Electric Model Systems Servo Lead & Terminal Crimping Tool

Electric Model Systems Servo Lead & Terminal Crimping Tool
John Michalski - Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! Wednesday, March 12, 2014
I've tried several cheap ratchet tools and they don't make crimps nearly as strong as this tool does, the crimps from this thing are actually stronger than many cheap premade extensions. you could probably get better crimps from an expensive specialty ratchet tool costing several hundred dollars made specifically for crimping this exact pin but as far as cheap tools goes don't waste your money on cheap ratchet tools either get this or the GC Electronics #12-464 "D-Sub/Double-D Service Tool (The GC tool can make stronger crimps but is also harder to use and requires two crimps per connector) Use the front set of teeth to crimp servo leads, it will bend the pin slightly just grab the pin by the conductor crimp with needle nose pliars and gently straighten it with your fingers. using this will take some practice I had to go through about 50 pins before I got good with it. Not the absolute best solution but the best reasonably priced one.
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