ProTek RC 1S "High Power" Blade 120SR Li-Poly Helicopter 25C Battery Pack (3.7V/550mAh)

ProTek RC 1S "High Power" Blade 120SR Li-Poly Helicopter 25C Battery Pack (3.7V/550mAh)
Travis Edmiston - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Sunday, April 03, 2011
Hi Everyone, I just thought I would write a review since no one else has. I bought these batteries about a month ago, I was like so many other people, I was tired of the poor performance of the stock eflite batteries only lasting 20 cycles or so. Well, what I've found is that these batteries have way more punch, run cooler, and after 20 cycles are still performing like new. That being said, here is what I do and don't do. Never charge at more than 1c or .5 amp Never drop these batteries, all these small lipo's are fragile Never take the batteries down below 3.75V open circuit voltage Never leave the batteries fully charged for more than a day Always store batteries at 3.82V-3.86V One more thing, I know a lot of people are not going to like this but, I only fly my blade 120 sr for 4.5 minutes. When I land and check the battery voltage it reads 3.77V-3.78V, so that's about as low as I take my batteries. So if you want to fly longer get more batteries, I have 8. I know a lot of people fly their's for 6 minutes but trust me they are damaging their batteries. I hope this review helps some of you out their who are having battery issues with this otherwise awesome helicopter. Thanks
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