Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System

Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
richard robinson - Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! Sunday, December 18, 2011
Updated review.Is it really worth it...IDK.So far I have had this on my 450 for a few months and since then updated to the latest software and I can say I am not totally saticfied with it.It works well enouph to keep it in the heli.The unit itself is pretty solid with no glitching.The tail has been rock solid.I have my controll rates set to 50 and use rx dr and expo.So far this feels best as before it felt like conflicting expo and controlls felt clashy and unsmooth but with this setting I have a more direct feel with cyclic and collective angles set as recomended in directions for heli.The 3 point rating has to do with poor software and instruction.So far its been a quessing game to get things dialed and its still far from beeing perfect.And also the unit has some back and left drift as your not able to get the gains on elev high enouph with out oscillation(software is sales pitch to many peramiters that do the same thing ... CLASH...)but any way elevator half to set lock and heading gains low.Heading down to 30 lock to 25 with 1:00 on the dial and still unit has some wobble with ubrupt and high gimble inpute manuvers.And also this darn pirouette compensation have not fiquered it out(what does it do is it a mix or another conflicting gain setting)But in any case pirouetts has some seriouse drift they are not stationary and have nose pitch in.Kinda does a little fly around tight circle so far lol.But any way for this price may as well just get a vbar for a little more.This unit still has a ways to go before its ready.If your flying scale it should be ok. -Align upgraded 450 -Castle creation ice 50 with selectable voltage(5.5v)5 amps bec with brushless scorpion 8 for 450 size heli. -Jr spektrum with align digital servos and futaba s9257 tail servo
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