it takes v ...
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