Castle Creations "Car" Field Link Programmer

Castle Creations "Car" Field Link Programmer
Flux nutz - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Friday, May 25, 2012
Got one of these for my FLUX (castle) powered firestorm. It worked flawlessly. A field programing card that doubles as a castle link? whats is not to love in that??. yes you can use not only as a program card, but also as a Castle link for dowloading settings from castle sofware on your computer to your ESC. Makes the original "castle link" kind of obsolete. works for any castle system, just make sure you have the latest software from the castle site and you are set. instructions are a little vague and it takes a few tries to go through the settings before you get the hang of it, but this thing is great. trackside adjustments are a snap. no more PC, easy peezy. great product and offers way more adjustment in the card than the Losi Excelorin Quick Programming Card (qpc) i have for another rig. this is a great product, a must have!
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