Kyosho Inferno NEO ST Race Spec ReadySet 1/8 Scale Truck w/KT-201 2.4GHz & KE25 Engine (Type 1)

Kyosho Inferno NEO ST Race Spec ReadySet 1/8 Scale Truck w/KT-201 2.4GHz & KE25 Engine (Type 1)
chris s - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Thursday, November 22, 2012
this is definetly a good kit especially for the money very nice engine very fast easily tuned there is a few little problems with this kit though. i have had mine for about two months its probably about my 5rd nitro car been driving nitro cars for at least 7 or 8 years. Here is the problems i found with it though (just thought i would let everyone know) #1- the transmitter is made kind of cheap, while u have the control on if u just barely tap the on/off switch the trans. will turn off for a brief second, kinda didnt like that, but it does seem to last a while even though it only requires 4 batteries and its extremely light. #2- the clutch shoes that come with it are crap, they seemed fine for a while when i was breakin it in an when i went to the track once or twice then all the sudden on about my 15th tank they just went out an i wasnt drivin it hard or anything so id maybe recommend goin out an buyin some alluminum clutch shoes or somethin. #3- certain parts in the suspension are made out of a really thin cheap plastic, specifically theres a part that holds the 2 a arms together literally called -suspension holders- a bottom and top peice in the front there is also basically the same type of thing in the rear except theres only one on the very back of the car. i was drivin on the track the same day my clutch shoes went out an i kinda bumped into another car an noticed the steering was a little screwy after that went to check it an saw that part in the front was broke i took apart the front, an immediatly knew why it broke its made out of extremely cheap plastic so id definetly recommend getting those three part alluminum. #4- didnt bug me that much but just recently found out that most of the hobby stores in my area dont carry parts for this car in fact barely carry any kyosho parts at all so ur gonna have to go online this site in general has a whole bunch of parts for this car an ive found at least 5 other sites as well. But other than those few minor things its still a very good kit -solid 9.5 out of 10 - Thanks for reading.
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