ProTek RC P-8 1/8th Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)

ProTek RC P-8 1/8th Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
Tyler Jacobs - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Monday, October 29, 2012
After attending my first non local race and having to take several trips up and down the stairs to get all my stuff into my hotel room I decided it was time to get a hauler. I made the right choice! There is so much room in this hauler. Any enthusiast to serious racer will appreciate the features of this hauler. From the set up board pouch on the back to the adjustable strap on top of this thing it will get you and all your gear to the track in one trip. During the summer on road season I had my car strapped to the top so I could show it off along with all of my gear, spares, tires and even camera equipment conveniently rolling behind me. This winter season I have 2 10th TCs and a 10th World GT all in the top drawer with room for an 18r all with bodies on. The bottom 4 drawers are perfect size to hold all of my spare components without having to remove them from their cases. I also have taken out a drawer and placed in 3 large Plano tackle boxes for all my small TC/Pan parts. The top of the hauler sports a nice angled location with individual straps to fit all of your tools. Behind the tool organizer is a plastic box made of the same material as the drawers which is easy to spill-proff for all the various liquids we use. In the pit hardware flying this hauler contains it all in one location at just the right height. Simply canít go wrong with this hauler. I would recommend this to a friend and or family member. All of your stuff in one trip, and perfectly organized.
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