Castle Creations Castle Link USB Programmer Adapter

Castle Creations Castle Link USB Programmer Adapter
Lasse Kinnunen - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Thursday, April 12, 2012
I have a Phoenix ICE 2 HV120 that I wanted to program. This USB programmer was easy to use: Just installed the software (downloaded from, connected the USB dongle (driver installed automatically because of the previous install), then powered up the ESC and connected it to the USB dongle. Rather easy menus, with context sensitive help for most settings. One snag was that the software didn't like to be installed on my system disk (which happens to be J:, not C:), so I had to install it on my data disk (which is C:). But apart from that, you get a good GUI where every setting is clearly visible. I also liked the feature that you can save all settings to disk (can't just rely on the ESC to hold the settings; might suffer a LiPo fire at any time). You also get access to a flight log which seems both great fun and really useful (e.g. maximum current usage, voltage dips etc.), but I haven't tested it yet. But so far, 5 stars.
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