Hangar 9 12V 600mAh Battery Charger

Hangar 9 12V 600mAh Battery Charger
Ryan S - Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! Sunday, September 30, 2012
Writing separate review from the Hangar 9 12v gel cell + battery charger combo for this thing. First off, it's not a "charger"... it is just a 12v power supply with a LED indicator that tells you whatever is hooked up to the alligator clips is accepting a load or not. The claimed output of the charger is 600mah, but it is closer to 400mah based on my own testing. Assuming your gel cell (7Ah) is completely dead, this will take an entire day (including night) to charge! This charger also does NOT have a cutoff. If you leave the battery charger on overnight and the next day it has a dull light, the battery is likely resisting a charge, therefore it is full. This is not a problem if you don't plan on leaving the charger on for more than a few hours. However leaving it connected for an extended period just acts a trickle charger/battery tender. Unfortunately most chargers can't support gel cell and full-size car battery chargers don't work in fine enough increments to work with a 7Ah gel cell. So keep in mind you are stuck with this kind of charger for now if you a buy a gel cell!
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