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XRAY 1.5mm Lexan Rear Wing (2)
XRAY 1.5mm Lexan Rear Wing (2)
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XRAY M18 Pro LiPo 4WD Shaft Drive 1/18 Micro Touring Car Kit

    Low Price: $229.99
XRAY M18 Pro LiPo 4WD Shaft Drive 1/18 Micro Touring Car Kit
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This is the XRAY M18 Pro LiPo 4WD Shaft Drive 1/18 Micro Touring Car Kit. Based on the legendary M18 platform, XRAY now presents the improved and refined M18 PRO LiPo. Re-designed with high-performance racing in mind, the M18 PRO’s progressive design embodies an enhanced driving experience. From the purpose-built performance chassis, to the unique revolutionary XRAY Multi-Flex Technology™ top deck, externally-adjustable ball diffs and a race-oriented wheel mounting system. The M18 PRO was born from racing DNA to challenge your racing skills on any track.


  • Multi-Flex Technology™ - MFT™: XRAY’s innovation & patented Multi-Flex Technology™ - MFT™ was originally designed for 1/10 touring cars, and has resulted in some of the most significant milestones in touring car development in the past few years. This innovation not only received numerous awards and honors, but it has proven to be a distinct competitive advantage at race tracks worldwide, helping XRAY dominate most races at local and national levels. XRAY’s MFT™ now revolutionizes the micro platform in the new M18 PRO. With the MFT™ top deck you can set up and adjust the M18 PRO for all different racing conditions. No matter if you drive on asphalt or carpet, using rubber or foam tires, you can quickly, easily and independently adjust MFT™ points on the top deck – front or rear — to give you different flex characteristics. Tailoring a micro car to the track has never been this easy! You can always set-up and adjust the steering and traction as needed.
  • Micro Touring Car Wheel Mounting System: One of the most significant improvements to the M18 PRO is the wheel mounting system. The M18 PRO features a touring car-type hex wheel hub mounting system with one-piece wheel which directly mounts to the wheel axle.Thanks to this one-piece mounting system, the wheel is perfectly and solidly connected to the drive axle, giving improved handling. No more hassle with assembly/dis-assembly, no more lost races due to lost wheels.
  • Re-Designed Chassis: The M18 PRO chassis is designed specifically for high-performance racing. M18 PRO LiPo features a re-designed chassis, top deck, and battery holder system to accommodate the latest generation of LiPo battery technology. The narrow 1.6mm thin chassis has been optimized for strength (for high-grip racing conditions), while still being flexible enough for low-grip track conditions.
  • Re-Designed Top Deck: The top deck has been completely redesigned and re-engineered, and now features Multi-Flex Technology™ points both front and rear. CNC-machined from premium high-grade carbon fiber (graphite) ensures that the top deck will survive hard impacts, while set-up and geometry will not suffer.
  • Easy Screw Access: The rear of the top deck holds the body mounts which can be easily adjusted for height to perfectly support the body. The top deck is designed so that all bulkhead and arm mounting screws remain easily and instantly accessible.
  • Improved Suspension Components: Stiffer arms, reinforced steering blocks and uprights, increased front caster and decreased rear toe-in. Everything has been improved on the M18 PRO suspension. Over the years XRAY has gained and successfully utilized extensive suspension geometry knowledge and self-developed suspension stiffness technology, which have now culminated in improved M18 PRO suspension parts. The ultra-lightweight suspension parts are molded from special composite material that makes the parts very light yet very durable to withstand the rigors of high-performance racing.
  • 6° Caster: The new suspension features improved and redesigned geometry providing more responsive racing characteristics in all racing conditions. Front caster has been decreased from 12° to 6° which improves the responsiveness of the car especially in technical parts of a track.
  • Adjustable Front/Rear Toe: Based on the extensive racing experience and countless track time around the world, the suspension geometry has been optimized to provide the highest performance right out of the box. Rear toe-in was decreased from 4° to 2.5° which results in improved steering and provides sharper handling. For high-competition racers the set of adjustable front and rear turnbuckles are included so you can easily adjust the toe to any desired angle. Adjustable downstops enable instant suspension geometry fine tuning. The special harder composite compound used for the suspension parts ensures that the geometry will remain consistent during the whole race.
  • Steering System & Servo Saver: The steering system is very precise and gives you all the confidence that the car will steer exactly where you want and need. Thanks to the included robust, spring-loaded servo saver, your servo will not suffer the effects of heavy crashes. The steering system is handled through an adjustable steel turnbuckle, with steering blocks featuring optimized Ackerman positions.
  • Ultra Efficient Drivetrain Concept: The ultra-efficient drivetrain from the coveted M18 has been carried over to the M18 PRO. This drivetrain has proven to be the most efficient and effective micro car drivetrain system. The inline, super-efficient single drive shaft drivetrain features an optimized internal ratio, and high-speed ball-bearings ensure efficiency. The strong, CNC-machined and hand-ground aluminum center driveshaft provides vibration-free power transmission between the front and rear gearboxes.
  • Adjustable Ball Differentials: The efficiency of the drivetrain depends highly on the performance of the two race-proven, externally-adjustable ball-differentials. The new ball-differentials are molded from specially-mixed composite material which ensures longest life and minimal wear of all parts. The ball differential features high-precision steel diff balls, machined and polished diff rings, a small axial bearing, and supporting ball-bearings. The ball differentials are factory assembled and adjusted to ensure maximum efficiency right out of the box, though proper break-in is very important to ensure proper operation and long life.
  • Re-Designed Driveshaft: The power from the drivetrain is transferred to the wheels through re-designed drive shafts. The drive shafts consist of a universal pivoting shaft as well as the new hex wheel hub mounted at the end. This new drive shaft system is much easier to assemble and maintain. The drive shafts are molded from the special composite blend which ensures long life and maximum strength, ensuring that power from even the most powerful micro motors is safely and easily transferred to the wheels.
  • Graphite Battery Holder: The LiPo battery pack is held in place with a CNC-machined battery holder made from premium carbon fiber, completed with a stylish, milled ‘X.’ The chassis features battery backstops which ensures that the battery pack stays in place even during serious crashes. The aluminum LiPo battery strap posts have five holes for different positions of the graphite battery holder to prevent the battery from moving.
  • Spur Gears & Pinions: The precision-molded spur gear is made from XRAY’s exclusive secret composite blend, allowing the gear to run true, be super quiet and robust enough to handle high-power modified or brushless micro motors. The spur gear is lightened to have lowest possible weight while still retaining high strength. The kit features both 36T and 42T spur gears and an assortment of pinion gears, allowing you to adjust the gear ratio to best suit your track, driving style, and motor selection.
  • Premium High Speed Ball Bearings: The M18 PRO features 20 premium high-speed ball-bearings in the super-smooth and efficient drivetrain. All the high-tolerance ball-bearings are degreased and lightly oiled with Aero Shell Fluid 12 for maximum smoothness and long life. All ball-bearings are selected and inspected by the XRAY factory.
  • Foam Tires: Premium high-competition foam tires are included in the kit for maximum grip and great handling out of the box. Front 50sh tires and rear 35sh tires — an optimal tire combination for standard racing conditions — are included to make the car easy to handle. An assortment of different tire compounds and hardnesses are available.
  • Aluminum Wheel Nuts: The wheels are secured to the hex hub wheel axles with aluminum wheel nuts. An easy-to-use wheel nut driver is included in the kit.
  • Adjustable Shock Positions: Coil-over shocks ensure great handling of the car in any racing conditions. Both front and rear shocks have different shocks mounting positions.
  • Front Bumper: The compact front foam bumper is manufactured from high-resilience lightweight foam. The front lower composite bumper is molded from rigid composite to withstand heavy crashes, while the front upper bumper brace is made from premium graphite material.
  • Adjustable Body Post: The beefy body posts are made from a special composite material that provides maximum strength but sufficient flex to reduce body post breakage, even if you flip the car on its hood.
  • Instruction Manual: XRAY Instruction Manuals have become the industry standard, and are simply the best manuals you will ever get with an RC model car. Whether you are a first-time builder or an experienced racer, all the instructions are straight-forward and easy to understand. The full-color instruction manual contains large 3D illustrations for easy comprehension.
  • VIP Customer Treatment: Owning an XRAY model racing car is an experience on its own. Not only will you own the most premium luxury model racing car, but you will also become a member of the prestigious family of XRAY owners with superb support and service from the XRAY factory. The XRAY Web portal features up-to-date racing news and latest product developments. If you have any questions, problems or comments, you can ask the XRAY Support Team or any XRAY Factory Team Driver on the XRAY support forum. You can even upload your own set-up sheets or download from the largest RC set-up database at the exclusive XRAY Virtual Set-up Sheet Database. And that is only the start of the VIP treatment you get by joining Team XRAY.
  • Authentic Option Parts: A variety of different optional parts are available directly from XRAY. All XRAY option parts are designed and engineered by XRAY’s R&D department ensuring that all option parts have a direct fit. XRAY does not offer fancy “for show only” options, but only high-quality option parts which improve the performance or robustness of the car. You can be sure that by using XRAY’s authentic option parts you get the most value and improved performance.


  • Dimensions:
    • Class: 1/18 electric micro car
    • Front Width: 100mm (adjustable with offset wheel axles)
    • Rear Width: 107mm
    • Length: 220mm
    • Wheelbase: 150mm
    • Weight: 165g
    • Ready to run weight: 440g
    • Chassis:
    • Chassis: LiPo optimized chassis CNC-machined from premium 1.6mm carbon fiber
    • Upper deck: revolutionary XRAY Multi-Flex Technology™ top deck allows independent front/rear flex adjustment
    • Body: 150mm micro body (included)
  • Drivetrain:
    • Type: shaft-drive 4WD
    • Drivetrain: Aluminum main driveshaft
    • Primary drive: Pinion/spur
    • Drive ratio: 1:2.5
    • Drive shafts: Composite front + rear
    • Differentials: Composite ball differentials - adjustable front + rear
    • Bearings: 20 high-speed ball-bearings
    • Suspension:
    • Front: Fully independent
    • Rear: Fully independent
    • Dampening: Friction-type coil-over shocks
  • Geometry:
    • Camber: Front/rear: -1° (preset)
    • Caster: 6° (preset)
    • Front Toe: Preset +0.5° (adjustable)
    • Rear Toe: Preset 2.5° (adjustable)
    • Downstops: Adjustable front + rear
    • Anti-roll bars: Not included
    • Wheelbase: 150mm
  • Others:
    • Wheels: Touring car-style hex hub wheel mounting system
    • Wheels: Mounted foam tires – 50sh front, 35sh rear
    • Instructions: Full-color manual with 3D graphics
    • Packing: Carton box with 8 vinyl bags with parts
    • Packing: Certificate, parts list & exploded view, set-up sheet, decals, driveshaft assembly tool, hex hub assembly tool
Needed to Complete:
  • Radio system (transmitter & receiver)
  • Steering servo
  • ESC
  • Motor
  • LiPo battery pack
  • Battery charger
  • CA glue
  • Lexan paint
  • Transmitter batteries
  • 3.0mm phillips screwdriver
  • 1.5mm allen wrench
XRAY M18 Pro LiPo 4WD Shaft Drive 1/18 Micro Touring Car Kit
Click to enlarge
XRAY M18 Pro LiPo 4WD Shaft Drive 1/18 Micro Touring Car Kit
Click to enlarge
This product was added to our catalog on Friday, January 14, 2011.
Reviews   4 of 5 Stars!(4)
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XRAY M18 Pro LiPo 4WD Shaft Drive 1/18 Micro Touring Car Kit
I own many RC cars, but I had fun on this particular RC car ...
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