Learn about RC Car Kits

Anyone looking to enter the exciting world of RC vehicles and racing could be intimidated by the sheer volume and variety of products on the market, as well as the number of decisions that go into choosing the right RC vehicle. First, you have to decide whether a car, truck, plane, helicopter, boat, or motorcycle is right for you. If you have chosen a RC car or buggy, then you no doubt see yourself zooming around the track leaving your fiercest competitors in a cloud of dirt. When the dust clears, what type of RC car do you envision?

If you're not sure, then read more about the RC car kits we offer at AMain.com:

Types of RC Car Kits

  • 1/10 Pan Car: This type of car has a flat bottom and is rear drive only. They are typically used for on road racing.
  • 1/12 Pan Car: Smaller than the 1/10 version, 1/12 pan cars are a popular choice for asphalt or carpet track racing.
  • Brushless 1/8 Conversion: If you already own a 1/8 scale car with a stock or brushed motor, then you can convert it to a brushless motor using one of these kits. Brushless motors offer more torque and when done correctly, more speed.
  • Electric 1/10 Dirt Oval Kits: Looking to race on a loose dirt track? Then a dirt oval kit is for you.
  • Electric 1/10 Touring Car Kits: A touring car has a body of a sedan and an independent suspension system. Available in both 4wd or 2wd, these electric 1/10 touring cars are designed for on-road driving and can be a great RC car for a beginner.
  • Electric 1/8 Dirt Oval Kits: Larger than its 1/10 cousin, 1/8 dirt oval kits are solid and tough.
  • Electric 1/8 On Road Kits: Running electric refers to being powered by a battery pack and on road means driving on paved ground or a smooth surface.
  • Electric Short Course Kits: Short course is a popular racing segment and these kits are designed with that mind!
  • Gasoline Off Road Kits: This category features some of the biggest cars and trucks around and are gasoline powered.
  • Mini & Micro Kits: Generally speaking, any kit in the 1/16 scale on up to 1/24 is considered mini or micro. Scale refers to the size of the car. As the number after the "1" increases, the smaller the actual car.
  • Nitro 1/10 Off Road Kits: Running nitro means nitro powered, and these off road kits are ideal for racing on any unpaved surface.
  • Nitro 1/10 On Road Kits: The only difference with these kits are that they are intended for on road surfaces. 1/10 scale car kits are great for beginners.
  • Nitro 1/8 Dirt Oval Kits: 1/8 scale nitro RC cars are notorious for being fast and are not for the inexperienced. When you're ready for a challenge, and have enough practice under your belt, consider this segment.
  • Nitro 1/8 On Road Kits: One of the first steps in picking the right RC car is choosing between nitro and electric, and these may persuade you to run nitro. Boasting speeds of up to 80 mph, these kits are for experienced racers to use on smooth surfaces.
  • Nitro Short Course Kits: Available in 4wd, these kits make the short course tough and entertaining.
  • Rock Crawler Kits: Designed for crawling rocks and plowing through tough terrain, rock crawlers attract a whole new set of RC hobbyists.

Types of RC Buggy Kits

A RC buggy is a type of RC car that can be used on and off road.

  • Electric 1/10 2wd Buggy Kits: These are among the most popular types of RC cars and make a great choice for novices. You can expect speeds to range from 15-30 mph, and you can run them on or off road.
  • Electric 1/10 4wd Buggy Kits: 4wd buggies can be easier to drive because you have more control, but racing fast in this class can be a challenge.
  • Electric 1/8 Buggy Kits: These kits are for expert racers because you can do some serious damage with cars this size.
  • Nitro 1/8 Buggy Kits: There are some competition worthy kits within this category as well as great ready to run options.

Learning to drive a RC car can be a challenge, but it's worth it. Should you need more help, check out our beginner's guide.