Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo Dual Li/NiMH/A123 Balancing Charger (7S/20A/500W)

Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo Dual Li/NiMH/A123 Balancing Charger (7S/20A/500W)
Michael Dipalo - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Saturday, September 03, 2011
An awesome charger. I wasn't surprised about that given I had owned a 0606i for at least 4 years before getting this and that little guy was also great.-------------- ---------------------------------------
----------------------------------------------------------- -
Having the memory functions, as well as a ton of adjust ability on top of having 500W per charging channel (About 300 if you only have 12v. Still that's a lot). ------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------- The build quality is great, but as usual those little sticky pads on the bottom fall off. Just put double sided tape on there. The glue wears off on the bottom side and it works fine.--------------------------------------------------------
-------------------- ---------------------------------------
---------------------------------------------------------- -
Just a note...when I had my Pc plugged in, and the charger was too with a Protek PSU, I found that a ground loop can develop where the serial connection in the USB for the EOS suite can become corrupted. The end result is you can't detect the charger. I'm still looking for a solution but for now I have to float the ground on the laptop (run on battery, or use a 3 to 2 prong plug on the pc charger). I'm still looking for the root cause.
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